May 16

Hiroyuki Takei’s Birthday Message

Thank you to everyone who celebrated Takei’s birthday today; even though I can not respond individually.
Also, we are grateful for the birthday messages from the people on the 12th for Yoh and Hao.
Please continue your support for Hiroyuki Takei’s works in the future.

From Hiroyuki Takei’s official Twitter on May 15th, his birthday. Hiroyuki Takei turned 43 years old this year. A rough English-translation of his tweet is also provided above.

May 16

The More Yoh Know! – 21 & 22

The More Yoh Know 21

The More Yoh Know 22

May 09

The More Yoh Know! – 19 & 20

The More Yoh Know 19

The More Yoh Know 20

May 04

Digital Shaman King Manga Bundle – All 32 volumes for $111

Legally own digital copies of the ENTIRE original Shaman King manga series for $111.

Shaman King manga bundles

Volumes 1-15: $60 ($4 a volume) – Ends on May 10th

Volumes 16-32: $51 ($3 a volume)  – Ends on May 31st

If you already purchased the first bundle, now’s your chance to finish and get the second bundle! Volume 16 is where the edits get trimmed WAY back, since it stopped running in the monthly printed Shonen Jump. There is basically no new cuts made for these last 16 volumes.

This is the best way to show support for the Shaman King series. By purchasing these volumes you can show Viz that we want more Shaman King! Actions speak louder than words!


May 02

The More Yoh Know! – 17 & 18

The More Yoh Know 17

The More Yoh Know 18

Apr 25

The More Yoh Know! – 15 & 16

The More Yoh Know 15

The More Yoh Know 16

Apr 21

The More Yoh Know! – Update

Hello! Time for a quick update about The More Yoh Know!

I’ve posted up The More Yoh Know facts 12, 13, and 14 on the site. Last week I took a small “mid-season break.” I’ll also be changing the format very slightly. I’ll be doing 2 facts every Saturday on Patch-Cafe, instead of 1 on Tuesday and another on Saturday for the rest of the “season.” We’ll have a total of 30 facts for this first season.

So enjoy fact 15 & 16 being posted on Saturday here on Patch-Cafe!

Apr 20

Hiroyuki Takei to draw art for Kana Hanazawa’s “Blue Avenue” Concert Tour

As typical of Hiroyuki Takei while in-between large manga series, he often picks up smaller side-projects.  On July 12th, 2015 a new piece of color artwork will be featured in the brochure for Kana Hanazawa’s “Blue Avenue” Concert Tour. This brochure can only be purchased at the Sendai concert at that date and will cost ¥3,000. Each venue will feature a different artist. It’s not clear if this will be the cover art for the brochure, or if an insert inside.

Kana Hanazawa was not a voice actress for the Shaman King series, so this piece of artwork is most likely not-related to this in any way. Additionally, Kana Hanazawa works under contract for Aniplex and Sony Music Entertainment (Japan). All commercially-released music from Shaman King was released through King Records’ Starchild label.

You can read more about Kana Hanazawa on Wikipedia. Here concert tour page can be found here (in Japanese).

Apr 14

The More Yoh Know! – 14

The More Yoh Know 14

Apr 11

The More Yoh Know! – 13

The More Yoh Know 13

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