May 07 2016

Hiroyuki Takei’s 2nd Nekogahara Autograph & Drawing Event

Updates 1 & 2: Added “imagine-nation” TV show paragraph and additional Nekogahara sketch. If more update happen over the next 24 hours, this post will be updated.

Back in September, in celebration of Nekogahara, Hiroyuki Takei held an autograph/signing event. Today, May 7th, 2016, the second event was completed in celebration of the release of the first Nekogahara manga volume. This event was a bit more of a “show” than the last one, with more live drawings, Q&A. Unlike the first event, Hiroyuki Takei’s other series, primarily Shaman King, were much more featured in this event.

Additionally, the event was recorded by NHK for their international channels and TV show “imagine-nation” which highlights various aspects of Otaku culture in English. No release date on when the episode will air, but they do have a weekly show. For a sample on what the episode may be like, you can view this VOD here about the manga IGAI. The programs are available world-wide through various methods (including web browsers).

Hiroyuki Takei also responded on Twitter with the following statement about the event (with a rough English translation following):


Today’s autograph session, meet lots of people and enjoyed it. Thanks for coming, thank you.

Below is some photos that highlight the event:

Ch1ohUwUoAAahzr Image by @RioLi_

Ch1oGy8VEAAy0z0 Image by @vagrantDreamers

Horohoro SketchImage by @D4C8152

Ch2e3s5VEAApRc_ Image by @KUROU____

Ch1l3wNUoAA1mU5Ch1l3xfUkAAc5QWCh1l3wPUYAAcMR7 Images by @metretsk

Ch1a5OMUkAMJd6W Image by @ochappa_sisters

Ch1ZUvqUgAA2MPk Image by @ryi_chan21

Ch3AaRnVEAEIHnR Image by @arice438

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