Jun 12 2013

Rumor: Hao’s RIO:Bone might be canceled

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but a user on MyFigureCollection.Net allegedly emailed Sentinel and were told Hao has been canceled.

I’m not completely sold, since Yoh did so well. And the guy “can’t” take a screen shot of the email (all keyboards have a print-screen button, so I don’t know what’s up with that). I’m waiting for some concrete proof.


Wonderfest is 7/28/13. I think if Hao is absent, then it’ll be more likely that this unfortunately might be true.

In which case, I would forgive them.


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    I want him! I adore him! I need him!
    So please…… :'( *praying

  2. I follow Sentinel’s Twitter and they said nothing about this. And the guy won’t even take a screenshot?
    Yoh sold really well and they already displayed Hao’s painted prototype, so… I’d say fake :/

    Either that or he wrote the email in English and they made up the answer because DUNNO WHAT HE’S SAYING
    (Happened before XD)

    1. I really hope you’re right. :<

  3. If this is true, it’ doesn’t make sens : Hao is really appreciated and popular in Shaman King, as Yoh, so I think and I reaaaaaaalllyyyyyyyyy hope it’s a fake O: I looooooooooove Hao, he’s my favorite character with Anna !!

    It would be great if they make a Ren one too !!

  4. I hope soo it´s a fake… !!
    And i have a question, on which sides can i buy the Yoh figure? I searched but couldn´t find one.

    1. Anime Island has it, but it won’t come out until November. No idea why, but I’ve bought from them before and I trust them. http://www.anime-island.com/products/shaman-king-yoh-riobone-action-figure.html

      AmiAmi also has a used section, so I’ll keep an eye out on there and let you know if I find one. I did once, and it was pretty cheap.

  5. I searched for you, and I found it on Amazon ! 🙂

  6. The king is dead!?

  7. @ Jezzy:
    Thank you very much! and I loooove this side 😀

    and Mydona… how embarrassing haha. I´ve searched everywere else but not there xD Thx !!

    1. Owh don’t worry, I did the same xD *ashamed*

      1. haha good to hear :’D

  8. Did they made a Jeanne one too ? Because I saw a picture of a figure of her ._.
    It could explain why Hao has been canceled….But still not logical !! ^^

    1. The Jeanne figure was made a garage kit made by a fan. It’s nothing you or I could buy.

  9. Owwh ok… well, thank you 🙂 Too bad, it was sooo well-made ^^’

  10. So, was it really canceled?

  11. http://myfigurecollection.net/item/99057

    that a link to a comment that says…….. sadly he was cancelled

    and i wouldve dropped 250 for this thing, just to put it next to my yoh one

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