Mar 31

Shaman King Flowers Chapter 23 – Spoilers & Discussion

And back on track! Now onto Chapter 23!

3/31: Some basic info + image of art book!
4/7: Jump Kai cover art + color page preview + contest
4/10: Chapter summary!


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Mar 31

Shaman King Flowers Chapter 22 – Spoilers & Discussion

So last month was really busy for me… but just for consistency, here’s the post!

3/31: Quick blurb of stuff by Dit


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Feb 12

WonderFest Winter 2014 Round-up

So last weekend, WonderFest happened again and there was a couple new, fanmade figures for Shaman King and Jumbor. This is one of those few days when companies turn a blind-eye to these creators making and selling these figures (often garage kits). So if you didn’t buy the figures directly from the creators, the only way to you can get them is second hand. Disappointingly, there was no news of new official figures from Sentinal, about Hao or Anna.

If I find some more… I’ll update this post!

Jumbor – Genber


Unpainted, next to capsule



Center- Genber

Center- Genber

This is a small (capsule-sized), unpainted figure from OUTERRIM.


Jumbor – Nipper’s Custom

Putting a spoiler tag here, since the English scanlations aren’t up to this… yet…

Click to view!


Nipper's Custom

Partially completed, un-painted. Jumbor volume 5 in background for reference.

This garage kit is medium in size. I’m not sure if it was released during this Wonderfest or still in prototype.


 Jumbor – Old Man


Click here for more images.

It’s a fully painted figure of the old man from the 2nd Jumbor Oneshot! It was sold as a garagekit (unpainted)



Jumbor – Destrich


Click here for more images.

Another Earthmover from Jumbor! This unpainted Garage kit is 170mm tall, and was selling for 7000yen. This is a slightly different design than the one from last year ( )

You can find the official blog of the creator here:



Shaman King – Iron Maiden

Left - Iron Maiden Center- Genber

Left – Iron Maiden







This is the other small (capsule-sized), unpainted figure from OUTERRIM




Shaman King – Matamune

Back, painted

Back, painted

Front, painted

Front, painted



Right - Box containing 3 Matamune parts

Right – Box containing 3 Matamune parts

This figure is about 2-3 inches tall, unpainted.from takahi39 . He previously made the Yohane figure, which he also sold a new print of those this year as well.


Shaman King – Spirit of Fire




Click here for more images.

Wow, just wow!

Feb 09

Shaman King Flowers Chapter 21 – Spoilers & Discussion

A new month, a new Jump Kai, a new Shaman King Flowers chapter, and a new poster! Wow!

2/10: Short summary
2/09: Images of the poster!


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Jan 01

Shaman King Flowers Chapter 20 – Spoilers & Discussion

Happy New Year! And with the new year we already know what the new Jump Kaicover will look like! Shaman King Flowers is back with a full chapter, hurray!


1/11: Short summary
1/1: JumpKai cover art


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Dec 10

Shaman King Zero Chapter 7 & Shaman King Flowers Chapter 19 – Spoilers & Discussion

What’s!? Spoilers already! But I don’t have the website upgrades finished yet…. oh well! I rather have those upgrades work perfectly first. If the site hasn’t been broken for the last 2 years, why change it now, haha!

Just as a reminder…. we should have 2 chapters of Shaman King this month! We don’t have page counts yet… but expect 20 pages of each Flowers and Zero!


12/13: Quick summaries by Dit

12/10: Quick Updates/spoilers by Andy

11/25: Calendar Bookmark preview

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Dec 03

All your news, all in one place!

Okay,  so there has been a bunch of Shaman King/Jumbor news that came out over the last few days. So here’s the highlights!


Jumborvol7JPNOn December 4th, the 7th volume of Jumbor (ユンボル -JUMBOR-) will be released in Japan for 500円. Clicking the cover image will expand into a larger version. If you know Japanese, here’s the summary from the back of the volume:


ゲンバー大王が支配するワールド・ザンドに重機人間・ユンボルとして蘇った伝説の工事職人 バル・クロウ。迫りくるゲンバーの手下やかつての仲間との対決を潜り抜けた先に待っていたのは、ニッパー対ショベルという弟子と実の息子の本気対決!! はたして、この勝負にどんな結末が待ち受けているのか…!?


You can also read an online preview here.

Source: S-manga


The Shaman King Remix volumes will be reprinted and re-released in Japan starting on Jan 31st, 2014. The Remix editions are a low cost version of the original “Kang Zeng Bang” or “Perfect Editions” of the Shaman King manga. They do not contain any color pages, and have combined multiple volumes into each single “Remix volume.” Typically these are sold bi-weekly at Japanese convenience stores, and rarely sold online. The original Remix volumes also contained a short 3-5 manga chapter in them. There is no news if these will be included, or if new content will be added.

These volumes are probably being reprinted because of the popularity of the Shaman King Flowers volumes.

Source: Remix release schedule



The Shaman King Kang Zeng Bang Fanbook titled “Mentalite” will be released in Italian in March 2014 from Star Comics. This news came from an advertisement in one of their recent releases. Star Comics has previously released all 27 volumes of the Shaman King Kang Zeng Bang and as of this month will have released 6 volumes from the Jumbor manga series.


Source: MBAqu@



The Shaman King fangame, Shaman King Osorezan Revoir has restarted it’s development again! This game looks to have alot of potential. You may recall I had a little interview/article back in the day. Be sure to show your support on their webpage or if you want to help out with the game!





Nov 04

Shaman King Zero Chapter 6 – Spoilers & Discussion

Patch Cafe is now 2 years old today! Happy Birthday!

I’ve hit some setbacks with the upgrade to the website… which kinda stinks, since I was hoping for it to be ready before today. Oh well. I’ll keep working on the upgrades, and you should all see the improvements soon!


11/11: Quick summary!
11/9: Main character confirmed
11/4: Images of the clear file

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Oct 19

Cover art for Italian Shaman King Zero volume 1 released

SKZ-vol1-ITThe official Italian release of Shaman King Zero volume 1 now has a cover art, as shown to the left. As previously reported on Patch-Cafe, this will go on sale on November 2nd, 2013 in Italy.


The next chapter for Shaman King Zero (シャーマンキング0─zero─) will be released on November 9th in Jump Kai (JumpX) in Japan. This will be the first new chapter for volume 2 of the Shaman King Zero manga series. Shaman King Flowers will be on a one month hiatus during this time.

Oct 11

Ultimo Volume 9 Cover Art Released


On November 5th, Viz will be releasing Ultimo volume 9 in the US, Canada , and the UK. Attached is the HQ scan of the cover. Click the image to see the full size.

A digital version should be available from Viz shortly after release.

Ultimo volume 10 will be releasing in Japan on November 1st, 2013. There is no expected release date for Ultimo volume 10 in English.

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