Dec 09 2017

New Hiroyuki Takei Interview is Being Created

On December 8th, 2017, Hiroyuki Takei’s Japanese editor for his on-going Nekogahara manga has recently tweeted a photo from an upcoming interview. In his tweet, he roughly says the following:

I went to a certain recording by Mr. Takei. A big success is on the way!

No further information on where or what form this interview will be was given in the tweet. However, looking around this photo provides a couple hints about the future are shown. First of all, on his desk, it appears he is working on a drawing for his Nekogahara manga series. With his editor being present, it’s likely that this interview will be a bit more focused on Nekogahara, rather than his other manga series.

However, if you look in the background, you can see that his shelves have been reorganized since the short Great Connection TV appearance.  Here’s the image from August (left) and the image from yesterday (right):

  1. Ultimo manga is no longer on the shelf
  2. Nekogahara volumes 1-3 are added to the shelf
  3. The original Shaman King 32 volumes are now added to the shelf
  4.  Both editions of the Shaman King Remix volumes are now added. Notice that they are also lined behind the original 32 volumes.

But the other thing to focus on is that the original 12  volumes plus volume 24 of Shaman King are out-of-order and look recently referenced. He has referenced that he is working on Shaman King again, but it’s a bit odd that it’s starting with those volumes, from the original Shueisha print run. It might be possible that he’s referencing the original material for a new Kodansha-labeled print of the Shaman King manga? Though, including volume 24 is out-of-place. Some other possible explanations might be that he is writing a new story for those characters, or that he’s working on a layout for a possible anime-adaption.

Hopefully the interview will come out soon, and maybe spread some light on what may be coming in the near future!

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  1. I wondered what that was.

  1. […] It’s unclear if it’s related to the previous interview being recorded back in December. […]

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