Aug 08 2017

5 Things You May Have Missed From The “Great Connection”

On Monday, Hiroyuki Takei had a very brief appearance on the Japanese TV show “Great Connection.” His segment was only a little over a minute long and briefly showed off his office and displaying the full image he drew for the show. The image features 2 of the hosts of the show; which he posted the full image the next day on his Twitter (click image on right to see the full image).

However brief, there was some cool little nuggets of information if you carefully watched over the video. Below is a quick list of 5 things you might have missed!


1. Shaman King Kang Zeng Bang volumes are now behind his desk!

Previously he had another manga series there. So it’s good to see that Takei wanted Shaman King to closer on hand! Here’s what was behind Takei’s desk last year during the “imagine-nation” TV episode featuring Nekogahara for comparison.


2. The full poster from Shaman King Mentalite that features all of the Shaman King Character Files from the Kang Zeng Bang (KZB) is still on his desk!

Most likely they are there as a handy reference sheet for all of his characters that he’s draws for Shaman King. He even had this on his desk a year ago.

3. He has the May 2017 issue of “Train Vert” on his desk!

In the recent August issue he had a segment of the magazine featuring Shaman King. It’s sitting right behind the Shaman King poster in the image above. Here’s what the full cover looks like:


4. Takei’s shirt is from the band “Happy Kuru Kuru” and the art was drawn by one of his previous assistants!

You can find their music and other information on their Japanese website: . The shirt he is wearing is not currently available for purchase.


5. Only Takei’s name is listed as the copyright owner for Shaman King!

He also put his logo on the image which wasn’t previously there. Typically “Shueisha” would be added in some form. This further confirms that Shaman King is no longer published by Shueisha in Japan.


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