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Feb 24 2018

Megumi Hayashibara’s New Album Cover for “Fifty~Fifty” Announced

As previously announced from her Line Blog, Megumi Hayashibara will be releasing a new album titled “Fifty~Fifty” on March 30th, 2018. This will be her first full new album release in seven years.  Today, via her Line Blog, she has also posted what the cover art and full track listing will be for the album (and limited …

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Feb 18 2018

Yoh & Hao Asakura Figure Announcement from Kotobukiya

At 2018 Winter Wonder Festival, Kotobukiya has announced that they are working on a new figure for “Yoh Asakura” and “Hao Asakura” based on an original drawing by Hiroyuki Takei. This announcement came in the form of a sign at their booth, which is shown to the right (taken by es_series on twitter). This drawing …

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Feb 17 2018

Iron Maiden Jeanne Wins Pocolon Dungeon’s Shaman King Character Contest

On February 3rd through the 7th, Pocolon Dungeon held a contest to see which Shaman King characters should be added in a future collaboration event. The 18 characters in the event currently were excluded and 14 characters (plus a write-in) were recommended in the contest. Anyone could enter, but you were only allowed to vote …

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Feb 16 2018

Final Shaman King Chapter to be Printed in April Issue of Shonen Magazine Edge

On February 17th, the March issue of Shonen Magazine Edge was released in Japan which contained the 27th Nekogahara chapter and a chapter of the Shaman King manga reprinted. The February issue had the first Shaman King chapter and the March issue had chapter 171 “Osorezan Revoir IX (9)” (恐山ル・ヴォワール IX). This was the first chapter in …

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Feb 11 2018

Wonder Festival 2018 [Winter] Preview

On February 18th, 2018 will begin the Winter edition of Wonder Festival (ワンダーフェスティバル). This is also know as Wonderfest or Wonfes( ワンフェス) for short. This is a special, twice-a–year convention that is based around promoting and selling of figures, typically from anime, manga, and comic series. The event is split between the official figure manufacturers promoting their upcoming figures to …

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Feb 03 2018

Pocolon Dungeon’s Shaman King Event Holds Contest for Characters to be Added

Pocolon Dungeon officially launched its Shaman King crossover event on Februrary 3rd in Japan. Within the free to download event, the following Shaman King characters (as shown in the image below) are featured. Some of these characters have multiple forms. Yoh Asakura Amidamaru Anna Kyōyama Tao Ren Bason Horohoro Kororo Ryūnosuke Umemiya Tokegeroh Manta Oyamada Lyserg Diethel Morphine …

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Feb 01 2018

Hiroyuki Takei to create a new manga celebrating Osamu Tezaku’s Astro Boy

Announced with the opening of the brand new website, a new magazine called “Tezuka Mix” will begin publication in Japan on April 30th, 2018 in Japan. This magazine will run monthly for 18 issues and feature a character or series from Osamu Tezuka’s works. The first issue appears to be featured around his original hit, …

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Jan 31 2018

Shaman King Character Poll Ends

Starting on January 9th, the official 20th Anniversary website for Shaman King opened a character popularity poll. This poll was to gauge interest for character for upcoming stories, including a new light novel for Shaman King. The poll officially closed as of today, but the characters are still visible on the website. Via Twitter, Hiroyuki …

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Jan 16 2018

Another Shaman King Reprint Chapter in March Issue of Shonen Magazine Edge

Today, January 17th, the February issue of Shonen Magazine Edge was released in Japan, which contained a special reprint chapter of the first Shaman King manga chapter and featured Yoh on the cover. It was also announced in the issue that next month will also feature another reprint Shaman King chapter. They are jumping ahead …

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Jan 11 2018

Shaman King to have a Crossover with Japanese mobile game Pocolon Dungeon

[Updated 1/11: Collectible characters updated. Thanks Jezzy!] Announced via Pocolon Dungeon’s official Twitter account, the Shaman King series will have a special cross-over event within the game starting in February 2018. “Pocolon Dungeon” is a puzzle RPG game where you connect color blocks to move your character and attack monsters. The game is free to …

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