Oct 25 2016

Nekogahara Volume 1 Purchasing Guide

Hiroyuki Takei’s latest manga series, Nekogahara: Stray Cat Samurai is now officially out in English! Kodansha Comics has been taking great efforts to make this as accessible as possible. And with accessibility comes many purchasing options! Below is a list of purchasing recommendations (other options may be available, prices are at time of launch).

Update 1 (10/25): Added BookWalker, and updated some prices as they’ve shifted during the day.

Print Edition (US/Canada):

Amazon – $12.99 + shipping (unless order is +$25 of books, then free)
Barnes & Noble – $12.99 + shipping
Right Stuf – $9.74 + shipping (unless order is +$49)
Your Local Bookstore! – Price may vary, but helps support your local economy!

Digital Edition (US/Canada):

Amazon (Kindle & cross-buy in comiXology) – $12.34
BookWalker Global – $9.59USD/¥950 (with coupon code “oct18” it’s $7.27 until Oct 31st)
comiXology – $12.99
iTunes Store iBook – $9.99
NOOK Book (via Barnes & Noble) – $8.49

Note: BookWalker is currently having a promotion where new BookWalker accounts will get a free 500yen (about $5USD) coupon. You will need to register before October 31st and apply for the coupon here. Then you will receive the coupon on November 2nd (which expires by the 22nd). So for the cheapest digital version of, if you want to wait a week, this is your best bet (which the price will come down to about $4.59USD)!

Also, Bookwalker allows for the manga to be read on your computer (or via their app) and is available in the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • France
  • England
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • New Zealand
  • United States

Since this volume is already released, even in countries that may have other print editions (or no announced releases yet), you can purchase it here!

Print Edition (UK):

Amazon – £9.99 + shipping (unless order is +£10 of books, then free)
Book Depository – $9.52USD + free international shipping

Digital Edition (UK):

Kindle & comiXology – £8.99 – (via Amazon)  £9.49
Note: From Amazon, it appears you can purchase the digital version now, though it’s print release date isn’t until October 27th.


Please do your part to help support the manga industry and purchase manga (in any form, print or digital). Purchasing the manga has a direct impact back to it’s creator, Hiroyuki Takei, and allows him to continue to create more manga like Nekogahara and Shaman King. Strong sales numbers in one series can often lead to his other series being officially licensed in English.

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