Nov 13 2012

About next month’s Kai

Great news guys!

First of all, and as Andy foresaw, next month we’ll have color pages and a Flowers cover. Yay!
Sounds great, huh? Wait, there’s more!

It seems that next month’s issue will come with a free extra booklet called “Mankin Book 2”
What the hell’s a Mankin Book you say? Well, it’s the name of the second fanbook (released between Manjien and Mentalité) Remember it? The one with the creepy cover!

And what are the contents of this “Mankin Book 2”? Unfortunately, it still remains a mistery.
The only information given in the ad is:

A must-read book part of many new projects. It will include character bios, a legendary story and more. A wonderful extra for those who have always loved Mankin but also for those who have just discovered this series!!


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  1. “Part of many new projects?” New projects related to the SK franchise, I assume? Do you guys think that we will possibly get more info on that next month or am I potentially misunderstanding the context?

    1. I think they’re talking about the set of figures (Yoh, Hao, Anna etc) and other things to come next year 🙂
      We’ll have to wait!

      1. Pretty cool that SK is getting this kind of push! I wonder if…we could even get a new…no, never mind, I said I wasn’t going to take myself there anymore…

        1. too painful

          1. agree

  2. Wow!! This’s really interesting!! I hope it’d be about the original SK characters!! 😛
    btw.. this special, will it be a privilege for the first few buyers only or will it come along as long as you buy the month’s issue??

    1. The Fanbook comes inside the magazine, so every copy should have one 😉

  3. yeah we all know how this works already so i won’t get excited because i know it won’t have absolutely nothing to do with any of the things i’m interested on knowing so i’ll just sit here and cry while i stroke my own cheeks orz

    1. but yeah hurray for more mankin stuff and what was takei smoking when he approved that creepy cover for hao’s sake

  4. that cover is soo creepy……0-0

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