Jun 15 2014

Shaman King Flowers Chapter 25 – Spoilers & Discussion

Another month, another Shaman King Flowers chapter! The Death Zero arc continues!

6/15: Spoilers and pictures (in case you didn’t believe us)



Chapter length: 31 pages, no double pages

We start off this chapter right where the last chapter left off. With Hana being shot across the island, Sakurai comes out from Thalim’s defense to talk to Yosuke. While they talk, it triggers a memory with Thalim…


Thalim brings up an issue with Shaman King Hao in the G.S. with the rest of the Patch officials. Hao playful disregards his concern, with Goldva’s backing.


Meanwhile back at the beach, Yosuke helps convince Anderson to take revenge against “Death Zero Sakurai.” However he is too slow and Sakurai shoots him in the head with his own gun before Anderson can fire. Then Sakurai takes his next shot at Yosuke. But Yosuke uses his YVS card, Time Stop 30. This allows him to pause time for 30 seconds. Using this time, he picks up Sakurai’s bullet and places it on Sakurai’s neck. With time restarted, he is shot through the neck!


But not killed yet, Sakurai fires one more shot directly into Yosuke’s head!


With all 3 now ‘dead’ all 3 spirits (and the plane) fade away from the beach. Kalim now enters the beach, and has a short conversation with Thalim and then joined by Renim. However 3 new people wearing white appear! After further discussion with the Patch, he reveals his face.


Meanwhile Hana wakes up and finds himself in front of an airfield!? End of chapter!


Coming soon!?


Next month’s issue will come with “IC Card Stickers,” which apparently are stickers that you put over personal cards (such as bank or library cards) so that other people can’t see your personal info. [from MFC]

I’ll be posting links on where you can get the issue, as it looks like we’ll have at least two Mankin-related stickers!



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  1. Woh It’s Great

  2. I’m starting to like Sakurai :D. Although it seems that this chapter wouldn’t have much story progress, it’s great to meet Kalim back. I’m curious about these 3 new charakters in white, the one in the picture seems to be an oldtimer, so I don’t think he has something to do with the F.O.M. Maybe he’s some other veteran of the WW II. I hoped for some more Intel with this chapter, but anyways, just have to wait another month^^.

  3. Yeah, Sakurai is kind of brave. 🙂

    I just hope that they will soon show more about the War itself, how it has something to do with the story.
    And more about the past with Yoh and Anna/ Hana and Alumi.
    Mhh… and what`s up with these 3 People??

    Besides; thx for your work to post the spoilers and all the infos! What would we do without you?? xD

  4. The last dud, is machete? LOL

    Thank you for the info.
    An I hope that they will show us more about Yoh and Anna, and Hanna & Alumi when they were little.

    thank you!!

  5. D: Hopefully Yosuke isn’t really dead….Since he’s the main villain and all it’d be weird….

  6. He can´t be dead, I mean, he already is or not xD ?
    They are in the great spirit after all.

    And i kind of like him- because he´s just a lonely child after all, who got into a bad contract with the little pyramid and is now bound to him.

  7. I remember Thalim saying that the Shaman King has the help of the Patch Team that supervisioned the Shaman Fight that time, so i think that 3 guys are part of the Patch Team that helps Yabisu ‘-‘
    Just theories…

  8. So we finally know why Sakurai is here. Im glad he’s going to be Hana’s guardian spirit, i like him 😀

    the old patches seems scary. i want to know who is their new God. (i assume is not Hao)

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