Jul 28 2017

Shaman King’s Anna Featured on Cover of “Train Vert” August Issue

In the upcoming August issue of Train Vert Hiroyuki Takei has drawn Anna from Shaman King for the cover. Similar to the April issue previously this year, it should also include a special interview with the mangaka about tourist and sightseeing destinations available by train within Japan.

Based on Anna being on the cover and his recent trip to the Mount Osore region in June, the topic of conversation will most like be about the Aomori Prefecture.

Train Vert is a magazine published by the JR East Shinkansen company and is sold at local train stations along that line. The title of the magazine comes from the French term meaning “green train.” In addition to being purchased at the local train stations, it is also possible to have an 8 volume subscription service for 1,856 yen. But to receive the August issue, you will need to purchase the subscription before the end of the month.

Train Vert does upload the previous month’s issues to their website, so if you aren’t able to pick up an issue you will be able to read it (in Japanese). They do also post official English translations on their website, but it may not include the interview with Hiroyuki Takei as only portions are translated.

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