Nov 16 2015

Nekogahara – Chapter 3 Spoilers & Discussion

Hey, here’s the quick summary on the day of release! It’s another short chapter.

As with all of these posts… there are spoilers! So you have been warned!

11/16: Rough summary of events by andysislands

Details of the chapter and magazine as it related to Nekogahara 「猫ヶ原」:

  • No cover art, or color pages this month. And probably not next month either.
  • Chapter is 21 pages long
  • 5th manga in the issue (starting on page 143)

Chapter 3 Summary:

Note I do not know Japanese, so check with Dit’s summary/translation for a better detail if available.

This chapter continues right where chapter 2 left off. The leader from the gang is still alive, but suddenly a new “handsome” cat arrives!


Following the “Handsome” cat around is of course a bunch of his fans. He asks the gang leader cat for the location of Norachiyo.


Both of them then track him down to the abandoned temple in the countryside where he is feeding a bird one of his limited grains of rice. Both the “handsome” cat and the gang leader watch from a distance. The gang leader is still angry at Norachiyo for killing his comrades, so the level-headed “Handsome” cat recommends killing Norachiyo in his sleep with his sword for revenge.


The gang leader takes the advice, and before swinging the blow, Norachiyo questions him (since he’s awake, of course!).

Norachiyo then draws his sword…. the gang leader looks back to the “Handsome” cat who is now missing for help… then blood splatter.Nekogahara3-image4

Chapter end.

Initial Review:


We finally get a chapter that continues the plot… a little bit. But this one was super short (for a monthly chapter) so that’s kinda disappointing. But we learn 2 things about the world though! Birds exist! And their representation of Buddhism is also cat based. I’m ready for the Butsu Zone references!

(Also these chapter summaries would be alot easier if I knew their names… rather than just generic summaries of their character… oh well.)

Chapter 4 comes out next month on the 17th!

Coming soon!?



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