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Jun 12

Rumor: Hao’s RIO:Bone might be canceled

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but a user on MyFigureCollection.Net allegedly emailed Sentinel and were told Hao has been canceled. I’m not completely sold, since Yoh did so well. And the guy “can’t” take a screen shot of the email (all keyboards have a print-screen button, so I don’t know what’s up …

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Feb 10

Wonder Fest Report~

So really, the most important thing is that…HAO IS NOW COLORFUL! Yaaaaayyyyyy! Gorgeous, isn’t he? And look! The cape is made out of real fabric! I can’t wait for preorders to start on this guy. I’m passing on Anna (who I so far have not seen photos of. She may be MIA), but I most …

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Jul 10

Ordering Links for July 2012

[wpspoiler name=”Jump Kai/Jump X (ジャンプ改 2012年7月号)” ] [/wpspoiler] No one said anything about wanting the other magazines, and I’m lazy, so you only get Jump X. Nyan Nyan. Figure buying guide is almost done, btw. Been busy writing about Ren and things.

Jun 22


That’s right! You can preorder the Rio:Bone Yoh figure now! Here are some links to start you off, and I will be posting the preordering guide this weekend! AmiAmi Hobby Search Big in Japan Otacute   There *shouldn’t* be a huge rush on this (this isn’t One Piece after all), so if you haven’t preordered …

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Jun 07

Ordering Links for June 2012

Since I have no idea what the Tao Andy is doing about the discussion post/why the heck we aren’t using any type of organization or shortening for the Takei Festival post, I’m just going to post these here, and if he so desires he can condense them. UPDATED 6/10: Links to Jump X on honto, …

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Apr 10

Yoh:Bone pics~

Previously on “ZOMG YOH FIGURE OMG YES PLZ!”: [wpspoiler name=”*recap music*”]Courtesy of the fansite nazoren, I have a couple more pics to show you! Yay! The other pictures were blurry for me, so when another website gets some better scans, I’ll post those. How exciting! We should probably be able to preorder this soon! While …

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Mar 16

Figure Collecting Part 1: The Basics

Here’s the first part of the guide that I promised! This covers the basics of anime figure collecting, such as what they are, how they’re made, and the different types. I’m mostly done with the next part which I know is what everyone actually wants – HOW TO SPEND YOUR MONIES ON EXPENSIVE PIECES OF …

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Feb 12

Yoh has a bone to pick with you~

So, Wonderfest (Short for Wonder Festival) is a bi-annual figure expo in Japan where some of the top companies in the industry set up booths so hobbyists can see the newest figures due out this year and the next. If you remember reading on Shaman King Nation, a Yoh figure was announced last year. Welp, …

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Jan 01

The Most Glorious Day of the Year

Happy Ren Day, everyone!

Nov 19

Jezzy’s How-To Guide: Importing JUMP X

Given the fact that it seemed a ton of people were running around like chickens with their heads cut off over finding Jump Kai, I decided to move this to the forefront and bang out this handy import guide. This one will center around ordering JUMP X specifically, though the process is similar for most …

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