Jul 16 2015

New Hiroyuki Takei manga series for Shonen Magazine Edge

Takei_deailToday, Shonen Magazine Edge launched their new website (magazine-edge.jp), which features their lead manga series called “NekoGahara”  (猫ヶ原) being created by Hiroyuki Takei. Shonen Magazine Edge is a new monthly magazine being released by Kodansha starting on September 17th, 2015. A new issue will come out every month on the 17th. The cover of the first issue will feature this new series, and the series will also have a color page.

This is the first time Hiroyuki Takei has had one of his mangas published by Kodansha (a separate company from Shueisha).

AnimeNewsNetwork translate the plot to the following: “A cat abandoned by the world, Norachiyo. Slice through the human world.”

You can find the official website here: http://magazine-edge.jp/


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  1. Shonen Magazine Edge will be Monthly magazine^^

  1. […] On a more positive note, it was announced separately, that he’ll be working on a new manga series for Kodansha as reported here as well. […]

  2. […] As previously reported, on September 19th, the first issue of Shonen Magazine Edge will be released in Japan. As part of the build up to this launch the editorial department has started a new Twitter campaign which includes a contest. […]

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