Aug 24 2015

Shonen Magazine Edge Twitter Campaign for Issue #1

As previously reported, on September 17th, the first issue of Shonen Magazine Edge will be released in Japan. As part of the build up to this launch the editorial department has started a new Twitter campaign which includes a contest.

Campaign Contest details

(Complete rules in Japanese can be found on their official Facebook)

CNKmnVDVEAASmiWStep 1: Follow the official Shonen Magazine Edge official twitter: Link

Step 2: Retweet the contest tweet with the hashtag “マガジンエッジRT第1弾”

The original tweet can be found here: Link

Other rules: You can enter each round up until the following Sunday at midnight (basically you get 1 week). You can only win once. If you are a winner, you’ll be contacted via Direct Message. A new piece of art (by a different artist) will be run each week until the launch of the magazine.

It doesn’t say anything about location restrictions… so the contest may be worldwide? It’s unlikely they’ll ship the prizes outside of Japan, but you’re welcome to try! The first contest (for this week only) is featuring Takei’s artwork shown on the left for Nekogahara.


Shonen Edge Issue 1To help promote the campaign, they also have a full page ad in Animate’s preview book (link may be outdated if viewing after Sept 2015). This book outlines the contest details and also features a sample artwork (shown below). It appears that the artwork shown above (in the official tweet) will be the final piece. However this does give us a look at the full image Takei has drawn, which will also be featured on the cover of the first issue (shown left).














In addition to the twitter campaign, there has also been promotional posters being setup at key locations in Japan. First was a large banner at the main train station for Comiket 88. Next there was a poster and flyers at the SUPER COMIC CITY 関西21.



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  4. […] As previously reported, to prepare for the launch of Hiroyuki Takei’s “samurai cat” manga Nekogahara, Shonen Magazine Edge ran several Twitter contests. These contests required users to retweet the contest for entry for various prizes. One of these prizes is a hand drawn image signed by Hiroyuki Takei. Additionally, Hiroyuki Takei also dedicated the artwork to the winner by writing their name in gold ink on the artwork. Twitter user なごみ(@BirthSeventh) recently posted the image of her prize. In the image you can see the printed winning letter, and the bottom of her name can just barely be seen in gold ink on the upper right hand corner. […]

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