Jan 11 2016

Hiroyuki Takei draws New Years Greeting for Shonen Magazine Edge Editor-in-Chief

Takei New Years GreetingAs a special present to the Editor-in-Chief of Kodansha’s Shonen Magazine Edge, Hiroyuki Takei drew Yoh, Hana, and a small Noryachiro (from Nekogahara) on a New Years greeting. This appears to be on the back of a scrap piece of paper laying around the office. This is quite notable as this is the first time Takei has drawn Yoh or Hana since the conclusion of Shaman King Flowers. No Shaman King series is currently published by Kodansha… so it’s quite interesting that he picks both Hana (from Flowers) and Yoh (from the original series) for the greeting…

So far there has been no new announcements on the continuation for Shaman King in any form, by any publisher yet.

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