Nov 27 2011

Shaman King Zero Chapter 2 Discussion

And now that the main website has updated with the main character focus of the second chapter… the discussion can begin!

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[notice]Spoilers begin now![/notice]

Added on 11/27:

So, the main character is 100% going to be Ren. The main website has updated with his image, and this text:


Which… doesn’t say much. More info to be added as it comes out!

Added on 11/28:

This is what’s written below Ren’s image:

Son of the distinguished Tao family, a Chinese clan that has been morally questionable for 1800 years. His goal is to become the Shaman King and create a world without revenge or hatred. His motto is “I shall not waver”.

Nothing new, but yeah.

Added on 11/29:

Not really about Chapter 2… but since people were interested about this I’ll post it here so nobody misses it.
The reprints of Jump Kai 5 INCLUDE THE POSTER (and the POSTCARDS if you buy it in either Animate or Yurindo)

Added on 11/30:

And… it has been confirmed that next month’s special present will be the Revoir song in CD form. Check it!
For details on how to participate in the raffle we need to wait until Jump Kai Vol.6 comes out, so look forward to it 🙂

Added on 12/2:

Just like chapter 1, SKZ chapter 2 will have a color page as well!!

Added on 12/10:

This oneshot’s only 20 pages long… I seriously don’t get it. Come on, Shaman King’s the only reason people are buying this shitty magazine!! D:
The next one will have 44 pages again and the cover will be Mankin again too, but still: not happy with this. The chapter’s good, in my opinion, only TOO SHORT. (Also Troll-sensei strikes back with a major mindf***) The title this time is “Tears of the Ren”, which I think is just broken English for “Ren’s tears” …

I can confirm that Shaman King is not the main cover image of Vol 6 of Jump X. The “stock image” of Yoh is present, one of the other crappy series that serialize in the magazine is the featured image. Rage.

Update 2: The main page has been updated with a nice juicy sexy yummilicious picture of Ren [now the featured image in the scroller]. Also, there’s a blurb at the top which basically says the following: [The image text just says something like “IN VOL 6 SECOND STORY: THE “I SHALL NOT WAVER” TAO REN!]
“1800 years long, the road of history of the Tao Family has shrouded China in darkness.
Covered with the idea of clan revenge, the “state of being” of Tao Ren, his epic story is told here!
Killing, breaking, destroying–
The unknown “Zero Story” that impacted Tao Ren so much is coming soon!”
Whew. I think that’s close enough.

WHAT. THE. FUCK. TAKEI. Seriously? Seriously? TWENTY PAGES? This is the most kick-ass character in the series, the one who was actually VOTED AS THE FAVORITE at least once, and you give him 20 fucking pages? I might actually tweet him a polite, “Why only 20 pages?” because this is unacceptable. I’m paying good money for this (Ordered three copies!) and THIS is what I get? Seriously, quit fucking shafting Ren, Takei. You’ve been doing it since the beginning and it’s SERIOUSLY. NOT. COOL. KNOCK IT OFF.
PS. “Tears of the Ren” —-> “Tears of the Sun” [an apparently shitty movie starring Bruce Willis in which, “A career soldier is forced to choose between following orders and saving lives in this action thriller.” Sounds like Ren to me.]
PPS. He fucked up everything. Including the calender. And I encourage this by continuing to give him money. WHY.




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  1. (jezzy is not going to like this…)
    I am a little dissapointed, i feel like we know already quite a lot on ren compared to other character (like anna or horohoro or even manta!)
    it feels like they choose ren for the next focus because he is so popular… (he’s still the 3r most popular right?)
    but maybe Takei will suprise us 🙂
    do you think that those zero chapters have to be before or during the SK (that is until hao become shaman king) ? beause if its like after the shaman fight i woul like to know what he did during this time, and then i would look more forward to it
    we do know what is going on in the other warriors lifes exept for Ren, his goal was to rise the Tao’s coat of arms so how would he do that? does he even want to? and yeah how did he got together with jeanne ( jezzy is not going to like…)
    thos are all my thougths on this track
    for other track i want to know more about anna primely , and also see how hao is doing. in one of the remix track we see him looking forard to see his brother, it’s hard to fit this with his brutal introduction… so yeah how is that sexy allmighty omniscient pyroman catguy doing ? i was also suprised because the knowledge he gained during his fusion with the great spirit didn’t seem to affect him, but maybe he already knew a big part of it because he won the last shaman fight….
    i m going to stop here it’s all off topic: basicaly i need some answer which is why i would be looking forward to evvery zero chapters and flower chapters U.U

    1. I think Chapter 288 is more than enough for us to know about HoroHoro. We have no such chapter for Ren. There are still so many things we don’t know about him, including:
      1. When and why did he, instead of blindly and robotically following his father’s whims, decide to simply wipe all the hatred from the world, aka, KILL ALL THE THINGS?
      2. Why has he always been soft with Jun? What kind of torture did En put him through? Is that emblem a tattoo or was it, as I have always thought, carved into his skin? At what age was this done?
      3. Did he ever have a single friend aside from his sister? What was his school life like?
      4. When did he see his first dead body? Was he really, as Jun says, kind and happy all along, but was changed when he was exposed to death?

      We don’t know very much about Ren in these respects. Also, you’ve neglected the fact that reviving his family wasn’t a goal of his. It has always been to “break the chains of hatred.” It seems as though people also forget ORZ. Anna was abandoned/rejected by her family. We know that. Do you really think we need an in depth story of that happening? Was seeing her cold heart warmed by Yoh not enough? I’m personally excited to see what Takei will reveal for us (as long as it isn’t some weak attempt to explain the thrown-together-at-the-last-minute pairing that still disgusts me to this day).

      1. I’m happy about the next issue being about Ren, but I’d just like to point out that Takei left a lot of loose ends in Shaman King that everyone would like explanations on.They’re little ones, but they’re stll there. For example, in regards to what you said about Anna, yes, we know her parents abandoned her, but that’s not a lot. One particular thing that comes to mind is that there was a chapter where Anna fought Hao, and he kept asking her “who are you really?” Which really makes me wonder, is there more to Anna then we think? Why is Hao aking her this? Why does Anna look so much like Asanoha?

        Granted, Anna did have the Osorezan arc, and Horo had his chapter, as you ponted out, so it’s only fair that Ren gets his story told as well. But with that in mind, there’s still a bunch of characters that didn’t get a full explanation on their past, like the Iron Maiden. All we know about her is that she was brought up by Luchist and Marco cause they “chose” her. (Everything said from this point on is only said because I’m biased towards a chapter about Hao) And Hao has such a long past, that we haven’t really even gotten to know enough of it.

        On a slightly off topic note, I reread “Relax” the other day, and the first page bothered me immensely. After “researching” why it bothered me, I found the setting was the same as where Yoh was in the cover page of Chapter 284… knowing this, i want an explanation, and the only way i can think of Takei explaining that would be through one of these oneshots. But then again, Hao did have Mappa Douji, Relax, and a bunch of chapters related to him… so that would be unfair to the other characters.

        Overall, I just want a chapter on Hao (again) *BIASED*, but I’m happy to read about Ren because of all your listed reasons (and because I’m dying to know how he and the Iron maiden got together…) (And also, this might not make sense, but if Hao wasn’t in Shaman King, I think Ren would be Hao… if you get what I mean)

        1. you know, I wondered for a long time about what Hao meant regarding Anna. & then one day I figured…
          Hao was probably referring to Anna’s inner hatred toward people and her ability to create demons. Though she said she can no longer read minds, she’s still quite a bitter lady, & Yoh’s presence really is probably what keeps her in check.
          Even if Yoh got friends & all, you can see that they still don’t rub off on Anna. She keeps her distance from them. That’s what I can come up with regarding that scene..
          Forward seven years later, & Anna looked a little friendlier on that last chapter… until Snake’s Legs, lol

          That still doesn’t explain in the least why Asanoha is so much like Anna, though… <8D

            • ozxiii on November 28, 2011 at 3:34 pm

            That’s what I think as well, but confirmation is always nice.
            There’s just so many complex characters that never get a full explanation on their past. Hmm, I think Anna’s learned to open up, but keeps that tough exterior to see if she can really trust people first… that, and so that she can still keep bossing everyone around. In regards to Anna keeping her distance, maybe she just doesn’t have much to say to them? If you think about it, she’s the only girl in the group. I would think that she’d rather hang out with other girls too (when Tamao shows up, you see the pair together often, that is, if i remember correctly)

            Aha, Snake Legs, I think was to show that nothing ever really changes. I liked that chapter.


    2. Why Ren? Well, the reasoning seems simple to me..
      We got a chapter about Yoh–who is the protagonist of Shaman King. He’s whom we’ve been following all along. So what next? The next important characters AFTER him seem fair, so I expected Ren would have his chance. I just didn’t expected it so soon, but I’m SUPER HAPPY.
      I understand there are some obscure characters that are interesting. Personally, I’d like to know more about Munzer’s family for some reason XD I thought the Golem story was cool. OR more about Gandala.
      BUT, Shaman King is ABOUT Yoh, and the people who most aided him, and that includes Ren. Because every protagonist needs their almost-equal rival to help them grow 😀
      Besides, the Asakuras & the Taos are just so different, yet both come from a long line of shamans & sent their spirited young ones to battle for their own reasons. Yet these boys moved forward, motivated by their own dreams~~

      ANYWAY, I’m not expecting a big revelation about Ren, but I always have been interested in how his childhood days were. We’ve only been told that he didn’t get the chance to interact with people much, since his house is full of death. & I’m imagining little Jun training to become a daoshi.. that’d be cute!
      One thing I’ve ALWAYS wondered, though.. what’s with that uniform Ren wears at the beginning of the series??? XD

      1. The uniform!! That matter was covered in one of the fanbooks, Manjien I think.
        I don’t remember the exact words, but it was something like:
        – Is that your school uniform?
        – No, it’s mine and I like it. Get lost.

        1. FFFF really??? XDDDDD
          what an odd taste in clothes. I mean, it has nothing to do with his “kung-fu inspired” outfits he wears the rest of the series

          & now Men’s wearing something similar too LOL
          well, thanks for the info, Dit!

  2. Every characters deserves their story to be told and I honestly want to know all of them. Too bad Takei doesn’t have the chance to tell them in jump kai but in the anime perhaps?

    All I want is a clear explanation on Anna’s relation to Hao, from Asanoha to everything else and of course, a continuation of their interrupted battle. 🙂

  3. @Jezzy
    yeah you are totaly right about the breaking the hatred i feel ashamed for this mistake . i haven’t reread the whole serie since a few month now and i am going to do so
    BUT there still is a whole volume with the whole gang going over to ren’s hous and discussing to the grandpa, ren is the 4th character that came around (manta-yoh (amidamaru)- ryu and then ren) so we’ve fallowed him a little more then the other warriors. althought it’s true as or any other character there are lots of unanswered questions

    Horohoro’s chapterwas only about his love story thingy, we don’t really know how it was like in his tribe we get hints of it, and we meet his father in vol 20 or 21 if i recall

    Chocolove: i thinkwe kno enough on him right now, there isn’t so much unanswered question

    Lyserg: was obsessed with tking revenge on hao after his wonderfull family was murdered, i woul be curious on his father’s story maybe? not much etheir. oh i almost forgot his superpower gain after he went to hell, it seemed like takei didn’t have enough space to devellope that


    there’s hao, as Os.Hoshi said his life is so long and we don’t know much about it; did he had a wife? maybe not 1000 years ago because the historical character he is based on has no direct descendant, so maybe asakura family doesn’t directly descend from Hao. who is hao’s father? what more happened 500 years ago?

    Manta: just becaus i want that little guy to hve a bigger part, on point i liked about the anime is that he finaly came up with an oversoul of hiw own and tried to do something when he spends the entire serie saying “i wish i could do something too”.

    Anna. now common, Takei’s first character? that somehow reapears in all his works in one form or another? osorezan revoir is just a part of her story. i’m just as curious as hao was, what is really on her mind? i guess in fact i’m more curious about anna in global form, with the 3 Anna in shaman king (/butsu zone/older works), Hao’s mother and the look alike in jumbor and ultimo.

    and Tamao turned out to be an Anna too! how did she do that? i don’t know you guys but i feel like the tamo that i knew is lost T.T

    ither character i would be interested in…. hum i think a little extra on opacho, just 5 page would be nice, maiden is an interesting character as well, the munzer family, mikihisa, keiko…. the patch tribe, the alien!!!!
    i guess we will never get enough ^^”

    1. oh god i should’ve checked my spelling.. i’m sorry 🙁

    2. Ren’s been around for awhile, but I feel like he’s one of the character’s that’s been neglected (DEFINITELY NOT AS NEGLECTED AS MANTA IS THOUGH). Not completely, but we don’t get enough of him to get a complete sense of him.

      *sidenote: Manta is the FIRST character we met, but it’s like… he’s just there…. doesn’t do anything… but he’s there… I wish he had a bigger role in everything. If I remember correctly, there was a chapter where Anna said to Manta, something like: “You’re short, you’re always reading, and even your name is similar to Matamune’s.” In the end, it turns out she was just joking, but you gotta wonder, was Takei getting at something there?*

      I completely agree with you on Horo and Lyserg. Chocolove on the other hand, even though he doesn’t seem to have anything else to explain about him, I want to see what happens with him after the Shaman Fight. We know he ends up in jail, but then what? As for Hao, I feel like there’s never enough on him, he should just get a whole biography of his own or something.

      In regards to Anna, I’m not sure if this is true, but I read somewhere that Takei likes women like her, which is why Anna-like-characters (and Anna herself) are in his work so much.

      Speaking of Tamao, I’d like to know about her as well. The shy girl we all knew changed drastically, and there was mention of her being a delinquent or something? I want answers on how that happened, and how she got that dream to be an enka singer. She seems to have changed a lot, and I want to find out about how these changes happened…. (by the way, whatever happened to her crush on Yoh?)

      A LOT of characters need more in depth explanations. I really hope that Takei gets to cover everything this time around, really. Ah, just a note about Opacho, she was basically raised by Hao. If you read Relax, she was the last of Hao’s followers to be picked up. If I remember correctly, her age was unknown, and she was dying. In essence, Hao saved her, so her whole life… would basically be about her time with Hao. But I would like to read about how she was raised by Hao, and why he has such a soft spot for her. As well, why did Hao decide to keep her around anyway?

      There’s just too many questions, and like you said, we probably will never get enough.

      1. Personally, I’m not as interested in how Opacho was raised as I am to the question, WHERE IS SHE NOW!??? XD
        Her data says she was rescued by Hao when she was a baby & that he named her after Ohachiyo because she reminded him of it. I’m guessing because he thought of them both as pure.

        Also.. it’s natural for Tamao to eventually get over Yoh, since he’s with Anna. But it’s true a lot of her development needs to be explained. & I wonder, since when did she start raising Hana? During her delinquent years? 8D

        1. Fair enough. I would like to kno what happened to her. yeah, I know about why he named her that and all, but i never really understood why he kept her around. I like your reason though.

          true, but WHEN did she get over him, and HOW? like, did she just get over him, o did she fal in love with someone else, or what? That’s true, I do wonder when she started raising Hana… speaking of which, WHEN WAS HANA ACTUALLY CONCEIVED? I’m serious. That chapter where Yohken asks Yoh if he has children… and Yoh’s reaction, it makes you think that Anna was pregnant throughout the shaman fight… and considering she asked him if she could sleep with him the day before he left for America… seriously, it makes me wonder. If anything, I want an explanation of Hana’s birth and childhood.

            • Jezzy on November 29, 2011 at 12:20 am

            He was conceived at the end of vol 9.
            Sorry, but this deserves a “DUH.”

            • Dit on November 29, 2011 at 4:32 am

            How are you so sure?
            I mean, they had plenty of time during the tournament to make it happen (lol
            I’m curious about Hana as well, I really like him (though I still prefer the fandom version over the bratty canon one)

            • Jezzy on November 29, 2011 at 10:01 am

            I guess I’m more with the, “Takei’s a guy = lol sex = when it happens, he’ll make sure we know it.” What need was there for a scene implying sex in an otherwise (up to this point) E 10+ rated manga other than to make that point? Also, I don’t think there would be a ton of them to get it on during the tournament. Too many ears listening. Lastly, I’d also like to think that Yoh’s not a jerk and wouldn’t have sex where his friends could hear them. Call me modest, but I think having sex where your roommates can hear you whilst trying to sleep is a pretty crappy and inconsiderate thing to do. I don’t like Yoh, but I’d like to give him at least the benefit of the doubt in that area.

            *shudders at talking about teenage parents* Ick…I hope that readers of Shaman King are smarter than those of Twilight, and didn’t say “HAY HAVING A KID AT 15? SOUNDS LIKE A TAOTASTIC IDEA!” That’s a part of SK that really makes me sick to my stomach.

            • Dit on November 29, 2011 at 10:50 am

            Hahaha, yeah you’ve got a point… but getting pregnant the first time you do it is kinda sad, so I’ll rather think it happened later than volume 9. (Wait, didn’t that happen to the Twilight girl or something? lol) Then again, that’s my opinion.

            Anyway, personally I like the idea of Yoh and Ren having children before their 20s (of course taking into account that this is fiction! and forgetting who Men’s mother is) because this kind of things make Mankin more “real” (I’m tired of main characters who are perfect and never screw up) What I don’t like -at all- is the fact that they’re not raised properly, turning into two bratish brats… but since that’s Flowers and not Mankin, I won’t go into that.

            I think the main reason Takei thought of this is that he himself had a son when he was 20, and that child was the main reason he decided to become a professional mangaka.

            • ozxiii on November 30, 2011 at 2:41 pm

            Agreed wit Dit. At the end of Volume 9 seem WAY too early…
            and how long does the shaman fight last for? Because if it was at the end of volume 9, then technically, Anna would have been pregnant the whole time…. and that’s… just… not right.

            Though, as Jezzy said, I like to think that Yoh’s modest enough to not do it when his friends can hear.

            Woah, this is going onto a serious topic. *ignores twilight completely* But I never knew that Takei had a kid at 20. Though, I’m pretty sure that Yoh was about 18 or 19 when he and Anna had Hana, because I think he was 23 when Hana was 5? Or that might just be me doing math wrong.

            1. teenage pregnancy’s a touchy subject ‘d rather not touh upon.
            2. Hana and Men DO seem to be bratty, but we’ll have to see where Takei takes it. I’m not gonna say anything definite until I read Flowers.
            3. as much as I would like for Takei to make it obvious WHEN Yoh and Anna did it, he’s left a lot of loose ends in the story, even after KZB. Which leaves me to wonder, was that one of those loose ends too?

            • Jezzy on November 30, 2011 at 4:54 pm

            FnU and Ch 300 take place in 2007. The 5 warriors are 21/22. Hana is 6, as said in FnU Ch 1.
            Aside from Ren and Lyserg, the other three warriors were born in 1985, meaning in 2001, when the SF took place, Yoh was 15/16 (His birthday is in May). I can’t remember what the exact month is in which 300 takes place, if it is specified at all.
            But let’s be honest, if it’s 2007, and Hana’s 6, 2007 – 6 = 2001. There’s no snow on the ground, ruling out that it’s winter in Tokyo. So, it’s most likely either Jan or Feb in which he was conceived. Come now, must we really do this?

            While one would like to think that a prospective mother wouldn’t be just rushing into perilous situations, again, teens are dumb (yes, I’m willing to admit I was an idiot in grade school) and don’t always make smart decisions. Also, it does take a while for a pregnancy to be past a stage in which a miscarriage is a very real threat. This is why many couples wait until the three month mark before they spread the good news.

            /fanfiction research

            /Incoherent babbling

            • Chishiki on December 1, 2011 at 11:46 pm

            I actually didn’t know about Takei-sensei having a child on a young age too. (@.@)
            Anyway, it’s a little weird to as but, I wanna know..
            Is he now wed with the mother of his child? 😛 Does anyone know? (=v=)

            • Jezzy on December 1, 2011 at 11:59 pm


            • Dit on December 2, 2011 at 1:44 am

            They had three children but eventually got divorced *closes Wikipedia*

            • Chishiki on December 2, 2011 at 7:32 am

            Oww.. that’s really sad to here 🙁
            Is it really written in wikipedia? I can’t find it (@.@)

            • Dit on December 2, 2011 at 11:46 am

            Well, Japanese wikipedia…

            • ozxiii on December 2, 2011 at 11:50 pm

            @Jezzy *shrug* thanks, I’ve actually wondered that for the longest time. ^ ^;;;

            Eh, yeah, teens are stupid. I admit, I do stupid things… but I just never thought that Yoh and Anna would…

            o-o Takei…. i feel bad for him now.

            • Chishiki on December 3, 2011 at 7:42 am

            @Dit.. of I see.. (@.@) Thanks for the info ^^

            Actually.. yea.. That was a great shock for me when I found out.. I mean.. i never expected Yoh and Anna to do such things 😛
            Well.. whatever happens, their still great.. Not everyone is perfect anyway ^^

  4. Ren is the nest one, that’s goood for me! we know about his family, we know his thoughts but we don’t know his history, not at all, he’s my fav i’m so excited ! ♥
    I guess the next one will be Horo, and Lys and Choco.. hum… good, but i need a chapter focused on Ryu T__T!!

  5. I’d like maybe something about Manta, in he end I think is the most devalued character in the series, honestly is my favorite, but when the action began the series, he was diluting a lot, and I really feel that being the narrator should have more presence.

    ps. sorry for the traductor English, but i’m from méxico,

  6. @ ozxiii
    yeah i read the chapter,and again, more unanswered question on character yippy!
    i understood anna would be his ideal women, wonder how Takei’s wife is like? XD
    you agree with everything i am saying and you add stuff that i think as well. I like you XD
    Opacho wanted to be a star and stay by Hao’s side forever, but we see matamune and not Opacho in the last words.Opacho is actualy a very interesting character, she has the reishi ability and she’s only like 4-5, yet in vol 23 (after hao rescued Yoh from the golem and he’s stargazin’ on S.O.F. like a boss) Opacho says “you read my thoughts again, hao-sama i don’t like your power” … did Takei decided she would have that ability only later? no because hao is already asking her to go keep an eye on Yoh and then the hints on her power are slightly begining. she is also a sort of reincarnation of Ohachiyo , i could see her using him as a spirit that would be cool :D. such an amazing kid would be quite epic to see her in adult form (hanna timeline)
    BTW anybody else was convinced that little sheep was a “he” for a long time? i just can’t get my mind around it, I was sure to have seen a file of her saying it was a he, but i can’t find it!

    Manta has a great potential too, he is a smart kid with a pure heart, at the head of a multinational, sees ghost and is BFF with the shaman king’s twin brother. He could most definitevely do something to help the warriors change the world! it’s kinda late for him to turn up with amazing shaman powers, his purpous is somewhere else

    1. There are MORE questions? jeez, I have to reread this again!

      i was reading your reply to Os.Hoshi, and I thought, Opacho is like Hao’s Ohachiyo, and Manta is like Yoh’s Matamune. Don’t you agree?
      Another thing I thought of was that you’re right about Opacho. She’s so young, yet she has the reishi ability. It’s amazing since it doesn’t seem like something that Hao could just teach her. The way Hao explained it, would mean that Opacho had to have had a similar childhood as Anna or Hao, but as far as we know, she’s raised by Hao, which raises the question, did Hao bring her up to learn the reishi, or was the reishi the result of what happened to Opacho BEFORE Hao saved her? And how is it that she turned out to be such a happy kid while Anna and Hao hated all humans? (even though she’s on Hao’s team, I don’t think it’s confirmed that she wants a shaman-only paradise, just that she’s willing to follow Hao).

      Oh, in the anime in North America, Opacho was a boy, because producers thought it might be a bit strange for a girl to be the hot springs with a guy (Hao), otherwise, that’s the only time i can think of where Opacho might be thought or as a boy…

      As for Manta, like you said, he’s at the head of a big company… meaning he’s rich.. In the last chapters of shaman king, one of the five warriors (I can’t remember who) says that Hao was right, that’s they couldn’t change anything after all since MONEY MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND. I think it’s unlikely to happen, but that could mean that Manta has the power to change the world! I think that’s, as you said, “great potential.” ;D
      As farfetched as that is though…. I doubt it’d be that easy. We’ll just have to wait and see what Takei does…
      (on another note, Manta did say he was researching a way to incorporate Shaman powers with… technology? I can’t remember exactly what it was, but it was shaman powers and something… that might be where Manta’s purpous is).

      1. you know? that’s one of the things I’m most excited about Flowers! (^v^)
        I want to know what all the characters we knew are up to now. We only know the very few things from their last character data profiles.
        But I get the feeling Hana will revisit them to let us readers know!! <: D

        1. Yeah,the character profiles were like a teaser. I WANT TO KNOW MORE!
          Hmm, you seem optimistic. I would like for that to happen, but then, would Flowers be about Hana, or Hana going around to see how everyone is? It’s just hard fr me to think of what the sequel’s gonna be like. I just can’t picture it being about anybody except the characters in Mankin… So i guess Hana might go around seeing everyone…. but then, that’s not really much of a story.

          Gah. I just wish it was April already.

            • Os.Hoshi on November 30, 2011 at 5:13 pm

            haha, no I didn’t meant it as “the purpose of the story will be so that we can see what the rest are up to.”
            No. Obviously, it’s a story about Hana. BUT, I get the feeling that whatever the story develops into will somehow involve seeing the others again. Sooner or later, or one way or another.
            HOW will it happen? Only Takei knows~~~
            That’s the exciting thing!!

            • ozxiii on December 2, 2011 at 11:52 pm

            Ahh, I see what you’re saying now. hmmm, I just hope that it’ll turn out better than i think it will (considering it’s takei, he always surpasses my expectations anyway though, so that’s good!), because I don’t usually like sequels where the main characters aren’t the same. It just doesn’t feel right to me for some reason. That aside, I just want to read it! I want to see what happens, and what challenges await Hana as well! (with the Shaman Fight over, what’s Hana’s goal as a shaman then?)

  7. @jezzy and dit
    … i think there’s a little problem somewhere with anna’s pregnancy, there are so many hints she just has to be (at least when she is eating rice things and yoh turns all red and the mood swings (lol))
    but 1) i know Takei is all for anorexique looking people now (i kinda like it, they look like swans) but after 4 month she would have to start having some “roundness” somewhere. So then they would have conceived the baby only later? we don’t really know what happened during the hell training part just after they got to the village, perhaps the rooms arn’t that close? but anyway Tamao and her pervy ghost were around the night before america soooo… yeah 😀 (Silva: special video!! ponchi and conchi’s secret takes from the night before America!!!!!!!)
    2) she fights and she even gets killed . even thought she resurected, i mean… how would that not hurt the baby? is he like hiding under her dress and fallowing her in hell? or just stays there like “no problem dude! I can take care of myself!! who needs an alive mom to have a decent growth anyway? Independency as a foetus rocks!!”
    Anyway i am SO MAD AT YOH for not being there for his kid, himself wanted to be closer to his dad but yet he goes away and let’s him think Tamao is his mom??? was that his choice? i hope Tamao just didn’t had the heart to tell him the truth and made him believe she was his actual mom because it was easier. But that is also kind of incoherent if she goes to school and does her super transformation thing how could she’ve had the time to raise hana??
    and we didn’t even had a decent reunion for the three of them -______-

    i like to know stuff, so more info= more question, especialy Turbin, and i like blocken and panda guy… (sorry a blank ^^’)
    i am not convince that Ohachiyo’s powers comes from lonelyness, he doesn’t seem that bitter. maybe Opacho was born this way (anna kinda did) but because she stayed by hao’s side she manege to controle her powers. Or maybe she just does, like aliens?
    yes Manta says he want to see how shamans and buisness could work together, but it sounds so corrupted >.< the warriors still have the spirits of nature and a great furyoku, they could be like missiah, making culture possible in very dry places, heal people, Ren could teach some shamans to use thunder and so stop using nuclear and petrole. (maybe that would start like a shaman war to have control over the world though…) Yet Horohoro is not even capable of making his land grow for the koropokel -____- (did i wrote that correctly?) and chocolove goes wasting ten years in prison -_-

    1. The time that passes means very little actually. All females show at different times, and some barely show at all. And plus, don’t forget this is a MAN who’s writing/drawing this, especially for a shonen manga, so things will never be anatomically correct, and since pregnancy is a niche fetish, it’s safer to not risk putting such a visual in a mangazine. Really, just don’t apply actual science here. With all due respect to my darling, men, for the most part, are stupid and clueless when it comes to the female body.

      Also, Ren DOES own an electric company in the future.

      Also-Also, nice try, but it’s koropokkuru,

      Also-Also-Also, if you kill someone, I would hope that you would rot in jail for a while. You need to live out your sentence in the human society as opposed to simply being killed and thinking that will absolve you of any wrong-doing whilst in the shamanic society. Hey, look at it this way: he only got six years as of FnU, which is cake considering he’s black, so one would assume that his skin color would damn him to a harsher sentence.

      1. Actually, I’d like to think Chocolove didn’t turn himself to jail just to “rot” away for some years. He’s probably doing some good within that place.

      2. “Also-Also-Also, if you kill someone, I would hope that you would rot in jail for a while. You need to live out your sentence in the human society as opposed to simply being killed and thinking that will absolve you of any wrong-doing whilst in the shamanic society. Hey, look at it this way: he only got six years as of FnU, which is cake considering he’s black, so one would assume that his skin color would damn him to a harsher sentence.”

        And I still wonder why Jeanne is not in jail. LOL

        1. Because of our sexist world in which women are more likely to get away with things due to their physical appearance.
          Then again, why isn’t Ren in jail? One word: Mountains.

          1. I always felt sorry for Chocolove.
            If the reason why he’s in jail is because the Munzer-father thing then I’m disappointed : (
            Oh takei, so disappointed.
            (lol and now he’s the typical black-guy stereotype. However he’s the only one, in my opinion, that changed drastically from his youth-appearance)

            But oh well… I guess you’re right about the sexist-world thing.
            Pretty sad actually, but oh well it’s not like people is complaining about it besides you and me.

            • Jezzy on December 2, 2011 at 10:34 am

            Wait, why are you disappointed that a murderer is in jail? >_>

            The political community I’m a part of on LJ is almost entirely full of people aware of situations like this. The abundance of logic is wonderful. <3

          2. nop, i’m not disappointed because “he” is in jail, I am because he’s the only one and doing the same that other characters did.
            I think it’s unfair.

    2. Anna wasn’t really born with her reishi. she was powerful to begin with, but the reishi developed from her loneliness, and her ability to “interpret people’s expressions,” because that was all she could do when they neglected her.
      I’m just curious as to how Opacho got her powers.
      Ah, I think Manta’s trying his best, and he has good intentions. What his intentions are, are good, what he’s doing has potential to be corrupted. Hmmmm, that’s true, and as Jezzy said above, Ren owns an electric company.
      I woonder what the other warriors could do though… and as nice as the idea is, again, it seems too good to be true. It’s just too easy to achieve a perfect world like that. :T

      Hm…. Chocolove went to jail, i think, so that he could atone for murder. I’m sure that once he gets out, he’ll do something great though, like make everyone laugh again.

  8. “…a Chinese clan that has been morally questionable for 1800 years”

    what?! Could it be that they’re implying that shamans can be something other than shining paragons of virtue and righteousness?

    Anyway call me crazy but I’d lke to see Pirika and Tamao developed beyond* “so and so” and ‘the other one” and by developed i mean more than just “humans did it LOL”.

  9. I think a reason people may feel they know a lot about Ren already, is because he’s the characters who’s grown the most in Shaman King. I know that’s how I feel. Readers have been with Ren through his “journey to find himself”, persay. We were there to watch his heart change, grow, and struggle. With other characters, they’ve already come into the picture with some sort of with a sense of themselves (to an extent). With Ren, on the other hand, we got to see him completely changes his perspective on not only his family, but on the world.

  10. Ren does have a electricity compagny? missed that ^^’ so we have 1 warrior who did something really usefull of his power, ( well we on’t know about Yoh, and Lyserg is also useful since his power is more of destruction one… unless he would learn the gobosei..)

    I don’t want to extend too much here, that would be of topic,let’s just say i am super mad of how the justice system is working and has always been working in the world, “working” is not even a good word…
    Chocolove has nothing to do in prison since he is not a danger to society anymore, prison being a place of punishement and revenge is incredibly unuseful; Takei could save this part of the story by showing Chocolove teaching good maners to his inmates, I would be very happy with that otherwise i feel like he is just wasting his time when he could have accomplished something

    about anna and yoh stuff
    “men are stupid and clueless when it come to female body…
    i think its more like” just ignore reality, after all heroes are materialising ghost with furyoku and resurect whenever they want”. a little disapointed with this
    anna and reishi
    when hao says that anna’s parents abandoned her , it could be just the power to see ghost but maybe they where shaman themself but got scared because she had reishi abilities, or her ability to create demons (during the fight between anna and hao, “we are alone here, maybe you want to show a power that you don’t want the others to see” anna respond “maybe” and next thing we know hao is bleeding (epic!) so she attacked him, but how ? and she also says/thinks thing like “tamao come back soon with yoh or else i’ll…” is she really that fragile? yeah she s fighing against a big boss but she was without yoh before, is she dependent on him that much? a little off topic here my question is what was that power? reishi? demons? but hao says that demons were a consequence of reishi
    if it was just her power to see ghost there was no real reason to abandon her, they might have mistaken the ability with some perception trouble or just nothin, a little girl is pointing at stuff, imagining dead people that’s not enough to be scared of her, worried for her i could imagine.
    maybe i’m going to far and they were just bad parents ^^’

  11. Ummm, this is for Dit:
    Could you please explain how to buy the reprint of Jump 5 from Yurindo? I know Japanese, but unfortunately not the kanji yet…. >.~<"

    1. Yurindo is a brick-and-mortar store in Japan, not online. They are connected to HonyaClub, but they don’t cater to those outside Japan.

      As for future kanji dilemmas, use Mozilla Firefox and get a furigana add-on. It will insert tiny hiragana above kanji so you can try to sound out what the word may be. It’s a godsend.

    2. As Jezzy said they don’t have an online shop, but maybe you could try using a proxy service or something in a different shop.
      Proxy services are expensive, though. Sorry 🙁

  12. Heheh, it’s no surprise another series gets the cover this time. But I see the site has updated with a new picture of Ren & some info!!!! I’m so excited it hurts \(-^q^-)/

    1. He looks so angelic ;_;
      I’m so excited, yet so scared of being screwed over and given a forced, contrived back story…


    I hate when Takei forgets how to draw you.

  14. …. the ren cover isn’t as cool as the yoh one….. yeah nice mullet XD if it could be after the SF then he would just be growing his hair out… but it’s not so …..
    i’m excited >.< although i know i'll only get some spoilers… may i ask how the first zero chapter is doing?
    oh and i already posted the question in an other post… it wasn't answered maybe it is now but i don't remember which post it was….
    is matamune actualy in the first chapter? i don't see any mention of him so was takei trolling again?

    1. No, Matamune’s not in the chapter… neither is Anna, because it’s a pre-revoir story.
      So they’re only in the poster = Troll Troll Trollity Troll

  15. Read it!!
    This oneshot’s weird. Weird as hell.
    … But can’t say I didn’t like it, because I did.

    asdfgaslgañsa Takei

    1. ^I’m not sure what to make of that XD
      it’s gonna be a while ’till i get miiiiine, arrrrrgh~~
      I hope a review is on the way, Dit? ^q^

  16. OKAY I get it now..for a while, I thought I read the date wrong… wtfX’D

    but you’re right. It’s seriously WAY TOO SHORT!! It’s quite disappointing.. (;A;)
    this just.. wasn’t enough at all… least I still get to enjoy his pretty face & those sexy eyes~

  17. Just 20?!!! akldmkadmklas

    Oh no… that’s sad.
    But I bet that the calendar is amazing ;A;

    1. The pics aren’t new. At all. This issue is just all-round a smorgasbord of disappointment.

      1. Yeah, the pics are from the KZB volumes. Bigger and with better quality, but still… lazy Takei is lazy (o_ó )

        1. I don’t know what to think anymore LOL

  18. I’m usually one to accept what Takei throws at me, but I agree this issue wasn’t worth the money. At all. Even as a huge Ren fan, I say this.. (unless you seriously want a chance at the raffle lol)
    But this was so short & it had other characters in it as well, to the point that it feels like it isn’t even about Ren until the end. (I keep staring at that 1944 XD)

    The calendar was also a let down.
    This one time.. I’d honestly complain to Takei as well.

  19. Darn… I was expecting a lot from this one. But everyone’s complaining… Well, I guess it’s better than nothing. Although I do wish it was longer…

    And I really hope that he’s going to go back to drawing the characters the way he did around volumes 10-20. That was my favorite style of his drawings.

  20. The problem is not the chapter itself, but the number of pages.

    We knew that the first oneshot was going to be 44 pages long, and we know already that the third one will have 44 pages too. Then, why didn’t they announce the length of this one? I mean, if you’re going to publish half a chapter at least SAY IT beforehand so people don’t get mad! (u_ú )

  21. apart from the 20 pages and the lazy takei, is their anything good from this chapter? or should we just all forget it exist? 😀
    i’m sorry jezzy this must be really disapointing for you ^^'( jezzy must be thinking: NO SHIT!)
    i wonder how much takei likes ren….

    1. I personally don’t think the chapter’s bad, I liked it, it’s just too short.

  22. I really think that working on 3 different series is taking its toll. I noticed a drop on quality in Ultimo last month (haven’t seen this month’s chapter), not to mention it was once absent so he could have time to work on his zero project.
    I love his works, but it is proving to be too much for him to give his due on each one. He should seriously delay any further mankin works until he’s done with either Jumbor or Ultimo.

    I want him to have the necessary time & dedication to whatever he chooses to work on.

  23. How about the contest?

  24. how many zero chapters are there?
    if you ask me ren Deserve more than 20 page.
    they should give him 44 pages like yoh chapter and the next one in 2012

  25. Where can I read those manga??

  26. Honestly, I think almost all the characters need a solid background. We cant just say “ren needs more” or “Horo needs more” or “Hao blah blah”.. If were gonna look closely, all of them are equal. All had the spotlight at some chapters in the manga. Yet some do get neglected like Manta and Jun *and Amidamaru* but whats similar to all of them is that, Takei failed to show the processes in which they are growing. They lack some moments alone in which Takei would have made to show the deeper development of their characters. But I cant say he completely failed to show their growth, its just that.. Some of the major characters itself (like Ren, Yoh..) already HAD their development THROUGHOUT the whole story.. yet some just needs a little more exposure..

    1. Read my list at the top of the comments here. If you can answer all of those questions, you know more about Ren than has been released in the manga. Ren hasn’t had a decent background development. We’ve been over this before, so don’t get me started.

      The only people who don’t need more development are Yoh, HoroHoro, and Hao. We know their backstories. Ren, we don’t.

  27. @Dit: Umm.. this is a little of topic but, are you familiar with an anime photo of Yoh, Ren and Manta in an onsen? (I’m not sure if there are any other cast with them, coz’ I just saw cut part of them)
    Do you know where I can find it?

    Thanks ^^

    1. Uh… that’s kind of a vague descripton. Maybe if you give more details (what they’re doing or wearing?) I can try to help 🙂

      1. Sorry for always being vague (o.o)
        well.. if your asking what their wearing I think it’s nothing (Xp) coz’ their in an onsen ^^

        Here’s a link of the picture I saw. 🙂
        Do you know the picture of Yoh, Ren and Manta?
        Thanks for the help ^^

        1. First time in my life I see those pictures, sorry.
          I’ll ask around and find out whether someone knows something about it!

            • Chishiki on December 21, 2011 at 8:17 am

            Thanks! 🙂
            Good luck! (>~<)9

            • Chishiki on January 4, 2012 at 7:42 am

            Dit-san, do you have know where I download the full picture of these too?


            Thanks! ^^

            • Jezzy on January 4, 2012 at 7:43 pm

            They’re from the 2003 calendar. They’re basically already the full picture, sans one or two inches on either side.

            • Chishiki on January 5, 2012 at 8:04 am

            Would you mind sharing it, please? (^//^)

            • Jezzy on January 6, 2012 at 3:46 am

            I don’t have it scanned, and the calendars wouldn’t fit on the scanning bed anyway.

            • Chishiki on January 6, 2012 at 7:54 am

            Do you know where I can find it?
            or maybe even know someone who can scan it per part. ^^

            • Jezzy on January 6, 2012 at 1:58 pm

            Do what I did – stalk yahoo auctions and other anime shops until one pops up.

            • Dit on January 6, 2012 at 11:33 pm

            I have those pics in poster form (not calendar) and yeah, that’s pretty much the full version.

            • Chishiki on January 7, 2012 at 12:03 am

            I see.. (~,~)a
            What about you dit-san.. Is it alright if you scan yours? ^^

            • Jezzy on January 7, 2012 at 1:44 am

            I’m just going to scroll past this and pretend that you have no idea how entitled you sound and don’t know any better. It’ll keep me relatively zen.

            • Dit on January 7, 2012 at 2:30 am

            As Jezzy said they’re too big, plus I don’t have a scanner…
            Anyway, the pics you posted are like 97% complete, so what’s the problem with those? Just curious.

            • Chishiki on January 7, 2012 at 9:08 am

            I’m sorry if I had offend you guys in anyway or so :(..
            Dit-san, I’ll be using the two pictures for a school project of mine.
            Unfortunately, the pictures I have are obviously cut, and I’ve searched around the net but, I couldn’t find the full shot.
            I was hoping that you guys could help me..

  28. Another off the topic question but I really need it. I hope that you can help me. Where can I get a good quality picture of the kzb volume covers for 23, 25 and 26(the one with hao, yoh and anna) Thanks

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