Feb 12 2017

High Quality “Shaman File” Images Officially Posted on Twitter

As a late 2016 present, Hiroyuki Takei has started posting on Twitter some high quality images of the “Shaman Files” that were included in the original Shaman King Kang Zeng Bang releases in Japan. When he originally did the drawings, he drew them much larger and with greater detail than what was printed. These drawings were only printed in the original KZB (Kang Zeng Bang) editions of the Shaman King manga, and not included in the later Remix edition reprints. These images were also included in the official Italian release of Shaman King: Perfect Edition. Note that there are some minor changes to the images than what was previously printed.

Additionally, Hiroyuki Takei has included some images from Shaman King Flowers and some “mashups” as some jokes as well.

Below is a gallery of these images from Hiroyuki Takei’s twitter. This post will be updated sporadically when new images are posted.

Gallery Updates:

  • Dec 31st, 2016 – Originally posted with 33 images
  • Feb 12th, 2017 – Added 47 images


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  1. Looks like he responded to my tweet. Gota use them in my games.

  1. […] same ones that were used in the “Shaman Files” for the Kang Zeng Bang releases and also later posted by Hiroyuki Takei on his Twitter […]

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