Feb 21 2016

Nekogahara – Chapter 5 Spoilers & Discussion

Slowly pushing along… another Nekogahara chapter has been released with “Busy Lake III”!

Also, volume 1 of the manga will be released in Japan on April 15th!

As with all of these posts… there are spoilers! So you have been warned!

2/21: Rough summary of events by andysislands

Details of the chapter and magazine as it related to Nekogahara 「猫ヶ原」and Hiroyuki Takei:

  • Chapter is 25 pages long
  • 4th manga in the issue

Chapter 5 Summary:

Note I do not know Japanese, so check with Dit’s summary/translation for a better detail if available.

This chapter continues from the previous chapter with Norachiyo collapsed on the side of the road surrounded by crows. For the first couple of pages we see a monk, villagers, a dog, and children all pass by his body without any assistance. (This includes the dog peeing on him as well. Twice!)


However the monk returns and begins to talk to Norachiyo about the conflicts of the past. Before leaving, he pours some water(?) on him. Once he walks away… the crows swarm back on Norachiyo..

But Norachiyo attacks one of the crows, ripping off his leg and then responds back to the traveling monk.

The story then shifts back to a brothel where Shishiwaka and the gang leader are staying. Then Shishiwaka heads to the bathroom. While on the toilet he inspects the bell he stole from Norachiyo. Suddenly Norachiyo’s head pops up from the floor right in front of Shishiwaka! Finally with Shishiwaka’s balls exposed, Norachiyo attacks!


End of chapter!

Initial Review:

These chapters are very slow… Even slower than some of the Shaman King Flowers chapters. This series is starting to feel like it might be better to read in compiled volume format instead in monthly chapters. So hopefully it sells well in April!

Coming soon!?



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