Sep 12 2014

Shaman King Flowers Chapter 28 & Zero chapter 9 – Spoilers & Discussion

Continuing to the end of Jump Kai.. we have both Flowers and Zero this month!

9/12: Spoilers!



And here is your short spoiler summaries! Next month, we will get the final chapter of the Kado arc for Zero. And Shaman King Flowers will be on the cover of the final Jump Kai issue!

Shaman King Flowers Chapter 28 – Death Zero 10

Hana and Sakurai have made it off the attacked base! Now Sakurai and his four friends fly off after the enemy. Hana mopes around in the back of Sakurai’s plane recalling what the Kamikaze pilots need to do.

Suddenly, enemy fighter planes sweep in for the attack. One of Sakurai’s friends (one with the glasses) then kamikazes into the nearby battleship. The dogfight continues, as one by one, Sakurai’s friends die in combat.

Looking on from the battleship… and un-phased Yosuke and Yabisu watch the battle overhead.

The chapter ends with Sakurai becoming motivated to show why he’s called “Death Zero.”

Chapter was 22 pages.


Shaman King Zero chapter 9 – (part 2)

The story continues with Kado putting on a party for his new fiance, Sati!

Sati, who becomes annoyed with the party (and the buddhas eating all the food), storms off.

Kado, who is currently surrounded by wealth and women however is still heartbroken about the loss of his family (who he has a portrait of). Sati, who was able to see this, then asks the buddhas if there is something they can do. With no help, from them, Sati then confronts Kado directly! Kado then reveals his elephant spirit!

Chapter was 19 pages.


Coming soon!?


Coming soon!?



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  1. Thank you <3

  2. Seems like the Asura Realm Arc won’t end next Chapter together with the End of Jump Kai, unless Takei produces a ~60 page Chapter ^^, whats more or less unlikely. Would be more fitting if Hana got back to the real world with a flashy return, but anyway I like Takeis pace, although the Chapters are far to short :D. Sati however reminds me of Hana, with her charakter.
    Thanks for your work guys (and girls)!

    1. I wouldn’t count on Hana being revived in the next chapter. Takei’s probably saving it as a color page and spread for where-ever the series moves next.

  3. Hello!

    A quick question! I picked up interest on Shaman King not too long ago but I’m new to all this so don’t know, but, when is the manga coming out? I mean SKF chapter 28 and SKZ chapter 9? I have searched all over the internet and it seems the chapter is not available, yet you know what is going to happen… can someone explain me? jaja

    1. Well, we’re the scanlation group in charge of releasing the English version… so we get to see the scans before the chapter is released 😛

      1. Cool! xD
        No wonder you know all that stuff jaja.. Do you recommend any website where I can find the most recent chapters?

        1. Mankin Trad! 😀

          1. Great! I’ll take a look at it. Thanks for the recommendation!

    2. SK-Shaman King (original)
      KZB-Re-release of SK with extra chapters and a proper ending
      SKF-Shaman King Flowers (The ongoing sequel currently 28ch)
      SKZ-Shaman King Zero, a side story generally consisting of stories from characters childhood

      What I would do is read SK and KZB initially then you can follow up with both SKF and SKZ because although zero is a prequel to shaman king it WILL contain spoilers.

      Hope that helps

      1. jaja Thanks for the info! Good thing I’ve been doing it right so far!.

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