Jun 10 2013

Shaman King Flowers Chapter 14 Discussion & Spoilers

Short chapter last month, and a less-short chapter this month! Bumped up to 31 pages, so still a decent size.

 6/10: Initial chapter summary with images

[notice]Spoilers begin now![/notice] 


So it’s spoiler time with images for your enjoyment.


[wpspoiler name=”シャーマンキング Flowers Chapter 14 Spoilers” ]

Our story continues where it left off in chapter 13. Hana tries to attack, but it blocked by Gakko Ibuki’s Orge Hunter O.S.. He appears to be using a technique called KÖNIG DEFENSER that can repel Hana’s O.S. After a few more attempts, Gakko is becoming quite pleased with his Oversoul.

To finish Hana off, he brings out his “DIVA” knife. But just before the finishing blow, Hana changes his O.S. to be able to block Gakko’s attack, and break the knife.

Now in Hana’s O.S. new form, he goes on the offensive, beating Gakko back. But then Gakko reveals another technique, ORGE KRACHER, which is able to damage Hana’s O.S.

Before Hana has time to react, Gakko brings out the knife again, and then cuts Hana in half! Chapter end at this cliffhanger!

So…. is Hana dead (again?)? It looks pretty dead to me.




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  1. yeahhh, Updated :3

  2. **SPOILERS:
    well, this Gakko character is clearly on the good side. Since his spirit mentioned they were gonna set Hana free, this must be what will happen next. And thus he’ll be welcomed on the team as an ally! Thank you, Gakko, for helping Hana–a brat whom you approached to make friends with but who was a jerk and decided to try to kill you instead because he’s an idiot. 😀

    1. Well, that’s an excellent analysis of the situation x)
      I hope they’ll be friends, I like Gakko’s style :weird: and I think if Hana fails, it would be a good lesson for him ! Imagine if it makes him less idiot ! O: IT WOULD BE GREEEAAAT. I like Hana, he’s soooooo different of Yoh !

  3. Dude, Gakko is the best! If he becomes Hana’s ally for the F.O.M, I’monna be doing some serious fangirling 😛

  4. Did he just kill Hana?

    1. I wonder what is the name of this new o.s.

    2. ….If Gakko kills Hana, the only good thing, is that we’ll probably see Hao one more time, so if that’s the case, it’s greeeeeeaaaaaaaatttttt !! But still, Hana would be dead ._. and that is not great è_________é
      I hope we’ll see Yoh and Anna too, I know they’re not the main characters, but I love them……and they could bring us some information about the guy, the one who seems to be the bad guy of the manga (whom I call “L”, because I think he looks quite like him ^^ :weird:) 😀

  5. This new o.s. ogre hunter is supercool,but…did Gakko just kill Hana?

    1. If he did then Hana will probs just be resurrected, but with 10x more furyoku. Or maybe he will train in hell like the crew did :P. Either way I’m hyped to see more Gakko!

      1. me 2

  6. I really wanna see this “cool oni” that namahage was talking about

  7. SPOILERS!!!***
    I guess both sides that will take place in F.O.M slowly begin to emerge and prove.
    Actually’ im thinking Hana is really dead because now he can meets Hao again, who wiil shows him and us more details about the f.o.m.
    Also i really wanna know what is this “pyramid” with that eye…. is it another god who is trying to take the place of hao? i dunno… but Im sure in one thing- Hana, Gakko and Yohane are gonna be a good team!

    1. But what about Amidamaru?

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