Jan 11 2018

Shaman King to have a Crossover with Japanese mobile game Pocolon Dungeon

[Updated 1/11: Collectible characters updated. Thanks Jezzy!]

Announced via Pocolon Dungeon’s official Twitter account, the Shaman King series will have a special cross-over event within the game starting in February 2018. “Pocolon Dungeon” is a puzzle RPG game where you connect color blocks to move your character and attack monsters.

The game is free to play on the Apple App Store and Google App stores but in-app purchases are available. There are region restrictions which may prevent you from downloading and playing the game outside of Japan. The game is completely in Japanese with no English language available. Different versions of the game have been licensed and published in English (under different titles), but will not feature this cross-over event. Across all platforms, the game has been downloaded more than 12 million times.

From within the in-game newsfeed, the characters that can be collected and what element they are within the game has been announced:

  • Yoh [Fire]
  • Ren [Lightning]
  • Horohoro [Water]
  • Ryu [Earth]
  • Lyserg [Fire]

Shaman King isn’t the first anime series to be featured in this game. Most recently in December, the anime series Saint Seiya was the special cross-over. New 4, 5, and 6 star characters and equipment could be obtained through battling event-specific bosses on a Saint Seiya themed map. The event ended on January 5th, 2018. Other past series that had cross overs were A Certian Magical Index, Attack On Titan, The Seven Deadly Sins, and Full Metal Alchemist. Their official Youtube page contains videos promoting these and other special events. Based on the frequency of these special cross-overs, the designs are most likely done in-house at the game’s developer, Grenge, and not directly made by Hiroyuki Takei.

It’s highly likely that more information about this cross-over will be included in the February 2018 issue of “Shonen Magazine Edge” going on sale January 17th, 2018. This issue features Shaman King on the cover as well as a reprint of the original Shaman King chapter 1.

Hiroyuki Takei previously worked on providing his specific art for another mobile game, the beta for “Tokyo Dragon City” back in September 2017. This is the first time since the Nintendo DS title “Jump Ultimate Stars” that Shaman King characters have been featured in an official videogame. “Jump Ultimate Stars” released over 10 years ago on November 23rd, 2006.

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