Jun 18 2017

Hiroyuki Takei takes a trip to Mount Osore

Hiroyuki Takei has posted a set of images on his personal Twitter from his recent trip to Mount Osore, located in the Aomori Prefecture. This area is the location where the “Osorezan Revoir” arc in the original Shaman King manga takes place. He did not state that this was a “vacation,” but instead for a “certain job.” Often that’s a bit of a code for “doing research” for upcoming manga projects. Last year he also went up to the Aomori Prefecture where he stopped at the Misawa Aviation & Science Museum to view their Zero planes (also featured in Shaman King Flowers).

In addition to the photos he took (featured left), he also posted this image of Anna as a promotional image for the Aomori Prefectural Senior High School Alumni Association. So the “certain job” may have been in relation with the Alumni Association, or it could be related to his upcoming Shaman King manga series that is still in development. Previously, Hiroyuki Takei also drew the mascot for the Aomori Police Department and he was also born in Yomogita, Aomori.

The link to the twitter post with the full poster can be found here.

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