May 04 2015

Digital Shaman King Manga Bundle – All 32 volumes for $111

Legally own digital copies of the ENTIRE original Shaman King manga series for $111.

Shaman King manga bundles

Volumes 1-15: $60 ($4 a volume) – Ends on May 10th

Volumes 16-32: $51 ($3 a volume)  – Ends on May 31st

If you already purchased the first bundle, now’s your chance to finish and get the second bundle! Volume 16 is where the edits get trimmed WAY back, since it stopped running in the monthly printed Shonen Jump. There is basically no new cuts made for these last 16 volumes.

This is the best way to show support for the Shaman King series. By purchasing these volumes you can show Viz that we want more Shaman King! Actions speak louder than words!


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