Dec 27 2017

License Transfer to Kodansha Timeline

Over the last couple of days several anime news outlets have written some articles about Kodansha’s new ownership of the Shaman King Trademarks and the upcoming 20th anniversary website. However, this story begins back in 2014 when the Shaman King Flowers manga was first cancelled. Since then there has been small updates about the changes in the status of Hiroyuki Takei’s manga. We may never know the real story on why this change was being made, but we can help provide a chronology on the events that led up to it.

In 2018, Patch Cafe will have several articles and resources available to help document the history of Hiroyuki Takei’s manga. Listed in our “Themed Articles” section, we have created a new page called License Transfer to Kodansha Timeline. This is an interactive timeline which describes the major events in this License change over. We’ve also included the horizontal timeline below, with the interactive one being available on the full page. Other timelines will also be created next year as well.

As more announcements are being made about this change, this timeline will be updated. Patch Cafe is committed to updating with the latest Shaman King and Hiroyuki Takei news throughout 2018 starting with the 20th Anniversary website opening on January 1st.

Shaman King Flowers future is undetermined

December 20, 2014

On Twitter, Hiroyuki Takei makes the following comment in response to a fan asking about Shaman King Flowers (with rough English translation following it):


Thank you and sorry; the sequel to Shaman King Flowers is still undermined at this time. If there is some sort of progress, we will also make an announcement on this account.

Jumbor manga goes on Hiatus in Ultra Jump

June 19, 2015

Ultra Jump announces that the Jumbor manga is currently on hiatus. There was 53 chapters released for the series in Ultra Jump.

Shaman King Flowers is “completed” announcement

July 16, 2015

Via Twitter, Hiroyuki Takei stated that the Shaman King Flowers is officially completed and will not be continued. He also stated that he does want to write a new sequel to Shaman King, but it will be using a different name.

Shaman King Flowers continuation begins development

August 8, 2016

Hiroyuki Takei responded on Twitter the following about the return/continuation of the Shaman King Flowers manga (English translation provided):
“Please look forward to it!!!!!!!!! (I’m working on the new plot)”

Planning for Shaman King 20th Anniversary begins!

August 20, 2016

Via Twitter, Hiroyuki Takei posts the following (translated into English):
“I can’t say when it will start again, but I’m getting things ready for the 20th anniversary! “

Takei comments about Shaman King/Jumbor at Nekogahara vol 3 promotional event at Animate Shinjuku

June 25, 2017

During the Animate Shinjuku event to promote Nekogahara volume 3, Hiroyuki Takei had a Q&A session where he provided the following (translated) answer:

Question: We continue to wait for Flowers and Jumbor.

Takei: Thank you very much. I intend to continue both Flowers and Jumbor. If you can, a good announcement will be around the end of the year. However I will not be able to announce anything if the magazine is gone, so please continue to support Shonen Magazine Edge.

Shaman King, Jumbor, & Butsu Zone no longer published by Shueisha

July 1, 2017

Effective July 1st, 2017, Shueisha no longer publishes the following titles and has stopped digital volumes from being published:

  • Shaman King
    • Shaman King Kang Zeng Bang
    • Shaman King Flowers
    • Shaman King Zero
  • Jumbor
    • Jumbor Angzenbang
  • Butsu Zone

Jumbor on continued hiatus

July 16, 2017

Via Twitter, Hiroyuki Takei commented that Jumbor volume 10 will be the final volume (though only 8 volumes have been released) and is currently on hiatus. He added that he hopes to write more Jumbor in the future.

Jumbor no longer listed as on “Hiatus” in Ultra Jump

July 19, 2017

Every new Ultra Jump issue lists the series appearing in the next issue, and Jumbor would be listed under series still in the magazine, but not in the next issue. In the next issue preview, for the August 2017 issue, Jumbor was removed.

Shaman King trademarks transferred to Kodansha

August 14, 2017

According to both the Japanese, American, and European Patient/Trademark Offices, the license holder has been changed to Kodansha Co., Ltd. The original trademarks in the respective countries have been updated to list the new Holder/Owner.  New trademarks have not been filed, only updates to the original. The original American trademark also listed the Japanese publisher  “Shuiesha,” not the English publisher “Viz Media.”

Viz Media removes English digital volume of Shaman King & Ultimo

October 1, 2017

Viz Media, the current English publisher of the Shaman King & Ultimo manga series in English-speaking territories, has silently removed both of these series from purchase from all digital platforms. Unless purchased previously, neither of these series can be purchased in a digital format anywhere in the world. If you had previously purchased the manga from a digital vendor, you should still be able to re-download the volumes. However ability may vary by service and could change over time. Print volumes for the manga are still available for purchase in English.

Karakuridôji Ultimo no longer published by Shueisha

October 1, 2017

Several digital manga distributors listed a digital sale end date of September 30th, 2017 at 23:59 for the Ultimo manga series in Japan. On the same day, Shueisha also removed most of the references from it’s distribution sites for the print volumes.

Takei begins hiring additional manga staff

October 9, 2017

Posted via Twitter, Hiroyuki Takei made an announcement that he was currently hiring additional staff to begin work in November. For the job posting, there is no prerequisites, but will be based on the applicants skill. Job location (remote or in-office), hourly wage, or full-time/part-time status are all flexible. No project or specifics on what they would be working on was provided publicly.

Ivrea Argentina cleared to reprint Shaman King volumes, but must wait until 2019 for new volumes

November 10, 2017

Ivrea Argentina responded to some posts on Facebook with the information that it appears international publishers can still reprint previously approved/released volumes of Shaman King in 2017 & 2018. This falls in line with some other international manga publishers who have been reprinting volumes over the previous couple of months. However, it appears that in order for new volumes to be published, they will need to be renegotiated for the rights. For Argentina, it appears the earliest new volumes would be allowed will be in 2019 as they may need to wait until other contracts/rights expire. Volume 19 of the Shaman King manga was ready for print, but now appears to be delayed until 2019 in Argentina.

Shaman King 20th Anniversary Website Opens by Kodansha

January 1, 2018
Shaman King 20th Anniversary Website Opens by Kodansha

Website opens for the Shaman King 20th Anniversary at the following URL:

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