Oct 19 2014

Hiroyuki Takei draws for “Corocoro Aniki” magazine, and ending of Ultimo & Jumbor?

Page 1 from Dear Tokuda Zaurus-sensei

Page 1 from Dear Tokuda Zaurus-sensei

A new magazine being published by Shogakukan called “Corocoro Aniki” (コロコロアニキ) had recently had its first issue released on October 15th. Featured on the cover (in small text) is that Hiroyuki Takei will be working with the start of this new magazine. Reading further into the magazine, the following details have been released:

– In the launch issue (October) there is a short (4 page?) semi-biographical manga to introduce readers to Zaurus Tokuda‘s work (through Hiroyuki Takei’s eyes) called “Dear Tokuda Zaurus-sensei” (拝啓 徳田ザウルス先生) in Japanese.

– In the next issue (January issue, which is on store shelves in December) there will be a continuation of this story.

– In the March issue (on shelves in Feb) will be Takei’s spin-off story related to the “Dash! Yonkuro” (ダッシュ!四駆郎) series which was written by Zaurus Tokuda. This will most likely be a short series (1-2 volumes), similar to his “Danball Senki: Kaidou Jin’s Story” volume (3 chapters).

– The magazine claims that “HIRO” is not the same person as “Hiroyuki Takei” who uses his full name (and logo).

– A depiction of the outside of Hiroyuki Takei’s studio is shown at the bottom panel on the first preview page! (Yes, it’s at least 2 stories)


Page 1 from Dear Tokuda Zaurus-sensei

Page 2 from Dear Tokuda Zaurus-sensei

When Takei introduces some of the series he’s worked on… there is some interesting dates associated with them. Ultimo and Jumbor both list an “end date” as 2015.  So Ultimo ending next year could happen. Jumbor ending seems a bit rushed. Or maybe they are both just placeholders. Who knows? But then Flowers and Zero are both listed as concluding in 2014. Which means that those series are at least finished for this year.

It’s highly likely that Takei has a yearly contract based on each magazine he publishes in. That contract states for how many pages of manga he’ll produce per-year. So does this mean that he doesn’t plan on renewing his contracts with Shueisha, and let those series run out? Or is these dates just placeholders for now? This is all speculation… but… so very confusing…!!!


Page 4 from Dear Tokuda Zaurus-sensei

Page 4 from Dear Tokuda Zaurus-sensei

Corocoro Aniki - Issue 1 cover

Corocoro Aniki – Issue 1 cover

Bonus: You can see the color car image at Natalie.




Page 1 Preview

Page 2 Preview

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