Jul 16 2015

Hiroyuki Takei Guest Appearance Cancelled for Otakon

As previously announced, Hiroyuki Takei was scheduled to be attending Otakon this upcoming weekend. However, Hiroyuki Takei just sent out a tweet with the following:


「アメリカ行き」は諸事情でとりやめになりました。 もしイベントに出向かれるつもりの方、お許しください

This roughly translates to the following:

“America bound” is now canceled because of various circumstances.
Please forgive me if you were planning to go to the event on my behalf.

And Otakon’s website has issued the following statement:

Hiroyuki Takei is unable to attend Otakon due to a last-minute scheduling conflict. While we are all disappointed, guest cancellations are sometimes unavoidable.

Hiroyuki Takei’s signing events and Q&A panels have been removed from the schedule. The Garo panel is still scheduled. Romi Park, is still scheduled to attend, as was previously announced.

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