Jul 16 2015

Flowers, Ultimo, and Jumbor endings imminent per Takei

Today Hiroyuki Takei gave some updates on his manga series, so here’s the rundown:

  • Shaman King Flowers is officially completed and will not be continued.
  • He does want to write a new sequel to Shaman King, but it will be using a different name.
  • Ultimo’s true final chapter will be in Jump SQ Crown Issue #2 coming out in the October issue.
  • Jumbor volume 10 will be the final volume (currently 8 volumes have been released in Japan and totally 54 chapters) and is currently on hiatus.
  • He hopes to write more Jumbor in the future.
  • Hyper Dash Yonkuro takes alot of time and effort to create, but he’s having a great time doing it
  • He’s still working on his Takei-mask, which he was planning on wearing to Otakon
  • He needed to cancel his appearance to Otakon, as reported here.

On a more positive note, it was announced separately, that he’ll be working on a new manga series for Kodansha as reported here as well.


Thanks to Dit for summarizing these updates! And this news post will be updated later today with some more specific from his tweets.

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  1. It was obvious that Flowers was ended. But I think the sequel it’s going to be the same story of Flowers but with a different name and much much better 😛

    I will be waiting!! <3 with all my love to Takei

  1. […] sequel, Shaman King Flowers, ran from 2012 and 2014. Takei has also mentioned doing another Shaman King series, so fans may have more to look forward to in the […]

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