Aug 08 2016

Shaman King Flowers Continuation is in Development!

In a shocking turn of events… Hiroyuki Takei has announced on Twitter earlier today that he is currently working on the continuation of his Shaman King Flowers manga!

His original tweet, followed by an English translation by Dit:

楽しみにしててください!!!!!!!!!! (実はプロット作ってます)

“Please look forward to it!!!!!!!!! (I’m working on the new plot)”

This is interesting to note that the question was regarding Flowers specifically, not just Shaman King. No further information was given, so it’s unknown if this is just a oneshot, a full series continuation, or any other details. It’s also not determined which publisher this may be coming from or what magazine.

Previously, the Shaman King Flowers manga was in “hiatus” for about a year, until Takei’s tone changed to “complete.” However, he has been doing some drawings from Shaman King, as there is still a vocal fanbase in Japan, so shown during his latest press event.


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  1. I’ve been waiting for this!

  2. yessssssssssssss. This. is. it. i need to see Anna and Alumi hv a chat

  3. Yeasss ! cannot wait for it , how I miss so much this manga shaman king flowers , updated soon please in english ^.^ thank u author , please released it in mangafox too

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