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The More Yoh Know! – 01


Feb 22

New Feature: The More Yoh Know!


Since Shaman King is currently on a hiatus, we are happy to announce our first new feature here on Patch-Cafe! Every Tuesday and Saturday, we’ll be posting up a quick fact from Shaman King history. We may also jump into some of Hiroyuki Takei’s other works along the way. We’ll also have some longer form material and other content in the coming months as well. But this will also fill in some of those gaps between those articles.

Feb 19

Hiroyuki Takei to collaborate on new “Chaos Dragon” Multi-media project

Announced today, a sequel to “Red Dragon” will be produced in Japan called “Chaos Dragon.” This is a multi-media project that will feature a Board Game, Free-to-Play Smartphone game, and TV anime. All of these projects are scheduled to release in Summer 2015. The producers of this multi-media project are Toho Animation (for anime), Seikaisha (for board game), and Sega Networks ( for mobile game).

Hiroyuki Takei is currently working on the Board Game and Free-to-Play Smartphone game along with other contributors for the art. Little is known about the details of the Board Game at this time, but it appears to be a more narrative-based game. The Free-to-play Smartphone game will be available on iOS and Android. Below are some screenshots from Famitsu:


l_54e481b3b1f2cl_54e481b83def6This is not the first time Hiroyuki Takei has collaborated with other artists for projects. Most recently he worked as a character designer for the Garo – Honoo no Kokuin anime. Prior to that, he’s worked with Sega and other companies on other character designs in various types of games, including the Break Battle trading figure game, and Cardfight Vangard trading card game.

Source: http://sai-zen-sen.jp/special/chaosdragon/ and http://www.famitsu.com/news/201502/19072032.html



Feb 16

Ultimo Manga to end on July 19, 2015

As originally reported from Anime News Network

The Karakuridōji Ultimo manga will come to it’s conclusion on July 19th, 2015 in Japan. It’s been working it’s way towards a conclusion for the last couple of months, and it’s as close to a “natural” end one could expect for the series. This means that the Ultimo series will be a total of 12 compiled volumes. Expect that volume 12 will be released in Japan around August or September (though no dates have been announced yet). Viz Media will most likely continue with it’s yearly releases of Ultimo (because of low sales) and will most likely release volume 11 this year, and volume 12 next year in English.

One un-related, but interesting factoid…. is that the magazine Ultimo was currently being published in, Jump SQ 19, will be going through a redesign. In July with the final chapter, the magazine will get a new name. With Shaman King Zero & Flowers both ending in Jump X (Kai), Hiroyuki Takei is starting to leave a wake of magazines in his path (though completely un-related)!

Jumbor is his only co-authored series running right now, and that’s also rumored to end sometime this year. That series is a bit farther away from a “natural” end, so this could be several months away. Hiroyuki Takei will also be starting his new series based on Hajiime Tokuda’s Dash! Yonkurō in the new magazine Corocoro Aniki on March 15th. We’ll be following that new series for any developments.

For full coverage of both the Ultimo news, and Jump SQ 19 news, please read the articles from Anime News Network.


Jan 17

What is actually in Shaman King Zero volume 2

So as a continuation of my initial opinion post, the actual contents of Shaman King Zero volume 2 have been announced, with the finalized cover art.978-4-08-890071-1

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Zero chapter 6 (with new color pages)
  • Zero chapter 7
  • Yahabe oneshot (may be slightly modified)
  • Zero chapters 8-10
  • “Merry Christmas On Board”

So the biggest surprise is that the short chapter “Merry Christmas On Board” was included as a “Zero chapter.” This was a short 8 page manga that was included in the “Mankin Fanbook 2″ that was an extra included in a Jump Kai issue back in December 2012.

Each of the chapters are labeled as an “episode” for each character, since the chapters aren’t truly numbered.

We’ll have the volume in hand late next week, so we’ll do a quick review and see if there are any major changes to the chapters. Yahabe is the most likely to have changes, if there are any. And if there is any other notes or future hints about the status of the Shaman King series, we’ll report those as well.

Below are some of the color pages from the volume that releases in Japan on January 19th, 2015. Click on the thumbnails for a full size view. You can see the preview of the volume here.


Jan 01

Opinion: What’s in Shaman King Zero Volume 2?

Recently, the page count for Shaman King Zero volume 2 was announced via BookNavi. The page total comes up to 204. This doesn’t sound un-reasonable, since volume 1 was only 196 pages. But, let’s take a closer look at what we know should be in this volume…

  • Mappa Douji II ~ First Part ~ (chapter 6)
  • Mappa Douji II ~ Last Part ~ (chapter 7)
  • Kado, The Luxurios Maharajah  ~ First Part ~ (chapter 8)
  • Kado, The Luxurios Maharajah  ~ Middle Part ~ (chapter 9)
  • Kado, The Luxurios Maharajah  ~ Last Part ~ (chapter 10)

So next let’s look at the page count for each:

  • Chapter 6 – 46 pages
  • Chapter 7 – 40 pages
  • Chapter 8 – 17 pages
  • Chapter 9 – 19 pages
  • Chapter 10 – 21 pages

If we total those pages up… we only get 143 pages! Of course, we could factor in a couple blank pages and the table of contents… but even with that, we are still shy of 205 pages by around 41 pages.

There is 3 logical answers that it could be to fill that gap:

  • Mappa Douji will be included as the “first chapter”
  • Yahabe oneshot will be included
  • Brand new oneshot to be included (or something else)

First looking at Mappa Douji… it makes sense for a couple of reasons. First it starts off with a color page, which all of Takei’s recent manga volumes start with at least 1 color page. Second, it flows right into the Mappa Douji II. Third, with Hao on the cover… it makes more sense to include another chapter surrounding him. It’s only 33 pages, so it would fit in nicely in that 40 pages (plus some buffer pages) slot. However, Mappa Douji was published in the Shaman King Fanbook once before, so it would be strange to publish it again. But the Fanbook is long out of print, so it’s not completely insane.

Next looking at the Yahabe oneshot… Page count wise, it’s a tight squeeze. The original oneshot comes in at 42 pages, when it was published in JumpSQ. It’s never been published elsewhere. So if it were to be included, there would need to be some edits to trim down it’s page count by a little. It effectively is Yosuke’s “Zero story” so with maybe a slight change in some phrasing in it, it can fit right into the Shaman King universe.

Finally, we could always get some sort of new thing. Maybe a re-write of the original Death Zero oneshot? Maybe something tied in with Shaman King Flowers? Who knows. It’s alot of pages, so it’s way too many for just to be filled with extras.

Looking at all of those options, Mappa Douji seems like the best bet. I was hoping for Yahabe, but based on the “flow” of how these chapters played out, Mappa Douji is probably the “chapter 5.5″ for the Shaman King Zero series. But we’ll find out the true answer in about 2 weeks!

Shaman King Zero volume 2 will be released in Japan on January 19th, 2015.

Dec 20

Shaman King Flowers Volume 6 promotional items

As mentioned a few days ago, some retailers in Japan have special promotional items for buying the new manga volumes as they are released. These are normally limited to only a couple bookstore chains in Japan, and can vary depending on where you buy the volume.

Below are the 2 promotional art cards that were given away (click to enlarge):


Dec 20

Shaman King Flowers – Status Watch #2

Back in July, I posted the original “Status Watch.” So Takei has finally said something about the end of Flowers since the final chapter…

Today on Twitter, Takei responded with the following regarding (with rough translation below):


Thank you and sorry; the sequel to Shaman King Flowers is still undermined at this time. If there is some sort of progress, we will also make an announcement on this account.

So this confirms that there is no further status updates on Shaman King Flowers in volume 6 that was released yesterday in Japan. Additionally, it does help point in the direction that Flowers will receive a sequel not a continuation (so no chapter 30). It is possible that there may be some sort of notice next month when Shaman King Zero volume 2 is released.

Dec 20

Preview cover images for Zero vol 2 & Ultimo vol 11

Yesterday, the Shaman King Flowers volume 6 was released. On this release was an “obi” (a promotional wrap-around for the cover) which had preview images of the covers on the backside! Shown below are the covers (without text) for the upcoming Ultimo volume 11 and Shaman King Zero volume 2.

Zero cover previewUltimo cover preview

Ultimo  volume 11 will go on sale in Japan on January 5th, 2015. Shaman King Zero volume 2 will go on sale January 19th, 2015.

Listed below are also the full cover and obi for Shaman King Flowers volume 6.

(Click on the image to see the full size)

Flowers6cover with obiFlowers6cover with obi back

Dec 16

Shaman King Flowers volume 6 – On sale in Japan on Dec 19th

978-4-08-879895-0The cover image for the sixth volume of Shaman King Flowers has finally been released! This volume will contain the remaining chapters from the Shaman King Flowers series.

Also, Team Barrelroll are also credited on the cover for their assistance with the manga.

Title: シャーマンキングFLOWERS 第6巻
ISBN: 978-4-08-879895-0
Size: B6 / 180 pages
Price: 562yen + tax

(Click image for full size)

Additionally, while supplies last, Animate Online (and in store, most likely) is also giving away a free illustration card with each sale of volume 6. The image is from the cover of the final Jump Kai issue. You can pre-order the volume here.

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