Jan 17 2015

What is actually in Shaman King Zero volume 2

So as a continuation of my initial opinion post, the actual contents of Shaman King Zero volume 2 have been announced, with the finalized cover art.978-4-08-890071-1

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Zero chapter 6 (with new color pages)
  • Zero chapter 7
  • Yahabe oneshot (may be slightly modified)
  • Zero chapters 8-10
  • “Merry Christmas On Board”

So the biggest surprise is that the short chapter “Merry Christmas On Board” was included as a “Zero chapter.” This was a short 8 page manga that was included in the “Mankin Fanbook 2” that was an extra included in a Jump Kai issue back in December 2012.

Each of the chapters are labeled as an “episode” for each character, since the chapters aren’t truly numbered.

We’ll have the volume in hand late next week, so we’ll do a quick review and see if there are any major changes to the chapters. Yahabe is the most likely to have changes, if there are any. And if there is any other notes or future hints about the status of the Shaman King series, we’ll report those as well.

Below are some of the color pages from the volume that releases in Japan on January 19th, 2015. Click on the thumbnails for a full size view. You can see the preview of the volume here.


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