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Chapter spoilers and discussion from the latest Hiroyuki Takei series!

Mar 31

Shaman King Flowers Chapter 22 – Spoilers & Discussion

So last month was really busy for me… but just for consistency, here’s the post! 3/31: Quick blurb of stuff by Dit  

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Feb 09

Shaman King Flowers Chapter 21 – Spoilers & Discussion

A new month, a new Jump Kai, a new Shaman King Flowers chapter, and a new poster! Wow! 2/10: Short summary 2/09: Images of the poster!  

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Jan 01

Shaman King Flowers Chapter 20 – Spoilers & Discussion

Happy New Year! And with the new year we already know what the new Jump Kaicover will look like! Shaman King Flowers is back with a full chapter, hurray!   1/11: Short summary 1/1: JumpKai cover art  

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Dec 10

Shaman King Zero Chapter 7 & Shaman King Flowers Chapter 19 – Spoilers & Discussion

What’s!? Spoilers already! But I don’t have the website upgrades finished yet…. oh well! I rather have those upgrades work perfectly first. If the site hasn’t been broken for the last 2 years, why change it now, haha! Just as a reminder…. we should have 2 chapters of Shaman King this month! We don’t have …

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Nov 04

Shaman King Zero Chapter 6 – Spoilers & Discussion

Patch Cafe is now 2 years old today! Happy Birthday! I’ve hit some setbacks with the upgrade to the website… which kinda stinks, since I was hoping for it to be ready before today. Oh well. I’ll keep working on the upgrades, and you should all see the improvements soon!   11/11: Quick summary! 11/9: …

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Oct 07

Shaman King Flowers Chapter 18 & Volume 4 Discussion & Spoilers

Since Shaman King Flowers is on the cover and has some color pages…. we get a sneak peek a bit early this month. So let’s check it out! Also, in the upcoming month, Patch Cafe will be receiving some new feature upgrades… Just in time for our 2nd birthday! So if you only come by …

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Sep 10

Shaman King Flowers Chapter 17 Discussion & Spoilers

It’s that time of the month again, so… 09/10: Dit’s quick summary! 09/10: Jezzy *almost* makes up for last post’s rant 09/10: Andy’s response to the chapter!

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Aug 12

Shaman King Flowers Chapter 16 Discussion & Spoilers

Last time was plot, so what brings in this new chapter…  8/12: Andy’s high-level spoiler overview!                                                                               …

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Jul 11

Shaman King Flowers Chapter 15 Discussion & Spoilers

It’s the plot development chapter!! For those who complain that not enough is happening or being explained… now’s the time!   07/12: Dit’s summary 7/11: Andy’s high-level spoiler overview!

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Jun 10

Shaman King Flowers Chapter 14 Discussion & Spoilers

Short chapter last month, and a less-short chapter this month! Bumped up to 31 pages, so still a decent size.  6/10: Initial chapter summary with images

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