Jan 07 2018

Hiroyuki Takei to appear on “Nosy’s Inspiring Atelier” TV Show

On Saturday January 13th,  at 7:30am, Hiroyuki Takei will have a short segment on the Japanese kids TV show “ノージーのひらめき工房” (“Nosy’s Inspiring Atelier”) being broadcast on the NHK Educational TV channel. This is a show targeted toward children in the 4-5 years old and focuses on the world around them and being creative. This specific episode’s theme is based around “pens” and their different types. In the “How to draw” segment, Hiroyuki Takei will show how to draw a “gentle face.”

It’s unclear if it’s related to the previous interview being recorded back in December.

The show is only 15 minutes long and contains 4 segments, so the segment with Hiroyuki Takei will be short. He will most likely be introduced with his Hyper Dash! Yonkuro manga as that is currently his most kid-friendly manga. His most recent TV appearance was a short guest spot on “Great Connection” in August 2017. Prior to that he was the main feature in “imagine-nation” program (also a NHK production), which featured his Nekogahara manga series for an English-speaking audience.

“Nosy’s Inspiring Atelier” will be airing on Japanese Broadcasts, but it is possible to view the video through other means internationally. In the USA and Canada it will air on the paid premium channel “TV Japan”in  your time zone’s specific morning time (see the Program Schedule for your local time). There is no subtitles, or anything in English for this program. “TV Japan” is available through your Cable or Satellite Dish TV Providers (and potentially through their own web/app services). There is no internet streaming options available. The program may also be available through “NHK Cosmomedia” in other regions.

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