Jan 17 2016

Nekogahara – Chapter 4 Spoilers & Discussion

So after a month delay… Nekogahara chapter 4 has been released in Japan! It’s another shorter chapter, but the amount of blood in this chapter really ramps up!

As with all of these posts… there are spoilers! So you have been warned!

1/17: Rough summary of events by andysislands

Details of the chapter and magazine as it related to Nekogahara 「猫ヶ原」and Hiroyuki Takei:

Chapter 4 Summary:

Note I do not know Japanese, so check with Dit’s summary/translation for a better detail if available.

This chapter continues right where chapter 3 left off and it’s titled “Busy Lake II.” Norachiyo is on the ground in shock from being slashed in the back by the “Righteous Samurai’s” (“handsome” cat) sword. The Righteous Samurai’s name is “Shishiwaka” which also translates to “Young Lion.”


The gang leader (from chapter 2 and 3) is angery at how dishonarably he attacked Norachiyo. After the Shishiwaka gives some words about “how the world is” kind of speech, he raises his sword for the final blow.


Norachiyo then give his final words.. asking him to save him*… (I think… that line may be off)

Then Norachiyo dies before the Shishiwaka even attacks! In anger, the gang leader and the Shishiwaka starts yelling at him.

But Norachiyo actual faked dying! And then spit blood into the Shishiwaka’s eye to blind him! In that moment, he uses all of his energy to throw himself down the stairs from the abandoned temple to escape. In his escape… he leaves his sword behind which is now in Shishiwakas possession…


Chapter end.

Initial Review:

Wow! This chapter really ramped up on the blood. There is alot of it. And all of the lines are much harsher. It really has that edgy feel to it. Something that Takei hasn’t quite done up to this point. So if you’ve been on the edge about this series up till now… this chapter sure pushes it in a new direction; and I like it.

Chapter 5 comes out next month on the 17th! Volume 1 ships in Japan in April!

Coming soon!?



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