Oct 07 2013

Shaman King Flowers Chapter 18 & Volume 4 Discussion & Spoilers

Since Shaman King Flowers is on the cover and has some color pages…. we get a sneak peek a bit early this month. So let’s check it out!

Also, in the upcoming month, Patch Cafe will be receiving some new feature upgrades… Just in time for our 2nd birthday! So if you only come by once a month… there will be some changes by next month!


10/10: Dit’s summary of what they’re talking about

10/10: Andy’s & Jezzy’s in depth analysis

10/7: Color page, JumpX cover, and volume cover preview


First off here’s the volume 4 cover… featuring Gakko! (surprise?)



Next here’s the cover of the issue… (nice and largem click to see full version!)


And finally, here’s a sample of the color page spread…


Yeah….. that’s a nice color page….. Too much text to clean it off to become a nice wallpaper, though! Hopefully they will release that on it’s own at some point!!



For additional information about the Shaman King anime re-airing on Animax, please see this post.


[wpspoiler name=”Shaman King Flowers Chapter 18 Spoilers” ]

So we start off where we left off in Chapter 17 with Hana, (fake) Yoh, and Hao in the Great Spirit. Even though this is a 26 page chapter, Takei really made some great color pages! Even used some different shading techniques he hadn’t used prior!

So anyways, Hao talks about Yoh, in the state of a 14 year old. However it matches too perfectly; Yoh doesn’t want to fight against his son! Since Yoh and Hao are talking back and forth… Hana launches the first strike!

However, this is no match for Yoh’s more refined Oversoul. With one strike, Yoh is able to repel Hana’s strike. In the 2nd strike, he completely defeats Hana! However, Yoh doesn’t want to kill Hana, so his blade on his oversoul is blunt.

After Yoh and Hao discuss a bit more… Hana re-awakens on an island… in front of a crashed Zero airplane…

End of Chapter!

So…. clearly Takei is going to pull in his “Death Zero” oneshot manga back into Shaman King Flowers. Kinda intersting! Also… Dit can confirm… but I don’t think there is a Shaman King Flowers chapter next month. It appears that it will be a “Shaman King 0” chapter instead. Maybe the backstory (re-telling?) of this Zero plane and it’s pilot? We’ll find out next month!




I had almost forgot how much I like teen Yoh (;▽; )
So ,did you want to see someone putting some common sense in Hana’s bratty head? Then keep reading!

– Hao used his divine powers to make a perfect replica of his 14-year-old brother because he was lonely he wanted to fix Hana’s father complex.
– Yoh doesn’t seem to be willing to fight his son and Hao gets frustrated. Cute brothers are cute.
– Hana notices how alike they look since they’re, you know, twins lol
– Yoh’s attitude gets on Hana’s nerves and he attacks his father, blaming him for not being home when he was little. After all, his son should be more important than anything else, right?
– He’s no match for Yoh, since he knows how to use furyoku annulment techniques and many other tricks, and we can see Hana’s O.S getting destroyed again and again.
– Yoh lectures his son about true strength and how to obtain it. Having lost his O.S again, Hana faints and wakes up in a different society.
– Hao kind of asks Yoh to stay with him while Hana trains, because it’s been a long time and they have to catch up.

Also next month we’ll have a Zero chapter instead of Flowers. The main character remains a secret.
Looking forward to this Death Zero and SK crossover!!


Update 10/10:

There are a few pages of talking. Yoh acts all adorbs. Hana tries to launch a surprise attack. Fails. Yoh kicks his ass. Yoh and Hao talk some more. Hana is suddenly on the Island For Infinite Losers with a totaled plane.

Yup. That’s it. it’s 26 pages.



  1. I’m so glad Takei is giving the covers to other characters and not just Hana all the time *remembers the first SK print*
    I wonder if/when Ruiji will make his appearance again.
    (also, dear Takei PLEASE give your boys some chest! XD)

    Thanks so much for the preview images, Andy!!

  2. Oh yes! More Ruiji! I hope he will be a little bit like Ryu, but not to much…
    And Iron Maiden gurl is actually ill after all…Poor Ren and Men….

    Thank you, Andy for the prieview images~!!!

  3. Call me crazy but I believe that Takei is gonna make someone from Death Zero Hana’s new guardian spirit. [/ chapter 19 spoiler]

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