Aug 09 2014

Shaman King Flowers Chapter 27 & Zero chapter 8

And this month we have a surprise! We have a new Zero chapter along with Shaman King Flowers! Double Takei!

8/09: Initial information post
8/13: And now we have the spoilers!



Jump X released a day early this month since the 10th fell on a Sunday. So… it was announced that there is both a Shaman King Flowers and Shaman King Zero in this month’s issue!

The Zero chapter is based around Sati!

More information once we get it!



And here is your short spoiler summaries!

Shaman King Flowers Chapter 27 – Death Zero 9

We continue with Hana in the middle of the airfield surrounded by Sakurai and his friends. Thinking that he is just some lost kid (or something like that) they bring him back to their barracks. To pass the time, they give a little background on their warstories (or something). Later that night, Hana is still moping around as Sakurai checks the timing on his Zero fighter. Suddenly a bomb is dropped on the base, and Sakurai flies into action!

End of chapter! All 18 pages!


Shaman King Zero chapter 8 – (part 1)

The story starts off with her remembering back to her youth…

The year is 1976 in India, and Sati is lost (or something). She then runs into Jizo. Then Senju. Then Bato. Then 6 more Buddhas. Then Ashura. And then suddenly they are in front of a palace. (Yes, Takei just kept throwing characters at you)

Then they start talking about a historical figure until they meet a person looking like a young Kado!? Sati is shocked by this!

End of chapter! All 16 pages! Part 2 will continue next month!

(No, none of the other 6 Buddhas are Anna the Itako, nor Koma.)



Coming soon!?


Coming soon!?



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  1. Great!! 😀

  2. Why Men called her mom(Jeanne) as Jeanne-chan? I’m not sure if it was men (the person who is lying on the bed). O.o?

  3. Did you allready read it? If yes: where? xD

    1. Oh…! The Chapter is out :DD

      And The person speaking is Tamao, Men is unconscious.

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