Jan 31 2018

Shaman King Character Poll Ends

Starting on January 9th, the official 20th Anniversary website for Shaman King opened a character popularity poll. This poll was to gauge interest for character for upcoming stories, including a new light novel for Shaman King. The poll officially closed as of today, but the characters are still visible on the website.

Via Twitter, Hiroyuki Takei’s editor, made some comments about the popularity poll. He first clarified the poll would be closed at 18:00, and that he thanked everyone who voted. He then added this as well (English translation followed):


We would like to express our sincere gratitude for voting not only from Japan but from around the world including Asia, Europe, Russia and many other countries. I thank you in Japanese, but I hope this will reach the fans of various countries.

From a reply, he also responded in English that he is working on both the new Shaman King and the 20th Anniversary in other parts of the world.

No dates have been announced for the new Shaman King chapters (outside of Spring 2018) in Japan, or an official release date for the new Kodansha-published eBooks of the original manga.

Concluding with his announcements on Twitter, the results of the character popularity poll will be announced in the April issue of Shonen Magazine Edge which will be published on March 17th, 2018 in Japan.

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