Oct 09 2017

Hiroyuki Takei Tweets About Hiring Additional Staff

Earlier today, Hiroyuki Takei returned to Twitter to make a small announcement. Though not uncommon for him to be silent on Twitter for a month, he had not posted since August. He begin with an apology for not coming with a different announcement before jumping into that he is looking into hiring additional staff.

For the job posting, there is no prerequisites, but will be based on the applicants skill. Job location (remote or in-office), hourly wage, or full-time/part-time status are all flexible. To apply to the position, there is an e-mail address you can send your application with your sample work. Sample work can include character designs, landscape/setting, mecha designs, 3D/perspective designs, or other personal designs. The original drawing is still completed by Hiroyuki Takei on paper, but they do use Clip Studio EX for all of the digital editing that occurs.The application deadline is by the end of October. As a common courtesy please do not spam this e-mail address, or expect a response for any e-mails

Though not posted in the Tweets, being fully fluent in Japanese and living in Japan are often the requirements for working on manga in Japan. Since assistants to a manga-ka are often employed directly, the difficulties of working internationally with the employees is extremely difficult. If you wanted to test out your own manga skills, Clip Studio EX can be purchased in English and there is a trial available. Based on photos of Hiroyuki Takei’s office, and prizes given out, his office primarily use iOS-based computers for creating manga.

Additionally, the project Hiroyuki Takei is hiring for was not stated, but it is most likely for his upcoming sequel to the Shaman King Flowers manga or assisting with his two current manga projects (Nekogahara and Hyper Dash! Yonkuro). Previously he did comment that he hoped to make an announcement before the end of the year about Shaman King. With a staff hiring deadline of October, it’s more likely that the earliest a new manga could be produced would be in December or January. Typically there is at least a month lead-time from the announcement to the first chapter being released. With Hyper Dash! Yonkuro, Shaman King Zero, and Jumbor, Hiroyuki Takei started with a stand-alone oneshot chapter or specials before getting into the core series. As Shueisha is no longer publishing Shaman King or Jumbor, some sort of introductory manga is highly likely.

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  1. Whoa, really looking forward to his next work, tbh I hope it’s Flowers tho. Thank you for updating 🙂

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