Oct 25 2015

Nekogahara – Chapter 2 Spoilers & Discussion

Oops! Somehow I forgot to post this. My bad. I’ll be faster next month, I promise. Onto the super quick summary!

As with all of these posts… there are spoilers! So you have been warned!

10/25: Rough summary of events by andysislands

Details of the chapter and magazine as it related to Nekogahara 「猫ヶ原」:

  • Cover art featuring Nekogahara
  • Chapter starts on page 1 (first manga in the line-up)
  • 3 color pages, two of which are full color spreads all done in watercolor
  • Chapter is 32 pages (including the color pages)
  • Some of the chapters are a bit “shorter” this month in the magazine to make space for other manga series to have “2 chapters” as they add new series to the line-up.


Chapter 2 Summary:

Note I do not know Japanese, so check with Dit’s summary/translation for a better detail if available.

The chapter starts off in a flashback/dream sequence where Norachiyo needs to fight this large samurai wearing bright red armor.


Then our story continues in the present with Norachiyo is either hungry/injured on his way to the next town. Though he makes it there, there is a gang that confronts him. The gang steal Norachiyo’s sword, which of course angers him. The leader then goes on talking about his boss who runs the town, which Norachiyo doesn’t care about.


So the leader then threatens to kill Norachiyo with is own sword, which triggers Norachiyo to envision he’s fighting the “red samurai” again. After a couple swift movements, he gets back his sword from the leader, and kills everyone in the gang, except the leader. Then he goes on his way again…


Initial Review:

So we have another sort of “stand alone” chapter. A little bit more character development, but nothing too heavy. Interestingly, the leader wasn’t killed in this chapter. Maybe since he’ll become a re-occurring character? I think so.

Also there was a small page about Hiroyuki Takei signing at Animate (as reported here).

Chapter 3 comes out next month on the 17th!

Coming soon!?

Coming soon!?


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