Aug 18 2017

Indonesian Manga Publisher Reprints Shaman King Manga

In a surprising change, the Indonesian manga publisher, m&c, has been recently reprinting the original Shaman King manga. Within these reprints there are no content differences, but there may be some slight differences in the cover art. These reprinted volumes also have new ISBN numbers which separate them from the original releases. Since these releases do not contain any changes, it may be possible that they didn’t need to go through contacting Shueisha. This is different from Ivrea Argentina who needed to temporarily halt publishing the Shaman King manga while the license is moved to another publisher.

As the volumes are reprinted, we will add them to our Release Calendar, along with any other releases around the world. For a quick glance at upcoming releases, see our sidebar.

Below is the grid for these the most recent reprint for the Shaman King manga in Indonesia:

Release Date Volume Number ISBN
5/17/2017 Shaman King volume 1 9786024284121
5/24/2017 Shaman King volume 2 9786024284138
5/31/2017 Shaman King volume 3 9786024284145
6/7/2017 Shaman King volume 4 9786024284459
6/14/2017 Shaman King volume 5 9786024284466
6/20/2017 Shaman King volume 6 9786024284473
7/12/2017 Shaman King volume 7 9786024284688
7/19/2017 Shaman King volume 8 9789792315592
7/26/2017 Shaman King volume 9 9789792315608
8/2/2017 Shaman King volume 10 9789792315615
8/9/2017 Shaman King volume 11 9789792315622
8/16/2017 Shaman King volume 12 9789792315639
8/23/2017 Shaman King volume 13 9789792315646
8/30/2017 Shaman King volume 14 9789792315653

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