Feb 03 2018

Pocolon Dungeon’s Shaman King Event Holds Contest for Characters to be Added

Pocolon Dungeon officially launched its Shaman King crossover event on Februrary 3rd in Japan. Within the free to download event, the following Shaman King characters (as shown in the image below) are featured. Some of these characters have multiple forms.

  • Yoh Asakura
  • Amidamaru
  • Anna Kyōyama
  • Tao Ren
  • Bason
  • Horohoro
  • Kororo
  • Ryūnosuke Umemiya
  • Tokegeroh
  • Manta Oyamada
  • Lyserg Diethel
  • Morphine
  • Faust VIII
  • Eliza
  • Silva
  • Hao
  • Spirit of Fire
  • Matamune

In addition to these characters, there are multiple other references to Shaman King within the home page within the game.

Starting today, there is also an additional online survey and contest that can be completed to recommend characters that were not in this crossover event. Based on the outcome of this survey, the most popular character may be included in the next collaboration event for the Shaman King series. The character that wins this survey will also have a color illustration done by Hiroyuki Takei. One survey entrant will be picked at random to win this illustration.

To complete the survery you will need to go to the following link. After clicking the red button to start, you are prompted with the first question asking “Please choose the character you like the most among the characters that have not appeared in Pocolon Dungeons.” The following are the choices (in English):

  • Iron Maiden Jeanne (アイアンメイデン・ジャンヌ)
  • Opacho (オパチョ)
  • Kanna Bismarch (カンナ・ビスマルク)
  • Sati Saigan (サティ・サイガン)
  • Shamash (シャマシュ)
  • Tao Jun (道潤)
  • Tamamura Tamao (玉村たまお)
  • Dainichi (ダイニチ – Sennju from Butsu Zone)
  • Chocolove McDonell (チョコラブ・マクダネル)
  • Ponchi & Conchi (ポンチ&コンチ)
  • Marion Phauna (マリオン・ファウナ)
  • Matilda Matisse (マルチダ・マティス)
  • Mic (ミック)
  • Lee Pai Long (李白竜)
  • Other (write-in)

After pressing the red button at the bottom, you have then completed the survey. You may only complete the survey once. To be entered into the contest to win the drawing by Hiroyuki Takei, be sure to follow the official Pocolon Dungeon Twitter account and tweet out the following contest message. The contest runs between 12:00 on February 3rd until end of day on February 7th and you must be living in Japan in order to win. If you are the winner, you’ll be contacted via a Direct Message on Twitter. There are no details on when the illustration will be complete or announced.

A character popularity contest had just recently ended on the official Shaman King 20th Anniversary site. No dates were announced for when a future Shaman King crossover event will occur in Pocolon Dungeon. The current event is planned to end on February 25th, but characters & items you unlock during the event will still be usable after the event. There are no currently announced plans for this Shaman King event to be available in other versions of the game . The current English version of the game, is called “Mega Monster Legends” but there may be some region restrictions.

(Thanks to Jezzy for contributing to this news item by putting time into playing Pocolon Dungeon in both Japanese and English.)

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