Mar 31 2014

Shaman King Flowers Chapter 23 – Spoilers & Discussion

And back on track! Now onto Chapter 23!

3/31: Some basic info + image of art book!
4/7: Jump Kai cover art + color page preview + contest
4/10: Chapter summary!



So here’s the cover for the next Jump Kai. Very colorful! I like it!JumpKaicover


Here’s a sample of the color page spread (there is 1 more color page before it):

color page preview


There is also a twitter contest to win “Mini Shikishi” from Takei. Basically these are “autograph boards” that are typically raffled out. It’s kinda neat to see that there is some other characters besides Yoh/Anna/Hao! Never seen a Manta one before! That’s the one to get! (But you typically need to be located in Japan to win…)

minishikishiMini Shikishi contest header



So what are we getting this month…

– Shaman King Cover for Kai

– Color pages (probably 3)

– Shaman King artbook (all of the good old stuff!)

– Probably a release date for the next Shaman King Flowers volume

And here’s the cover!


Summary time!

Another short, yet wordy chapter.

So, Yosuke and Anderson are going to the island. They talk about how this is not the real world and they’re all actually dead (which Anderson found out by himself). He tells Yosuke that the American soldiers used to call Sakurai “The Death Zero Shinigami” (yeah, that word eveeeeryone outside Japan knows lol nope) because he was so damn good at piloting that meeting his airplane meant instant death. Yosuke curses Hao for trying to make him be Hana’s new ghost partner.

Back to Thalim’s coffee shop.

Hana doesn’t know what he’s fighting for. Sakurai starts explaining how things were back in Japan before war started. He didn’t want to become a soldier, but he eventually had to in order to protect everything he once held dear.

After listening to the whole story, Hana thinks about Sakurai’s words and (once again) he blames Yoh for how miserable and alone he feels. He then destroys Thalim’s terrace and says that he needs Amidamaru in order to defeat his dad.

In the last pages, Yosuke shows up and makes him an offer: team up to get rid of both Yoh and Hao! What will Hana do next month?!

Probably kick Yosuke’s smart ass, since deep deep inside he still loves his dad and uncle lol

PS: If I’m not wrong (small and blurry text is small and blurry) volume 5 will include 11 shaman files!


Coming soon… but sooner if there is something about Men.



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  1. First I thought it was an april fools’ joke, but on second thought it would be with too less impact :D. So I assume the news are true. The Cover Andy posted, was that from the new Artbook right? Well it looks kind of plain and boring. Hope the inside is great. I’m yearning for the old artwork style, it was much rounder and prettier than the one of Flowers. Sometimes it’s so sluggish and awkward, in terms of Character portrayal, especially the new black maiden or Yohane at the beginning.
    Nevertheless is it good to have new Colour Pages. I also asked myself when the next Tankonbon would be released. Hope it gets out soon and that we get to see the cover also pretty soon.
    Will you give some excerpts from the artbook when its published? Just to get some images what awaits us. I would buy it anyway if I get somewhere or would order it.

    Best regards

    torajiro =)

    1. Yeah, I made sure I got the post up before April 1st.

      No April Fool’s Joke on Patch-Cafe this year…. I had one planned. Maybe next year!

  2. Don’t worry, the news are 100% true! hahaha

    As for the artbook, well, it’s actually a free gift that will come inside this month’s Jump Kai! So if you want a copy, you can just order the magazine and get the artbook + the pretty front cover + the color pages 🙂

  3. This book looks nice, actually =) Too thin, though. It’s not a preview of an artbook, right?

    1. I mean, it’s not a teaser-like bonus, but a whole thing?

      1. They posted the new cover on facebook, btw. Looks awesome! Can’t wait to get this month’s issue~
        Cover on Facebook

  4. …So Yosuke and Anderson don’t talk about anything interesting except some hype for Sakurai -_- Damm. When I saw the raws and saw Yosuke talking I thought “oh no”, because talking chapters in shonen are often no good. Then after reconsidering while sleeping, it occurred me that what they say could actually be interesting for once…like dunno, throwing more light about the kiddo? But doesn’t seem to be the case.
    Honestly I’m getting tired of waiting for this to pick up xD This arc in the mini asura realm has all the potential to show some great progress both in the story and Hana’s development, I just can’t wait for something mindblowing. Maybe it’s because I’m under lots of stress that I’m losing my patience xP
    On another note, Sakurai’s talk seems like a good scene, wonder how I feel it once I read it xP
    xD I honestly don’t find Hana’s persistent bad attitude and father-blaming complex annoying. I’ve gone through a similar situation; granted, my situation is different in lots of levels but being neglected sure makes you feel shitty and given Hana’s personality can’t say I’m surprised he repeats the same loop of thoughts over and over again xD
    What I’m hoping for upcoming chapters:
    That when Hana fights Yosuke, he isn’t able to kick his smart ass. Ybs said Yosuke wouldn’t struggle to get out of hell, and Hana does, so I hope Yosuke beats Hana’s ass instead. Imo that’s the scenario that’d make sense.
    Volume 5 sounds like a great deal. Sorry for the ranting xP
    The cover this month looks awesome.

  5. So I finally ordered the Jump Kai issue, hope it gets here soon! I think the next volume would feature Men on the cover, although I don’t like his shithead :D. The hairstyle in the One Shot looked way better and was leaned more on Ren. With this it seams to me as a true cross between Jeanne and Ren. However. Hope this shithead gets shaved in the future :D.
    My prediction for next Chapter is, that the scene will change back to the earth, so we can see Faust and get some intel on Jeanne Schwarz and the whole Team Yvs.

    I like the current pace. Takei knows how to tell a story.

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