Dec 02 2017

Takei & Kodansha Selling High-End Art Prints from Shaman King & Ultimo

On December 1st through 3rd at the “Tokyo Comic Con 2017” event, the vendor Hundred-Art had a special booth dedicated to promoting upcoming Karakuridôji Ultimo and Shaman King art prints. Hundred-Art is a gallery and print shop that specialized in high-end art prints of pop-culture designs.

At the Hundred-Art booth, they were selling a limited print run of Dunstan from Karakuridôji Ultimo 100 piece mini-puzzles (“Pico”) for 1,500yen. The puzzle is 6.6cm² in size, and comes with a display frame for display. Several other mini-puzzles were on display on the booth walls, which included images from Shaman King, but were not for sale.

Additionally, a new copyright designation was listed on these puzzles. It was listed as © P,T/K which stands for “POW Entertainment, Takei / Kodansha.” This is the first time this copyright distinction has been used. Though previously assumed after Shueisha no longer had the license, this is the confirmation that the Karakuridôji Ultimo license is no managed by Kodansha in Japan. Interestingly an alternate logo (potentially placeholder) was used on the promotional website on Hundred-Art. The website also shows some future mini-puzzles that will be on sale, and are also included in the gallery below.

On the Hundred-Art website they have 30 pieces of artwork that are available for purchase. These were added for sale on November 21st and 22nd.  The product numbers are listed from 20360 to 20389 and feature images from Shaman King and Nekogahara. The Shaman King images were previously used for the second “Remix Edition” covers, images from Shaman King Zero, and some of the X-Laws Angels used in the “Shaman Files.” No images from Shaman King Flowers were added, and currently there is no Karakuridôji Ultimo items for sale.

Each print is available in the following configurations and price:

  • Canvas Print – 600mm x 450mm – 39,800yen
  • Canvas Print – 450mm x 335mm – 29,800yen
  • Quality Print – 600mm x 450mm – 14,800yen
  • Quality Print – 450mm x 335mm – 12,800yen

For the canvas prints, they are limited to 300 copies and come with a certificate card and are numbered. There is free shipping within Japan on these prints. Though none are available for sale yet, for the mini-puzzles (“Pico”) there is a 164yen shipping cost within Japan and are unable to be shipped outside of Japan. For the Canvas and Quality prints, Hundred-Art does accept international payment and shipping, however none of Hiroyuki Takei’s art is currently available internationally.

Hundred-Art also has a Twitter and Instagram account. Below are the pieces of art currently available for purchase from Shaman King and Nekogahara online in Japan.

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