Jun 26 2017

Hiroyuki Takei’s 3rd Nekogahara Autograph Session Report

As previously announced at the end of May, Hiroyuki Takei held his third autograph and talk session on June 25th, 2017 at the Animate Shinjuku for promotion of the third volume release of Nekogahara. The event started with some of Takei’s classic dry humor before going directly into a Q&A from the attendees. After several questions, they moved onto a trivia contest to win some prizes. Some of the prizes awarded were:

  • A set of special prints that Takei had previously posted on his Twitter (multiple winners)
  • One (of two) of his personal ink pens for drawing
  • One (of two) of his computer mice

 (From Takei’s editor)

After the contest winners were selected, Takei fielded one more question about the status of Shaman King Flowers and Jumbor. His response is that he hopes to have an announcement at the end of the year and that fans should continue to support Shonen Magazine Edge (which is currently running the Nekogahara manga). After that, he went into the autograph/signing session (and distributed the prizes).

For the autographs, only volume 3 of Nekogahara was allowed to be signed, but the fans could request a character sketch with Takei’s autograph. Based on what has been posted on Twitter, here’s the count (not counting prize drawings 35 drawings were posted online) :

Shaman King/Flowers/Zero: 28

Nekogahara: 4

Jumbor: 1

Hyper Dash! Yonkuro: 1

Butsu Zone: 1

Ultimo: 0

In no particular order, here are the twitter posts with the images!






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