Jan 08 2018

Shaman King 20th Anniversary Character Popularity Contest Opens

Announced on January 9th, the official Shaman King 20th Anniversary website has been updated with a Character Popularity Contest. The contest features 376 “characters” from the Shaman King and Shaman King Flowers manga series. You can vote once per day on the website for your favorite character. The character drawings are the same ones that were used in the “Shaman Files” for the Kang Zeng Bang releases and also later posted by Hiroyuki Takei on his Twitter account.

The most popular characters will be featured in future publications. The contest concludes on January 31st, 2018. There is no limit or regional restrictions for entering. You are only allowed to select one “character” per day.

The website also linked to a Twitter announcement from Shonen Magazine Edge for the upcoming February issue going on sale January 17th for the Shaman King 20th Anniversary. A limited number of copies of the February issue of the magazine will contain a special Shaman King 20th Anniversary sticker that are sold at Animate stores. A sample of the sticker is shown to the right.

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