Aug 04 2017

Hiroyuki Takei & Megumi Hayashibara to appear on Japanese TV Show “Great Connection”

It has been recently announced that Hiroyuki Takei, Megumi Hayashibara, and several other guests will appear on the Japanese TV show “Great Connection” (グレートコネクション) on the August 7th episode. The episode will air from 21:00 to 22:54. “Great Connection” is a typical Japanese  “talk variety” program where a panel of hosts interact with one or more special guests.

Interestingly, Megumi Hayashibara, who has previously voiced Anna from Shaman King will be on the show with Hiroyuki Takei. Other notable guests include Yoshikazu Yasuhiko and Kunio Okawara (both worked on Gundam anime/manga series), Makoto Tezuka (son of Osamu Tezuka), and Yoshitaka Amano (character designer, including Final Fantasy). With this extremely notable line-up, it’s possible that Hiroyuki Takei will be sharing some screentime with one or more of them.

However, on twitter today, Hiroyuki Takei posted a preview of an image (shown above) he hopes we’ll enjoy “next week.” The timing of this will most likely line-up with this TV appearance. It is unknown who the character is, but she is holding some items that do reference Shaman King. It is possible that Takei may talk about the future of Shaman King during this program!

Last time Hiroyuki Takei was on TV was in the “imagine-nation” program in May 2016 as part of the promotion of the Nekogahara volume 2 release in Japan.

Official Website: [Link]

Yahoo! TV Japan’s show listing: [link]

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  1. Do you know where I can watch it if I want to in America?

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