Oct 09 2012

Shaman King Flowers Chapter 7 Discussion & Spoilers

I think this is the Takei fanservice chapter. It’s got a little bit of everything in it. So jump on in and take a look!


11/9: Detailed summary
10/9: Initial Summary with Pics

[notice]Spoilers begin now![/notice] 

10/9 Update:

And the chapter is out in Japan! So let’s see what we got!


[wpspoiler name=”Shaman King Flowers Chapter 7 Spoilers (with pics)” ]

We start off right where the last chapter ended.. with Amidamaru and Daikyoh. Daikyoh makes the first stirke, but Amidamaru easily dodges it. Then a second strike, and dodged again. Then Amidamaru goes in for the strike, first disarming Daikyoh, then finishing him off in a single blow.

Now that Daikyoh lost… we get his backstory! He was robbing some rich guys house… then then all of the guards (police?) shot and killed him. Well, that’s all you need to know. Of course, Hana is unamused by all of this, and Yohane is very interested. However through all of this… someone was watching…

A mysterous male looking through a telescope from a large building was watching. Behind him sits a person with a very large pyramid on him with a single eye. All of this very similar to the main characters of Yahabe… (Though the guy is much older.)

Now that the rooftop battle is over, both Yohane and Hana start walking back to class. They have some sort of discussion.

When they enter the classroom they see their newest classmate… Anna the Third!? With her cute introduction she wins over the entire class, besides Hana of course. Then after calling out Hana and Yohane… then Luka makes her introduction.

So I really enjoyed what I’ve seen of this chapter so far. I look forward to seeing what Dit can add to this. I’ll probably bring up some other points later once I think about it for a while…




Ready for ome Mankin gakuen parody style?

[wpspoiler name= “Flowers Chapter 7 summary” ]

So, the chapter starts with Daikyoh challenging Amidamaru, who does not approve of meaningless battles… but ends up fighting anyway. It’s nice to see him being cool again, it’s been a long time since we last saw him brandish his katanas! 😀

After defeating Daikyoh, he says that loving your master’s very important for a samurai. Then Daikyoh tells them how he died. Yup, flashback time! It seems that he got drunk and went to see some ex samurai friends who had become “dogs of the goverment”. When he broke in and tried to attack, they shot him dead. It’s not said, but looking at the clothes and context I’d say that he was part of the Shinsengumi in early Meiji Japan, you know, when samurais lost their status and everyone started using guns instead of swords.

Since both ghosts seem to dislike modern battles, Daikyoh asks Amidamaru to teach him some sword techniques. Then Amidamaru blushes while Hana and Yohane stare at them in silence. That’s cute.

Then something weird happens. Someone that looks like an older version of Yahabee’s main character and a cyclops/pyramid (his guardian spirit?) are stalking them using a telescope. Maybe one of the future participants of the FM tournament? He seems to know Amidamaru and the Asakura family somehow, and mentions Yoh’s battle in Mu.

Scene changes again and we see Hana giving Yohane some “how to behave at school” advices, since he doesn’t want Yohane to say something stupid like “we’re shamans” or “I tried to kill him”. But Yohane’s always wanted a friend, so he’s looking forward to having everyone in their class showing interest in him. Also when he discovers Hana doesn’t have any friends either it kind of gets his hopes up.Then he says something really awkward and Hana makes his (-__- #) face again.

When they’re finished arguing, they enter in the classroom and the teacher announces the arrival of a new transfer student… from the USA!! Yup, Alumi will be in the same class than them even though she’s two years older (is she a really bad student? is Takei fucking up Mankin’s timeline again? Who knows…)

I loved her presentation, btw. Her Japanese is sooo boyish she sounds like your average shonen manga hero. After that, everyone starts asking her things like “what city are you from?” and “do you have a boyfriend?” Oh and since she’s a cute foreign girl no one seems to care about Yohane anymore lol

In the end she makes a joke and says something she shouldn’t have said, making everone get angry at the two boys. At the same time, Luka’s also introducing herself… in Ryuji’s class!!!!


Wow, that was long D:
So, any comments? I personally liked it a lot!

Coming Soon! Until then… Check out her great purchasing guide here!


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  1. so now he has a hair pin? why……

  2. not fair, if Hana and Anna are getting hair pins, Yohane and Yuka should get some too. Amidamaru gets one with pink sparkles.


    …. What… the egyptian long nose gets to have a son o.O Than everybody get kids!!!! Pirika too!!!! and Marco’s family gets resurected ! and Jun is pregnant !! of Ryu !! and I want a little resurected Faust too ! Lyserg’s son gets to be a 19 years old british pop singer! AND OPACHO IS THE GOD OF THE GALAXY

    There, you’re welcome.

    SOOO looking forward to this chapter! I see what Dit meant about the highschool legit material

    1. goddammit you steal my words!

      1. about the hairpins XD ?

        Dit is that a new trend in Japan?

        1. Not really! Maybe it’s just Takei’s new fetish xDD

  3. How old is Luka?? I mean, judging by her design I think she’s… older…

    but now Iluminatti and her and in the same class so, I don’t know anything anymore…

    1. Noo, she’s in Ryu II’s class! :3
      (last year of high school, so 18)

      1. oh poor Ryu the wooden sword 2 is gonna get abused yet again, what we have learned is that nicknames like Ryu the wooden sword are piled up whit some unpleasant karma…

  4. el llavero de esqueletooo!!!!!!!!!!

    1. :’D

      1. El de 600$ xD

        1. si tambien yo lo ve! pero no es el mismo, es como un oversoul de S.O.F. no ?

          1. el llavero con orejas de pikachu? xD es un oversoul?!

          2. Si! es verde los cuernos parece demasiado como orejas de pikachu XD pero con los gantes me parece como el over soul de hao, el spirit of fire

  5. =O

  6. well history is reapting itself sort of i can’t wait for the next chapter

  7. well so far i’m pleased with the growing cast.
    Noooooow, when oh when will Men be re-introduuuuuced? ^3^

    1. Hey, i’m thinking, since he clearly made a distinction with the original SKF chapter.. i think he’s going to go back and change the age of men

  8. Okay, now I guess that this mysterious boy it’s like Ren because he investigate Hana and he appears in the begining. You don’t think that?

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