Jun 20 2017

Jumbor Hiatus Missing From Next Ultra Jump Issue

The status of the Jumbor manga in the monthly Ultra Jump magazine has been partially unknown for the last 2 years. The most current chapter of Jumbor is number 53, which was in the August issue.  In that issue there was also a notice that the series is on hiatus and that new information will be announced once it returns.

However, since that date, it has been effectively on “hiatus.” Every new Ultra Jump issue lists the series appearing in the next issue, and Jumbor would be listed under series still in the magazine, but not in the next issue. However, for the next issue preview, for the August 2017 issue, Jumbor has not been listed. This may have been a simple mistake, or it could have been intentional, since there has been no new chapter in exactly 2 years.

It’s also worth noting that Jumbor isn’t completely removed from the July 2017 Ultra Jump magazine, as it was still listed under the “published volumes” page. Jumbor is still listed on the official Ultra Jump website as well. With the announcement of Hiroyuki Takei creating a manga in the Corocoro Aniki magazine, he listed an end date for Jumbor. Unlike with Shaman King, where he has been more hopeful, he hasn’t said as much about Jumbor.

The official reason why Jumbor is on hiatus is still unknown, and probably will stay unknown for a while. In a recent interview with Kono Manga related to “Back to the Future”, the conversation does drift into talking about the Jumbor series. Below is a rough English translation of the excerpt talking about Jumbor hiatus (after being reborn from it’s original Weekly Shonen Jump run).

Interviewer: By the way, you also restarted with “Jumbor” and “Shaman King Flowers” but stopped halfway through the story…?

Takei: I’m planning on how that takes shape, but I definitely want to draw the continuation. That is the responsibility of the creator of those characters. However, “Jumbor” has special circumstances that I mentioned earlier that need to be figured out first.

So it’s less likely about his willingness to continue the manga, but another factor either with Shuiesha or with his Author, Mikami Hiromasa. It’s possible that during the Q&A session of Hiroyuki Takei’s upcoming public appearance that a question may be asked. Unless the answer is that the series has no hope of coming back to Ultra Jump (they ended his contract), Hiroyuki Takei will most likely give another non-direct answer due to these special circumstances.

Source: @sasakura_i on twitter

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