Nov 09 2012

Shaman King Flowers Chapter 8 Discussion & Spoilers

Jump Kai comes out on the 9th this month… so some of the spoilers also come out a bit early as well! This will be the last chapter in Volume 2 of Shaman King Flowers, if you are counting as well.




11/11: Dit filling in the gaps
11/10: Quick Summery with pics!

[notice]Spoilers begin now![/notice] 

11/10 Update:

Ok… now we are getting into some real spoilers… I’m sure Dit will fill in the gaps as well.

[wpspoiler name=”シャーマンキングFLOWERS Chapter 8 spoilers” ]

Luka arrives at her new school, and of course is in the same class as Ryuji. Ryuji has taken a bit of a liking to Luka, but we move away from their story as soon as he confronts her.

So back to Hana and Yohane after school at Amidamaru’s grave. Both of them have a quick chat, but are Amidamaru and Daikyoh are still fighting.

Meanwhile… still spying on them from the tower… the mysterious figure returns. This figure is now shown to be the same guy who was in the Yahabe manga series! He discusses the Flower of Maize with the Pyramid guy. Yeah… Yahabe is now canon in Shaman King Flowers… Also, Maize is basically the same thing as corn. He also shows off his YVS card… so.. he’s still got some special powers.

Jumping back to Hana and Yohane… they go to the local mall. Yohane is impressed with how large it is. Takei drops in a TON of cameo movie posters. Going from Right to Left….

Shaman King Remix Track 15 (page 1)

Shaman King Remix Track 11 (page 6)

Jumball Senki (Parody title from Shaman King Zero Chapter 3 in the style of the logo from Danball Senki)


Jumbor (with the Princess Rivetta)

Shaman King Remix Track 15 (page 1, again)


Anyways, Hana and Yohane talke some more then get some food. Yohane is taking a long time to eat, so Hana shoves some food into his mouth. Of course Alumi walks in at that exact time! She uses her spirits to beak up Hana, and then walk away, Then Hana and Yohane have some further discussion about the last Shaman Fight.


As they discuss, they are confronted against Luka and Ryuji working together! Hana tries to attack Ryuji… but Amidamaru is frozeninto stone! Now Ryuji continues with his attack!





11/9 Update:

Just to let you all know. Next month, Shaman King Flowers will have at least 3 color pages. Since Chapter 9 will be the first chapter of volume 3. This has been happening for the last… 2 years at least… so it’s basically not a rumor at this point.


Anyways…. here’s the first image of what’s to come in SKF8! Make your own interpretation of this…


Ready for this month’s chapter? Fanservice, fanservice everywhere!

[wpspoiler name=”Chapter 8 spoilers” ]

First of all we see Banshou, a third-rate school where most of Funbari’s thugs are (was that Ryu’s high school too?) When Ryuji sees Luka he falls in love at first sight, since he thinks Luka’s a lonely otaku that enjoys talking like her manga heroes. Then we learn something about Ryuji’s past: he was bullied at school for being short and ugly, so after growing up he decided to protect and help those suffering the same thing. Then, when he introduces himself to Luka and offers her his help she asks him to help her get rid of Hana.

Scene changes to Yohane and Hana skipping class, upset with Alumi because of what she had said in front of everyone. A new mall has opened in Funbari, so Hana suggests going to take a look, since neither Yohane nor the samurai spirits seem to know what a mall is.

Scene changes again to the mysterious guy and his pyramid spirit. Yup, he’s now confirmed to be Yahabe’s main character (was that oneshot supposed to be this new guy’s zero chapter?) His name’s Yosuke I need to check the reading used in the oneshot… kanjis suck, I’m sorry lol. Anyway, they want to kill any possible shaman rival/enemy in Japan before the Flower of Maize starts (yup, that’s the official spelling)

So, back to the mall!! Tons of shops, restaurants, a cinema… They split in groups, the spirits go for a walk and the boys go to buy some food. Yohane doesn’t even know what takoyakis are, so Hana buys a pack of 6 for them to share. Andy already explained what happens now, so let’s skip that part. Alumi explains that since they’re shamans they need to behave differently in front of humans (so she’s only violent when she’s with other shamans haha) She says she’s trained with Anna II as well, and Yohane reminds us of all the amazing stuff she did during the SF. It seems that she’s the Asakura member Yohane’s family’s most scared of haha.

When Alumi leaves, Hana confesses that he doesn’t want to marry someone he doesn’t know, and neither does he want to live together with her and end up like his father (being trained to death by an itako). Hana, depressed, doesn’t want to go back to the inn… so Yohane invites him over! But we don’t get to hear Hana’s answer, since Luka, Ryuji and a lot of thugs surround him all of a sudden. Luka told Ryuji that Hana had bullied her, so he decides to avenge her by killing the boy. Yohane yells at her to stop, but Luka doesn’t listen to him.

I think this has been my favorite chapter so far!!
If you have something to add or ask, post a comment~

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  1. Oh, cool! Hana and Yohane eating toghether… I think Hana and Yohane will be like Yoh and Manta. Who knows…

  2. More spoilers? :O3

  3. Honestly, guys, I wonder if Takei likes BL or something like that…

    Flowers has been the best gakuen I’ve read in my entire life lol

    1. What BL means?

      1. boys love : )


          1. lol damn!!

  4. after reading even a monkey can draw manga, how to draw a shonen manga, this just got more hilarious, the sidekick with glasses oh boy he is not even the rival his the follower!!!!

  5. I thought Yhabe wasn’t out yet….

    1. The oneshot is out in Japan, as well as the 3D video animation. The manga hasn’t been scanlated… yet.

      1. oh i remembered this one was supposed to be published in english too, guess i was wrong

  6. so… no Illuminati involved? just a cameo for that card game manga? meh
    oh well at least Ryu2 has better luck with the ladies than the first generation, or so i would dare to say in mid of my ignorance of the chapter…
    but something is secure, a world of pain for Hana awaits in that marriage, pain and BL misunderstandings…

  7. okay tagay stop playing games give us redseb and seyram and men and yoh and anna and silva already

    1. My thoughts exactly hahaha orz

      1. our lifes /slowly strokes her mankin merch orz

  8. Yohane reminds us of all the amazing stuff she did during the SF. It seems that she’s the Asakura member Yohane’s family’s most scared of haha.,

    Goddamn I so sick of this Anna is so great and awesome B***S***. It was kinda funny when she smacked Hao that one now it’s just irritating. I’m honestly at the point where I hate the character

    When Alumi leaves, Hana confesses that he doesn’t want to marry someone he doesn’t know, and neither does he want to live together with her and end up like his father (being trained to death by an itako)

    Five chapters, I’m giving it five chapters before Hana is groveling for the chance to please Alumi, because no one’s allowed to dislike an Anna. NO ONE.

    1. *sigh* Gettin’ mad at children’s comics…

    2. Sorry to spam but..

      Anna wouldn’t be so terrible if Takei would let ME form an opinion on her character.

      – She’s adds nothing to the story. Ha nope she can magically find out the inner workings about everything and everyone

      -Even though she never participates in a battle or even trains so she should pretty weak right? WRONG. she can scare off three of the strongest shamans with but a flare of her furyoku and stop a fight between a super robot and a powerful shaman and go toe-to-toe with Hao.

      – She’s an anti-social jackass who tears others down needlessly, oh wait never mind here’s an entire damn volume detailing how much she’s suffered you don’t understand, like Hao (who coincidentally is just totally interested in her)

      -From a non-shipping perspective, Her relationship with Yoh is f***** up. O.R. is NOT the greatest love story ever told. It’s the tale of kid desperate for friendship and another kid desperate for someone to validate her crappy personality forming a relationship that in real life would have self destructed in a very short time.

      Anna isn’t a character so much…a force. A plot device given physical shape.She’s Takei’s magic fix-it device. A character to suddenly come from the background solve all problems with a quirky one liner, and fade back a hearty round of applause and compliments.

      The worst part is…I feel like I’m the only person who interprets her this way. There’s having a differing opinion then there’s being flat out wrong. I don’t want to dislike her but there’s really nothing to convince me otherwise.

      1. well doesn’t makes you glad that she doesn’t rises Hana?
        i personally don’t care about her at all, i tend to go for the underdogs no one pays attention and root for them, so deus ex machina like character just pass by, also she was quite plain looking, if she looked like Tao Jun now maybe the abuse could be a little more tolerable but really, lets count her good assets:

        deeeep down she cares for others in an hardcore tsundere way whit not much dere and a lot of tsun.

        she is a blonde? mmh… but Marion is a better blonde…

        she doesn’t need us see her training she is a natural at what she does, oh that is one of her bad points? ok this one not.

        she was a teen mom… who may develop into a milf?… but for those perverted purposes we have Jeanne and Tamao i guess…

        she allows for Dizz to get mad at children manga, (what you say this is bad? damn…)

        an oni calls her mother so that makes her a preteen mom… now if this is bad or good is all up to how wasted your morals are XD.

        her husband is a cool dude… when in more marriages it tends to be a wallet, until the passionate gigolo appears, then he gets dished (T_T poor husband is sexaroid for us! way safer and legal! also nonexistent goddamn undeveloped present!) (see even a monkey can draw manga how to make josei manga)

        she probably wouldn’t trash her husband in exchange for a gigolo (well mostly because is not that kind of manga, but even if it wasn’t that would be too tragic)

        … her bad things are her good things, and her good things are her whole, and her whole is her power, and her power is her where am i going whit this?

        man what a hollow character, i need to pay more attention to her traits is just that im not really on to BDSM fetishes to be her fan. i tried though.

      2. Anna adds on nothing to the story?

        Alright, you’re right, forgot about that one time she was trained to make Yoh stronger, and chosen to marry him in order to defeat Hao. Ooops, guess the fact she inspired Yoh to become the Shaman King means nothing to the series.

        Anna is one of the most important characters in the series for several reasons, she make us have a better understanding of Yoh and some of the other characters, as well as a better understanding of the story.
        And without Anna, there would be no Yoh. Because of Anna, Yoh stepped in. Because of Anna, Yoh got stronger. Because of Anna, Yoh has something that drives him forward. Because of Anna, Yoh didn’t become a bum. Because of Anna, Yoh keeps getting stronger.

        People only dislike Anna and see her as a hollow character becasue she’s a girl, if Anna had been a man, with her same attitude, PEOPLE WOULDN’T COMPLAIN. Which really sucks. Although that’s another subject.
        But that’s just my opinion, whatever.
        Peace out.

        1. well then if Anna was a male then what a strange kids manga… but hey the we have a problem with Yoh that in short is a lazy bastard? anyway he almost the same as Anna lake the yin and yang, and that doesn’t make things better so she is there to push the main character…

        2. Lemme just say as a staunch feminist that I would still have a problem with a character like Anna if she were a man. The relationship is unhealthy by feminist standards; I would have a real problem with a male character beating up his partner, even if it was for literally SLAP-stick humor. It isn’t healthy in the least.

          Andy and I had a short conversation about this due to this thread, and we basically came to the conclusion that Anna is less of a character and more of a device. Anna appears in most of Takei’s early works and is known as his good luck charm. That’s pretty much why she needs to be involved. Her purpose is less of a fiance and more like bumpers at a bowling alley; the story needs to keep going, and when Anna shows up, especially randomly in the middle of a fight later in the series, she’s usually there to say, “Guys, get back on track.” The story moves along for a while after that, then teeters toward the gutter and Anna appears again. Yoh quit the Shaman Fight? Anna makes him go back. etc etc

          I’ve never liked Anna that much (maybe because I’ve been compared to her a couple times, as Andy did once compare me to Jeanne :|), but really, she’s a basic tsundere character. Being a craptastic mom makes me strike her off of any favorites list she may have had any chance of being on.

  9. Sorry I was’t more clear, I meant that for a character who’s entire schtick is sitting on the sidelines Takei manages to inject into her into every plot point. Everything happens because of ANNA…everything revolves around her. Yoh is in the ST to make HER happy, Hao has to be redeemed because he has a condition LIKE ANNA. Yoh can’t calm Hao down in the GS, well guess who both knew about and found his mom thereby being the sole reason the plot resolved.

    As for her training Yoh, she makes him run and uses Hao’s cheat manual(which she could understand instantly somehow), it’s not like she’s some training genius

    I think if she were a man MORE people would dislike the character. Emotionally manipulative, physically abusive, sounds like kind of a scumbag.

    1. She’s the conductor of the Deus Ex Machina Express.

  10. I want them to cut to the action already. Or rather, I want to see how the world’s changed since Hao became the Shaman King. Did he really do nothing? And I want to see more of the adult characters.

  11. When will appear in english version? :((

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