Feb 13 2013

Shaman King Flowers Chapter 11 Discussion & Spoilers

It’s another month, that means another Shaman King Flowers chapter! Plus it’s a new Wonder Festival, which means new official and fanmade Shaman King figures! Be sure to check back on Patch Cafe for more info about those!




22/14: Summary!
2/09: Initial chapter spoilers!

[notice]Spoilers begin now![/notice] 


So the first images are out and give us a partial look at the story for シャーマンキング FLOWERS 第11話 :

[wpspoiler name=”Shaman King Flowers Chapter 11 Spoilers” ]


So we start off right where the last chapter ended, with Hana meeting Hao for the first time in the Great Spirit! Hao does a little introduction.. but Hana… is just a baby so he can’t say anything back! Next Yoh and Hana (faces still hidden) talk to Hao and probably strike the “deal.”








Meanwhile, Yosuke flys off with Amidamaru and Daikyoh spirits. Interestingly, he has a “View the Soul,” “Erase the Memory,” and “YVS Mini” cards… hmmm…


Oh, Luca is back to normal now. Yohane is happy.

Tamao makes her return!

Alumi goes to visit… Horohoro or Redseb!

(Yeah, look on the very far left…!)




More spoilers once Dit gets the chapter! So look forward to those!



Ready for the full summary of chapter 11? This chapter was as great as always.

[wpspoiler name=”Summary” ]

First of all we have Hao wondering why there’s some random baby in the Shaman King’s society, until he realizes Yoh and Anna are there too. Seems that nobody told him he had a nephew already. Maybe it’s just the clothes, but this Hao doesn’t look as shota as the one in the oneshot, which I like. Anyway, Yoh apologizes for his failure and Anna asks Hao to bring them all back to life. Then guess what? Hao tells them they’re bad parents and also that everything they’re doing is a waste of time (I actually missed his cruel side :B) But after he refuses to help them, Anna blackmails him… and gets her way. End of flashback… for now! (According to Takei, he’s going to release the rest of this conversation as Hana’s Zero chapter. Yup, that explains the 1 in the cover of the SKZ volume. When? Only he knows)

Alumi explains that Hana was given the onis so that he’d never die again, and that Anna trained her to be able to control them. Mystery solved! Yohane’s a bit disappointed after hearing about his dear founder being controlled like that and Ryuji has absolutely no idea of what’s going on. Next, Luca’s O.S starts to dissolve, but it disappears before they can see what’s inside. It looks like Yosuke took it with him along with Amidamaru, using his magic cards to help him do it without anyone noticing.  Also he says that Hana summoning the Dark Oni means that he’s starting to get his memory back. This is pretty interesting, I mean, did someone erase his memories or something? I wonder what will happen in the next chapters.

Back to the main characters, Hana’s in low spirits after hearing about the onis and Amidamaru’s kidnapping. Alumi teases Yohane because she’s a bit jealous of him (haha cute). Luca apologies and explains that all she wanted was to protect her brother. Yohane thanks her and says that he’s gotten stronger thanks to Hana.

Hana then picks a fight with Alumi when she asks him to stop acting like an emo and… he gets kicked in the face and the crotch for insulting her. Then Tamao and Ryu come to pick them up for a Welcome Party they’ve prepared in the inn (yeah, why not!) and Alumi says she’s not going because her host family’s waiting for her… Redseb and Seyrarm!

Looking forward to next chapter’s Welcome Party. Since this is SK… I’m sure they’ll take a bath together after dinner. And I’m sure I’m not the only one dying to see Yohane being awkward in the onsen :B



If there is something important to say…. until then… Check out her great purchasing guide here!


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  1. Hao’s reaction is probably the first time I’ve laughed at shaman king in long long time.

    Since Hana got a hole in his stomach with no onis appearing, I’m going to guess only humans hurting him will trigger it. Yoh and Anna accept because they are terrible terrible people.

  2. Ok… Lemme see if I got this straight… Yoh and Anna also died then? It wasn`t just Hana… If that`s the case it would make a lot more sense to my head >_> Because Anna was sheltering Hana when he was shot, so she would most likely be hit as well…


    (Can`t wait to see Horo-<3) And I love how tamao is wearing her default clothing now. Thats suits her better…
    Thank you for the incredibly fast update 😀

  3. May I say that I… think that Alumi is visiting Redseb and Seyrarm instead of horo-horo??

    There are pictures of the people inside that store and mmmh ~ I’m pretty sure those are they.

    1. Possibly…. we’ll have to wait and see…

    2. No, I think you’re right. Alumi can’t just get tickets to Hokkaido at the drop of a hat.

    3. I just read chapter 11 in Chinese but since i don’t understand Chinese I just looked at the pictures. Yeah it is Redseb.

      1. Yup, it’s Redseb. Alumi’s staying at his house.

  4. I have to agree with liz.weith Hana did say something about Redseb and flowers (not the title) and I see flowers in that picture with aluminium.

    Hao is so stupid trying to talk to a baby that can barely speak. So Not only did Yoh get his son killed AND get his body blown up he also got himself and his wife/fiancée killed too. These flashbacks are giving really good reasons why you shouldn’t trust Yoh with kids and you shouldn’t hang out with Yoh unless you have a death wish.

    The more I see Yosuke the more I wanna go back to the time when he was in Yahabe and beat him up.

    OMG Anna’s hair is so long 🙁 Takei I wanna her face. What age was Yoh and Anna when Hanna got killed?

    1. (So Not only did Yoh get his son killed AND get his body blown up he also got himself and his wife/fiancée killed too)

      that is bad!

      damn it , im imagining what happend to them O_O

  5. Chapter 300

    Hao: I’ll watch how do you try to fix everything before your time runs out

    -1 or 2 years later (I don’t remember the wrong date Takei gave us)-

    Yoh: Hao guess what!!! we died trying to bring peace to middle east

    Hao: ¬¬’

    About the chapter I also believe is Redseb, because the flowers. but what does Alumi want with Horo or Redseb?
    Anyway i’ll wait to the traslation and more info from Dit, and maybe Takei will explain a little more why Yoh is an idiot

    1. Hi kid…

      Guess what!!! im from middle east ^^

      Pain for all haters

      note; i registerd to this site just to reply to you **** msg

  6. Well it looks like Yoh is acting like the greatest idiot on the planet.I hope Takei will explain why.Little by little we are finding out what happened last years.I hope that the translation comes earlier .

  7. >.< Hao's reaction face to Hana though.
    Damn it Yoh you should not be smiling like an idiot when your entire family just died. (Note to Takei: I would really love to see their eyes…)
    And Hana, I love you, hon, but you should really corner Alumi and question her with wth is going on, instead of, you know, treating her like she's the antichrist. She obviously knows more about you than you do yourself.
    Ahhhh, I hope the translation comes out soon, I feel like I'm going to explode if I don't find out what's going on soon. *-*
    Thanks for the spoilers you guys ^_^

  8. I was expecting it will be Hao who is in control, like him asking something to Yoh and Anna in exchange of their new lives. But oh well, it still interest me how Anna blackmail Hao. Thanks Dit for the summary. Now I really wanted to read the chapter 11. 🙂

    Tnx to all of you.

  9. “Anna blackmails him… and gets her way…”

    OFC she does.

    “Alumi explains that Hana was given the onis so that he’d never die again, and that Anna trained her to be able to control them”

    So in other words, if it happens again she’ll be able to neutralize it with no difficulty and because she can locate him no matter what, her not being in his immediate vicinity is a non-factor, so really what the **** was even the point of introducing it.
    Flowers has one more chapter to get its **** in gear before I’m just done with it.

    1. come on don’t this harsh, it is true that free ticket called blackmail god so no amount of negligence parenting will get your son dead forever is unfair, and that Alumi just made the onis pointless, but think about the future when both of them become side characters, and appear less and less, until that really important part when they appear out of nowhere to save the day!…. ok so the future is not looking that good but that’s the formula here, so what about centering on the other characters from which we know almost nothing at all, like that dude playing Yu-Gi-Oh using peoples minds and soul…. that also appeared out of nowhere and after the shaman fight ended….

  10. I honestly can’t imagine a better blackmailing in that situation other than “Yo man, you better revive us and him because you’ll need descendants if you want to be reborn in the Asakura family again for the next Shaman Fight, yup” .

    But I’ll wait. Flowers is getting more interesting with time! c: I like it so far. Although that plot with cards seems a bit Yugioh for me, but let’s wait and see!

  11. So in the summary Dit said the Tamao and Ryu prepared a welcome party in the Inn. I think they’ve prepared a welcome party for a certain someone and I think I know who that someone is.

    Anyways there’s this huge question I have. Is Yosuke a shaman or not? If he is than is that pyramid thingy is spirit?

  12. A Hana’s Zero chapter?? That would be great!!!! I wan’t to see Anna’s Zero chapter too… Something maybe about her past would be interesting..
    I’ve read that Anna and Yoh’s wedding anniversary is March 20…. Is it true??? Do you know something about that?

  13. Y’all wanted Yoh and Anna to take Hana with ’em no matter what and now that they did y’all insulting them and Takei. This fandom…….

    Anyways, I’m glad Takei choose this path for them, a lot of things are starting to make sense.


    1. It’s fake drama, attempting to continue the weak theme that being a shaman is so tragic and convince the reader that Yoh and Anna’s lives in particular are especially unfair. They can’t be with Hana all the time so they just cut off all contact with him? It’s a stupid solution to a problem that didn’t have to happen.

      1. fair enough, but I still think most of the fandom is unhappy with anything Takei and the rest of the team throws our way

  14. Mmmyeah..I think Takei is sorta screwing up the story with Yoh and Anna.I mean they kinda abandoned him.I hated the end of the main series.The bad guy wins,the characters die and then they return…It was kinda f**ed up.Yoh didn’t wanted to become Shaman King to lead an easy life.He wanted to help Anna(Osorezan revoir story).I hoped that Takei will do something great with these new serie but I think I hoped in vain.
    It’s strange how you can accept the ending even if you don’t like it.

  15. Hao tells them they’re bad parents and everything they’re doing is useless?
    Man, you have no idea how much I missed you, Hao-sama!

    Also, of course the fandom will be upset no matter what Takei does. That’s part of being part of the fandom; over-analyzing things, finding plot holes, criticizing the smallest matters is what makes the mankin fandom go ’round. I personally enjoy the arguments that arise. I find that they help me get a better grasp on the story.

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