Jul 11 2013

Shaman King Flowers Chapter 15 Discussion & Spoilers

It’s the plot development chapter!! For those who complain that not enough is happening or being explained… now’s the time!


07/12: Dit’s summary
7/11: Andy’s high-level spoiler overview!


Ok, so Dit’s going to have to fill in some of these finer points but here we go!


[wpspoiler name=”シャーマンキング Flowers Chapter 15 Spoilers” ]

We start off by recapping the last chapter, Gakko is cutting Hana in half. Now on closer inspection, he really only cut away the Oni spirit. Gakko and his spirit then begin to chat, while his spirit bring out her true form! (Gakko is now the official Horohoro character with the cute female spirit)

Of course Hana wakes up shortly and goes back on the attack again! But Alumni, just after taking a bath comes in and shoots him with her Silver Horn shotgun. Not finished with him, while he’s disabled she also punches him in the face.


Now Alumni begins to explaining things! Nope! Yohane suddenly appears (he was looking for Hana?) and goes to his aid. Then Hana wakes up again!

Now Alumni begins to explain things! (Dit will do a better job at this than I will…) First she talks about a “G8” or “God8” which Hao is a part of. Then she goes on to better explain what the “Flower of Maize” and “YVS” is.

Then we move into a flashback… where Hana is protecting Alumni in a destroyed Patch Village from the Pyramid Guy!?

Then we move to another shot in the Yokocha Air Force Base in the USA, where a plane is landing and coming off the plane is an evil looking Men!?





Fffff, this chapter was intense. I tried to summarize the key points!

[wpspoiler name=”シャーマンキング Flowers Chapter 15 Spoilers” ]

– Gakko is not happy about Hana being his boss

– His ghost Namaha uses a different name, tries to look scary and swears a lot in order to frighten enemies

– They come from Akita prefecture

– Alumi is Team Hao’s manager and kicks Hana’s ass for summoning the onis on purpose, risking his own life

– Yohane was sick worried and decides to go look for Hana

– Appointed to be Hana’s right hand man coz Hao’s interested in him

– The FOM is a battle of gods

– There have been a total of 8 Shaman Kings so far (Hao being the latest), they’re called the God8

– If 3 or more senior Shaman Kings raise a complaint about the new one, a meeting called the G8 Summit is held to decide what to do

– In case they don’t come to an agreement, it’s FOM time

– To make it safer for humans, each SK chooses a team of representatives to battle on their behalf

– Hana’s pretty excited about finally being useful as a shaman

– YVS, aka pyramid guy, was the winner of the previous Shaman Fight, and he holds a grudge on Hao for what he did 500 years ago

– Men arrives in Japan, happy to be away from his overprotective parents for once


The FOM has turned out to be something much more interesting than I thought, I’m quite excited about this to be honest lol


If there is something important to say…. until then… Check out her great purchasing guide here!


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  1. I knew it… I goddamn KNEW he was going pull this with Hana’s oni. I told myself that Takei had enough integrity that Hana’s Oni wouldn’t just be to display Alumi’s superiority over other characters. Last time that I EVER make that mistake.

    OFC Alumi shows up and does in one shot what it took Gakko an entire chapter to do. OFC Gakko and Namahage can only stand slack jawed and heap praises upon her. OFC she and Hana have a past guaranteeing that gutless protagonist and ****head tsundere wind up together…again.

    Good lord this is getting creepy. SHE IS NOT REAL FAVORING HER AT EVERY WILL NOT MAKE HER **** YOU.

  2. HhMM…So that is the true form of Namahge…

    1. it was somehow obvious man….

  3. I honestly cannot believe he did the “info dump, assault Hana, leave” gag for a third damn time. Fuck him. And I don’t mean that in the fandom “tee hee you write like an asshole but that’s okay OTP feels” way I mean you run unfunny jokes into the ground, you only have one type of character development, you abuse retcons, your fetish is obvious…your writing sucks. I like shaman king as a concept but I can’t stand Takei as an author.

  4. Wow I am really interested in this premise! This was a lot less convoluted than I thought it would be. I love Alumi and Yohane so much. <3 Gakko and his spirit are awesome too.

  5. Honestamente, esto es realmente emocionante para mi. Agradezco mucho sus traducciones y el esfuerzo que ponen en ello, esta es y será siempre mi historia favorita sin importar lo que digan los demás. Tal vez debería poner todo esto en inglés, pero me da un poco de vergüenza asique lo dejaré así. Son los mejores, de verdad que lo son!

    1. Qué lindo mensaje, aunque esté en español a mí ya me sirve ~ 😀
      Me gusta ayudar a que más gente pueda leer esta historia, muchas gracias por apoyarnos!

    2. awww y el resto de bastardos quejándose…. aprendan de Hoshiii el cual aparentemente es bastante permisivo…

  6. goddamnit fucking takei this sounds interesting, I have yet to read the last four/five chapters because I lost absolute hope on SKF so I don’t know if I’ll be reading this chapter either but it definitely sounds interesting and I’m glad it’s all starting to make some sense.
    Also, I couldn’t help but laugh at Hao getting complaints from former SKs, are you really that bad at your job Hao?????

    1. is grudge against him, but yeah it doesn’t sounds as serious as it could be… im somehow disappointed that this turned out to be not that much of a life threatening adventure, really there were other 8 SK before Hao if his team loses nothing great happens, just a previous one gets to be SK again, compared to the threat in the original series, this is way more lighthearted.

  7. Hum i think that the writting was very awkward up until now but with the original shaman king he didn’t really know where to go so we had the time to foul around with yoh and that’as probably what i miss. but now i hope he change his ways a little and yes stop with alumni is just going to slap everyone and order them around on what’s going on. Original Anna ( Anna II ?) was bossing around as an aid to yoh’s lazy ass. Alumni is not leaving any choice space and it bothers me there is no real thinking right now… Hana is fighting because he’s board wtf are kids suppose to get from that ?
    I don’t think Alumni realy is super bad ass i think she was trained specificaly to stop hanna and only him, she’s really strong but just like Anna she’s never going to fight. “manager” . kinda stupid i was always dissapointed that the fight between Anna and Hao wasn’t shown.

    As for what is up next i’m soooo curious
    God8 => G8 , this name ressemble the one of that great reunion of talking and not doing anything summit…
    i can see buddha, Jesus and i’m guessing the big dude is Jupiter/Zeus, an egyptian guy (pyramid?), an teenage looking kid, an old looking guy and a magicarp…
    pyramind guy won in 1 500 after JC , doesn’t make historical sense to me… also all he did was steal spirit..wouldn’t there be rules against this and if there isn’t why didn’t he just kill alumni yohane right there ? he has all the right to be pissed and yet he is already potrayed as cheater..
    the first shaman king took his throne in 2 000 before JC, where was humanity then ? (quick look on wikipedia, says fundation of Judaism was around there…) if the buf guy really is Zeusthen he would be the first.. could not be him i think grec mythologie is older than 2 000 BC…
    I wonder if there will be an interesting point on those guys and how they see the conflicts between religions, it’s kind of risky making them talk directly (especialy jesus) so maybe we won’t see so much of them since thre’s using representatives…
    Also are all the gods fighting in the flower of maze or only the ones in desagrement? If buddha is there then we’ll see the kids from butsu zone :DD
    i want a resurected pope and Johan of Arc on Jesus team xD
    maybe the seven gods on Zeus’s team.. or Hercule, Ulysse, .. hum who else then ?
    team hao =
    Hanna, Yohane (new lyserg by the way ? want’s to avenge his family and has the same cuteness feel although different because not really smart.), Gakko, Men, .. we need a smart ass, a funny guy and hippy, i want more girls !!! one in the funny role would be refreshing. or maybe Opacho comming back..
    i bet new ryu is going to be a shaman and have a really sweat side
    will each kid be fighting with an element ? it’s seems to be all about oni’s now.

    long post lots of question as always ^^
    sorry i missed a lot of conversations and sorry i’m here to annoy everyone again x)

    1. THISSSSSS so hard.





      we need at least one fucking girl other than alumi, i’m sick and tired of takei creating ladies that have so much potential to kick ass but always conditioning them with a guy, i hope a girl joins hana’s team and i hope she’s badass and is not just a plot device to keep a guy in line without developing herself.

    2. Dude let just hope he doesn’t transform Opacho into the next Chocolove, that would be so fucking out of character!!

      also lololololol Magicarp, we always know that was the one and only godly pokemon.

    3. the only girls wo went to the end of the first tournament was a five year old and maiden.. maiden is pretty bad ass though
      i’m scared that we would make Opacho into a tsundere, she had a temper as a child, but with all the Anna’s and Tamao there’s enough ! what about a tomboy? or a regular strong women ?
      SK stays a shonen but i don’t want females to be excluded as they were in the first tournament. even hanagumi were fangirls in the end -_-

      1. but… Opacho is a fangirl herself….
        Pirika is about the only one that doesn’t ends stuck in these things, but… she never fight. and then there is Tao Jun, that’s a good example, even if she lost a little bit too fast… what about Sati? who was a promising character that ended as a support… mmmh, well there is Seyram, which we don’t know how turned out to be.

        you know i don’t know who was it who said that Takei was good at making female characters…. but other than the Anna formula, and Iron maiden Jeanne… the rest are quite hollow.

        the conclusion it all ends on how Opacho makes her comeback.

  8. I wonder if Takei realizes that by making Jesus a shaman he completely destroys the entire ethos of a bunch of characters, Hao especially?

    Having a society that almost universally hates and/or doesn’t believe in the powers of shamans AND have a major religion based around a figure who went around performing apparently shamanic based miracles is a major contradiction. The fact that he won a shaman tournament means that there were others with similar powers soo how the hell is there only a whopping three canon humans that believe shamanism is possible?

    1. hey that it looks like Jesus doesn’t meant that it is Jesus, and also Jesus was a hardcore pacifist, so maybe he talked things out after resurrection and won the battle with pure ideology, which them since he did’t really fight or prove any shamanistic might would explain why Jesus don’t consider him the savior, since they would see winning the shaman fight with pure charisma as a way to cheat.

      but that is just my crazy theory.
      also Buddha needs to be fat, that’s the only one that we would accept, the fat jolly polly Buddha, who was against the caste system, for the people and anti- monarchism.

      also Jesus and Buddha were commies!!

      thinking back Hao’s policies don’t seem all that great in comparison…

      1. How would jesus destroy the ethos of the other characters i don’t get it?

        I don’t see it as a contradiction if you read mappa douji, humans are scared of people being abble to perform miracle but yet worship them at the same time. They don’t really get the phenomenone so they try to explain it in an other way…People don’t always want the thruth but rather an explanation they can believe in.
        Also the words of Jesus were probably changed when they were repeated (sorry if i offend anyone , no need to be it’s my point of view and this is a fictional theory since it’s SK) so if he was the only shaman and no one else could understand his miracles it’s normal it would be deformed, .
        Or it would be easier to be accepted if you say you are spreading the word of a God people already believed in ( Judaisme) and just fixing people’s lives than “hey you know what i can speak to dead people and they hav’ent really heard of the kind of afterlife we believe in sooooo i can materialise your dead grandma into a weapon and resurect suff… yeah.”
        Jesus character will also depend on which material he’ll base it on ( bible vs historian versions) would he be the son of one of the shaman kings? ( XD I just though of jesus being anoter half god son of Jupiter, it would be hilariously offensive and master troll )
        After all that chat i don’t think takei would have the balls to actualy have jesus in the manga. too much controversy.
        and Unless magicarp or teenage boy is M. , one of the big religions is missing.. which is sad i feel like muslims should have a part but if he really drew him in there he would be in too much trouble.

        who else wears a thorn crown?
        and yoh also is pacifist but one of the big thing in shaman king is that you have to fight for what you believe. I wouldn’t have a problem with Jesus fighting becaus it’s a tournament where souls battle , and he has the resurection spell so no one dies.

        People like to portray buddha as just a happy generous guy but i think his fit body portray his self discipline way better,

        1. Many characters back stories boil down to “I was persecuted and/or ridiculed specifically for my shamanic abilities”.

          I don’t know much a lot about Jesus but I do know that while there were people who wanted him out of the picture it had nothing to do with his abilities but rather the challenge to their power he represented. I also know that while his teachings is what gained him his followers, it was his miracles that made them believe his teachings were indeed the word of God. Jesus was loved, no one feared his abilities. Even two-thousand years later when the only evidence of his existence is a book whose translation has been argued over for centuries, there are people who will legit fist fight you for denying that his abilities had any sort of origin other than the divine. However that book is all we have, so many human nowadays have a rightful skepticism of his supposed power and indeed anyone now who says they have some sort of supernatural power.

          Now in the SK universe it has been established that; spirits are real, shamans were an integral part of human society throughout history and with enough training a shaman can do literally anything including healing and revival. There is no possible way that humans should doubt that a shaman’s power is real; Yohane was able to cut a grave stone in half with an umbrella, even someone can’t see his ghost they can see the stone cut by a unsharp object.

          As for the for fear or misunderstanding shamans, it’s a bit like gun ownership in real life. Sure guns have non-lethal uses but they’re primarily tools for killing and people have have been grossly irresponsible handling them and there’s a stigma on those who own them even the ones who practice proper ownership protocols. Imagine a person who holds grudges easily. Every time they feel they’ve been slighted by enough people they go out and just start shooting in random directions. They are completely capable of not doing it yet they make no effort to do so and in fact blame you for this occurrence. Would you want to be anywhere near this person or anyone like them?

          It’s the same way with shamans, there are those who use their powers for the greater good but there are also those who will use their powers to hurt people, for justified or petty reasons. Unfortunately negative aspects of something spoil the perception of the positive aspects.

          I said all that to say this; Takei writes characters in such a way that he wants you to believe that it is their shamanism and only their shamanism that causes humans around them to persecute them. For example the Tao family; according to his characterization of humanity all things being the same, take away their shamanic abilities and they would be not be shunned from society. Except the Taos are assassins, they literally profit off human suffering. They are feared and shunned because if they are paid enough money they will end your life. Another example is Yoh and his bullies. It’s very likely that even if he wasn’t a shaman he would have still been picked on because those three were jerks. That’s why they messed with him, he had a aspect they thought humorous and because of their crappy personalities targeted him for bullying.

          Basically by making Jesus a shaman, Takei now has to start writing shamans with some form of personal responsibility and humans with some form of sympathy. That includes admitting Hao isn’t the blameless victim he’s made out to be and maybe could be kind of an a-hole.

          1. @mutsuDTTCOTS
            yes he the thorn crown definitelly speaks of him, come on man Yoh pacifism come quite halfassed, you see it was never stated on any translation that just because Jesus was able to resurrect people and heal them he was now going to go around fighting and killing, is the very conflict that he is trying to avoid, so the “is ok to kill now since we can bring you back” is just a cheap plot line to find a way out of the contradiction.

            His fit body is an illusion, since the body of a disciplined Buddha is that of an starved Buddha, which is how he spend most of his life as a monk, living out of what food people would give him.

            Also we all know Magikarp is a muslim… so there you have it all fits.

            yeah that way to justify all the bad things that happen are just because they were shamans is incredible cheap, but i was sure we all knew that Hao was and is one hell of an asshole…

            • soosiick on September 5, 2013 at 4:30 pm

            Finale dizz i read through your comments and i have a different opinion.

            I think what Takei is trying to say in SK or at least in the first one is the way a shaman uses his ability defines what kind of person he is.

            That is why Yoh always says ‘If you can see spirits you are a good person’. He doesn’t even care if its true but he believes in it because you can always use it to do good no matter what you did.

            That’s why he hates what Hao has been doing but still believes that he can be changed. He believes that everything happens for a reason, it is not the shamanism someone has causing the conflict, but the way it is used.

            As a shaman, Yoh has a better understanding of what its capable of, therefore he believes in them. Sometimes he does not know how, but as he says every problem will be eventually solved, so he will do his best.

            If Jesus was a shaman, it is the way he uses his power as a shaman makes him a saviour. Winning the SKF and became god only means he had endless knowledge and power from GS, which gives him a much greater chance to achieve his goal. But it still depends on his way of doing it. Therefore his actions is worshiped not feared because how he use his ability as a shaman was believed by humanity the best at his time.

            On the other hand, Ra probably was not the best Shaman King since ancient Egyptian stuff is like, almost gone and no one worships him now.

            Therefore how a shaman uses his or her ability is way more important than the fact if he or her is SK aka God or not. No matter how many saviours were in the history, it is the way a lot of other shaman uses their power might not be right or suitble, plus the development of the modern world also gradually stops the fact that human used to rely on shaman, for different reasons.

            Also consider the fact that if the next SK started to do something else it can more or less change the perspectives of how human understand shaman or even the awareness of its existence. Like how YVS creates capitalism society so everyone only cares about money and less people care about what they believe. Hence every God has 500 years and I think it is possible for someone to do nothing or fail even with the power of GS, logically. Also, even someone like Jesus probably means nobody in east Asia at his time.

            Hao as a SK has done nothing so far… technically he has the GS, but since there is G8 now so I do not know whether he is a God or what, at this point.

            But he is probably the only one who hates currency and has never use money before (this is mentioned in Zero), I wonder if this is the reason YVS hates him so much. If its true it also proves that even with GS you can not control everyone.

            All in all in SK world humans understanding of shaman has been changing through history due to the different SK policies and actions, humans misleading, fear, the development of science so traditional shaman is less needed, etc. and all these factors also do not last forever and can be changed easily in different situations.





  10. Men <3
    translated version had released.

    So from now on everybody knows the direction of the storyline, clearly.
    But way MAIZE?

    1. Pssshh
      Because corn…… duh

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