Jul 19

Wonder Festival Summer 2015 Preview – Part 2

Continuing our coverage from our previous post, there has been some updates on the announced figures going on sale on July 26th at the Summer 2015 Wonder Festival. There may be additional figures on sale as not all groups promote their figures on social media prior to the event.

Yahabe by supawa

YahabeYahabe will be sold at the table 7-11-09 under the group name of 「かにみそパンの丘」. Technically it’s listed as Yahabe from Shaman King 0 (rather than Yabisu from Shaman King Flowers). A map to their table location can be found here.





Spirit of Fire by supawa

Spirit of FireThe Spirit of Fire will also be sold at the same table as Yahabe at 7-11-09. This figure was previously at the Winter 2014 Wonder Festival, as seen here.






Tao Ren by flalamingo

Tao RenTao Ren will be a new full garage kit sold at the table 8-11-06 under the group name of 「flalalamingo」. This figure will feature Ren holding Bason in a spiritball mode, and include removable shirt. You can see more photos of the development process on flalamingo’s twitter and final images on fixia.




Matamune by Nanbertakahi

MatamuneReturning from Winter 2014, the Matamune figure returns for another festival. This is a 1/8th scale garage kit that will sell for 7000 yen at the table 7-08-06 under the name of 「万魔堂」. This figure may feature a slightly different base than previously. A map to the table location can be found here.




Anna by Nanbertakahi

AnnaAlso returning from Winter 2014, the Anna figure by Nanbertakahi is on sale. This is a 1/8th scale garage kit that will sell for 9000 yen at the table 7-08-06 under the name of 「万魔堂」. This figure may feature a slightly different base than previously. A map to the table location can be found here.




Death Pinch & Destrich EMs from Jumbor by YAMABIKO320

Death PinchDestrichReturning from Winter 2014, 2 EMs (Earth Movers) from Jumbor will be on sale and 1 will be on display only. Death Pinch (Nipper’s Custom) will be on sale for 11,000yen and Destrich will be on sale for 7,000yen. Additionally an EM-D63S will be on display at table 5-21-03 under the group name of 「YAMABIKO320」. A map to the table location can be found here.




Jul 16

Flowers, Ultimo, and Jumbor endings imminent per Takei

Today Hiroyuki Takei gave some updates on his manga series, so here’s the rundown:

  • Shaman King Flowers is officially completed and will not be continued.
  • He does want to write a new sequel to Shaman King, but it will be using a different name.
  • Ultimo’s true final chapter will be in Jump SQ Crown Issue #2 coming out in the October issue.
  • Jumbor volume 10 will be the final volume (currently 8 volumes have been released in Japan and totally 54 chapters) and is currently on hiatus.
  • He hopes to write more Jumbor in the future.
  • Hyper Dash Yonkuro takes alot of time and effort to create, but he’s having a great time doing it
  • He’s still working on his Takei-mask, which he was planning on wearing to Otakon
  • He needed to cancel his appearance to Otakon, as reported here.

On a more positive note, it was announced separately, that he’ll be working on a new manga series for Kodansha as reported here as well.


Thanks to Dit for summarizing these updates! And this news post will be updated later today with some more specific from his tweets.

Jul 16

Hiroyuki Takei Guest Appearance Cancelled for Otakon

As previously announced, Hiroyuki Takei was scheduled to be attending Otakon this upcoming weekend. However, Hiroyuki Takei just sent out a tweet with the following:


「アメリカ行き」は諸事情でとりやめになりました。 もしイベントに出向かれるつもりの方、お許しください

This roughly translates to the following:

“America bound” is now canceled because of various circumstances.
Please forgive me if you were planning to go to the event on my behalf.

And Otakon’s website has issued the following statement:

Hiroyuki Takei is unable to attend Otakon due to a last-minute scheduling conflict. While we are all disappointed, guest cancellations are sometimes unavoidable.

Hiroyuki Takei’s signing events and Q&A panels have been removed from the schedule. The Garo panel is still scheduled. Romi Park, is still scheduled to attend, as was previously announced.

Jul 16

New Hiroyuki Takei manga series for Shonen Magazine Edge

Takei_deailToday, Shonen Magazine Edge launched their new website (magazine-edge.jp), which features their lead manga series called “Neko~Gahara”  (猫ヶ原) being created by Hiroyuki Takei. Shonen Magazine Edge is a new monthly magazine being released by Kodansha starting on September 17th, 2015. A new issue will come out every month on the 17th. The cover of the first issue will feature this new series, and the series will also have a color page.

This is the first time Hiroyuki Takei has had one of his mangas published by Kodansha (a separate company from Shueisha).

AnimeNewsNetwork translate the plot to the following: “A cat abandoned by the world, Nora Chiyo. Slice through the human world.”

You can find the official website here: http://magazine-edge.jp/


Jun 13

The More Yoh Know! – 29 & 30

The More Yoh Know 29

The More Yoh Know 30

This is the conclusion of “Season 1″ of The More Yoh Know!. If you could take a minute to fill out this survey, I’ll make Season 2 even better! Thanks!

Jun 09

Wonder Festival Summer 2015 Preview

On July 26th, 2015 will begin the Summer 2015 edition of Wonder Festival (ワンダーフェスティバル). This is also know as Wonderfest, Wonfes( ワンフェス), or “wf2015s.” This is a special convention that is based around promoting and selling of figures, typically from anime, manga, and comic series.

The event is split between the official figure manufacturers promoting their upcoming figures to be sold through normal outlets for the rest of the year and one-off “groups” that make their own custom figures for sale during the event. These one-off, fan-groups’ figures typically get a “look-the-other-way” in terms of copyright infringement for using licensed characters on this special day in this special location. Typically these figures are sold at high prices with a very limited quantity. And often these figures are promoted online via social media. A such, there has been a couple new figures (unofficial, fanmade) being advertised, which we have listed below. As more are posted online, we’ll have additional news posts. Sometimes we won’t see them until the day of the event!

Yabisu by supawa


These appear to be a small scale figures of Yabisu (Shaman King Flowers). They appear to be about an 1 inch (25.4 mm) in height and there should be about 20 of them for sale.

You can follow the creator on their Twitter @supuwa4



Tao Ren by flalamingo

CG-xmmAUQAA8LYNThis appear to be a garage kit of Tao Ren from the original Shaman King series (specifically anime). Since this design is still in development, it’s not clear if this will be a full figure of just a bust.

You can follow Flalamingo on their Twitter @flalalamin










As new figures are announced we’ll be posting about them here on Patch-Cafe. Below are some links to previous Wonder Festivals with our coverage:


Jun 07

Takei’s Cosplay Project for Otakon?

Yesterday, Hiroyuki Takei started a new twitter account, in which he posted an image of something he was making. Today, he posted an additional image and 3 more tweets (with some rough English translations followed):


Eh… I’m nervous…


反応ありすぎてびっくりしました。 いろいろ気をつけます。 これからもよろしくお願いします。

I was surprised by this reaction. Many positive messages. Thank you for all of them.

This is probably in regards to him creating a new Twitter account, which is already at 2000 followers (1/5th of his main account’s).


In order to be more active… Part 2


So this is clearly connected to yesterday’s tweet, as it has the previous design now being shown in a 3D space. The context of being “active” wasn’t really clear, but I think it’s related to being active in a public-space… such as appearing at Otakon! I think he’s going to make a mask for wearing at Otakon! If you take a look at his most photo from yesterday, and look at it from the side, it appears that it will match up with his self-portrait!

Mask Design

With the latest image, we can see the scale… which would be big enough to fit his head! I assume we’ll see some more pictures in the upcoming days as he’s working on it!

Both Hiroyuki Takei and Romi Park will be at Otakon 2015 on July 24th through July 26th, 2015 in the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.



Jun 06

The More Yoh Know! – 27 & 28

The More Yoh Know 27

The More Yoh Know 28

Jun 06

Hiroyuki Takei starts a new Twitter account!

Back in August 2009, with the help of his editors Hiroyuki Takei created a Twttier account called take_pro.  Since it’s creation it has been run by either Takei himself, but more likely run by his assisstants.

However, this morning, a new Twitter account was created! This was called takeimokei, the personal Hiroyuki Takei twitter! It appears that this version will be run by Hiroyuki Takei himself. The announcement tweet is below:

お待たせしました!武井宏之公式アカウント 本日始動です。 よろしくお願いいたします! hiroyuki takei’s Twitter account was started! check it out!

There was one line not officially translated by Takei, which was the “I’m sorry to keep you waiting” at the beginning.

On the new twitter account Takei also has a new image…

よりアクティブになるために製作開始… はたしてうまくできるかどうか。


This line roughly translate to “The production started to become more active… but will it truly be?” This may be in relation to his other tweets that reference the mini 4WD model kits.

There also appears to be some other smaller differences between the accounts as well..


So what can we gather from all of this? Depends on how much you want to read into it. Takei not following JumpKai is meaningless, since that’s dead. Takei not following JumpRemix anymore means that nothing will be printed from them for a while (so no Shaman King Remix print 3 edition). Dropping ShonenJump is probably since they aren’t releasing his mangas anymore (only Viz Media). This might be the beginning of the true split from Shuiesha though. As Shuiesha might “own/manage” the old account for those on-going properties. Or it could be that Takei wants to say more of what’s on his mind. Or it could just be that they want to focus all of the model kits (for mini 4WD) onto one account.


Jun 05

Romi Park to attend Otakon 2015

In addition to Hiroyuki Takei attending Otakon 2015, Otakon announced on June 4th that Romi Park will also attend the convention. She is the Japanese voice actress for Tao Ren in Shaman King and Sennju in Butsu Zone.

Otakon’s website had the following bio posted.

Her most well-known roles include Edward Elric inFullmetal Alchemist; Nana Osaki in Nana; Ken Ichijouji in Digimon; Tao Ren in Shaman King; Temari in Naruto; Teresa in Claymore; and Toshiro Hitsugaya in Bleach. She is currently the voice of Emma Guzman in Garo: The Animation.

She recently voiced the villainous clothing mogul Ragyo Kiryuin in Kill la Kill, and has played several roles in the Gundam and Persona 4 franchises. Park has dubbed most of her anime characters in video game form, as well.

Like many seiyu, she also lends her voice frequently to dubs of imported movies and TV shows, including Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy and Uhura in theStar Trek (Original Series) movies. She’s also the voice of Finn the Human in the Japanese dub of Adventure Time.

Park serves as the go-to voice for dubbing Hilary Swank, Lucy Liu, and Michelle Rodriguez, in addition to dozens of other voices in TV and movies.

Otakon 2015 will take place on July 24th through July 26th, 2015 in the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

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