Jan 06 2012

Shaman King Zero Chapter 3 Discussion

Because of the holidays.. everything with this topic is starting a bit late… But the good news is… the news will be coming in very quickly over the next few days! So join into the discussion below!

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[notice]Spoilers begin now![/notice]

Added on 1/6:

Should have some more info soon… but here’s the cover! Looks like Anna is on the cover, for the first time (by herself). Takei always liked her… so it makes some sense.

 (Click for a bigger version)

Added on 1/8:

So it appears that the story isn’t about Anna, even though she is on the cover. Well maybe the story is partly about Anna? I’m not really sure. We’ll find out in a day or two. Horohoro is taking the lead, with Damuko (see Chapter 288 from KZB for more details on who she is). Horohoro didn’t really need anymore backstory… so Takei, show us why this really matters.

Added on 1/9

Gotta love these Christmas-ish outfits :3
So thanks Takei for making us feel like fools again, you little troll!
I’m happy about the change, though. Anna is one of my favorite characters of all times, but there’s a lot more things about Horohoro I’d like to know. I loved Damuko’s story, and had been expecting more about these two ever since I read the KZB. So… yay!

Character Summaries regarding this issue:

Anna Kyoyama
Yoh’s fiancée, a young itako. Her dream is to become the Shaman King’s wife. Whoever defies her will be severely punished, but she has a gentle side as well. Her “legendary left” is lethal.  

His real name is Horokeu Usui, descendant of a legendary clan born between a goddess and a wolf. He aims to become the Shaman King to be able to grow vast butterbur fields. He believes in the ideas of “the survival of the fittest” and “the feeling of gratitude.”

Tamiko Kurabe
A transfer student attending Horohoro’s elementary school. Since her father was the contractor in charge of building the new dam, everyone started calling her “Damuko”.

Added on 1/10

Ok, so it’s official: this guy’s crazy the troll God of trolling. Kind of … (o__ò; )?
There’s kind of a tiny crossover in this chapter, but I think it’s more of a wink. If you ask me, everything that’s been released after KZB Vol 27/Mentalité could be considered AU in some way, so don’t take it too seriously.

Also don’t take this wrong… I LOVED the chapter. Horo and Damu are so damn cute! (>////<
I can say without any doubt that this has been my favorite SKZ chapter so far. He really made up for last month’s chapter.

And here’s the little summary/review with some pics, in case you’re curious:

[spoiler]Hokkaido, summer of 1995. The story starts with them arguing about nicknames, since Horohoro doesn’t like his. Then we have Pirika telling his brother to quit hanging out with a Japanese human girl, because, you know, that’s not something an Ainu shaman should do. He basically asks her to leave him alone, since he doesn’t actually care about the tribe or the Ainu gods. We also learn in this chapter that the reason we never saw Horo’s mother is that she left when they were younger (why do all the main characters of this manga have such crappy families I wonder? Horo was my last hope!)

One day he goes to the mountains with his snowboard and Damuko follows him. It seems that one of his dreams when he was a kid was to become a professional snowboarder (cute!). After some practice Horo takes her to a huge fuki/butterbur field, where they spend time together until she ask him for a date = going to the city to look for snowboards together.

So to the city they go… with Pirika and her father stalking them because they don’t approve it. But aren’t they cute? Once the date’s over they start talking about their families and the differences between both (remember that Horo’s family protect nature, while Damu’s construct dams) then everything gets angsty. Before getting home she gives him a present, but we don’t get to see what’s inside until the very end of the oneshot.

The next day, Horo goes to the fields just to find that the place has been totally destroyed by a horde of excavators. He then realizes that Damuko took him to the city in order to move him away from the fields while the constructors were working. Obvioulsy he gets mad and stops talking to her. In the next scene we have a flashback of their fight and Damuko’s death in chapter 288. Finally we see Horo sitting on the dam, that’s already finished, feeling so guilty about what happened to her that he starts crying desperately. In the last pages, already year 1999, we can see him getting ready to leave for Tokyo with Kororo, wearing Damuko’s present for the first time ^^

~The End~

And in case you’re wondering about the crossover I was talking about… well, this chapter’s all about the construction of a dam, and do we know someone with a construction team? Exactly! Though it’s just a half-page cameo, I loled at this so hard.


Added 1/9/12
HoroHoro, I can care more about. I don’t like Anna since she reminds me too much of myself (; ̄Д ̄) Still, WHY?? WHY 44 PAGES? TAKEIIIIIII! HE’S HAD CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT UP THE WHAZOO! AJKDGHAKLGH GIVE REN A BETTER STORY (´;д;`)

FINE I’LL MAKE MYSELF USEFUL. Want this non-Ren issue? Check here:
Amazon.co.jp (Forced EMS)
HMV.co.jp (Forced EMS – SHIPPING ISN’T ¥1200!)

Added 1/6/12
/still really fucking bitter and pissed over Ren’s 20-page chapter and will have nothing to add to this discussion


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  1. Yay!! Anna (>v<) I hope I'll be able to buy it (@~@)

  2. OMG!!!

    I’m excited for this!!! XD

    Love the cover~

  3. so, it looks like it’s her turn now.
    I’m so excited!! I love Anna so much!! ♥ ♥

    But I wonder why she’s not using that outfit with those lights.
    Maybe that outfit was something like Christmas? Lol sorry but Ren looked like a cute christmas tree hahaha

    And I love how messy her hair and the bandana are ♥

  4. YAY! Im so excited cant wait!

    Unfortuantely where I live they wont send it to me via post if I buy one. So I guess I’ll have to wait for the translation. Thanks for giving people like me a chance to read it, too!

  5. My guess is it’ll take place right after the Ozoresan arc

    1. Sería una historia feliz ;A;

      1. Oii!! Que tal? 😀
        Pues, segun dice el cover, eso es lo que parece ^^
        Ana feliz? Eso si es nuevo. Bueno, lo de Yoh siendo negativo tambien fue nuevo. Ajajaja.
        Ojala todos tuvieran sus turnos de zero one-shots de 40+ paginas!!! ;A;

  6. yay anna <3 <3 <3 but yes why no neon lights? is it only for the 5 warriors? also she makes me think of the butu zone anna a lot…

    okay totaly out of subject but just wondering: i went on SK nation like i always do when something new happens just to see and there is a message saying "NOTICE this domain name expired on 01/02/2012 and is pending renewal or deletion"
    … i suppose you'll just renew it and stuff but this kind of message always makes me stress :s

    happy new year everyone!!!

    1. Yeah… we never got the e-mail about that… so it should be fixed in 24 hours.

      1. And we’re back!

  7. Anna looks just like Sati ._.!

  8. When will this be released? On the 10th or 24th? (@~@)??

    1. 10th

  9. YES ! ! It’s ANNA ! !
    I’ve been very excited about this ever since I saw it a few days ago. Hope I will be able to buy it.

    So how many chapters for mankin zero left? I hope the next one is Hao <3

    1. Hao already had a Zero story. It was called Mappa Douji.

      1. But Anna also had her story, didn’t she? I mean, Osorezan does not count as one or what? I would say the same about Yoh then. I am not so satisfied bout selection of characters. Yoh story was very interesting because of words he had spoken in chapter 298, but I believe we won’t get the same impression of Anna, because we had reasoning for her actions already.

        1. I actually don’t count that as a Zero Story in the least. It was a flash back integral to the plot since Matamune needed to be introduced. Mappa Douji was a oneshot that gave us much more background about Hao including the source of his anger, and his motivation to become Shaman King. We also had Relax, which gives a little insight on Hao getting his posse together, and finally, the Remix Track 5 which gave us a glimpse at his feelings towards meeting up with Yoh. I think that suffices. Ren should be getting the same treatment and be more fleshed out, but for some reason this didn’t happen. I’m hoping that we get more information about how Anna was abandoned and such, though considering the front cover, I doubt it.

    2. I believe there’s only one Shaman King zero chapter left, and it’ll be Tamao’s 44 page one-shot.. like what was said in the remix track~ following it will be Shaman King Flowers.

      1. There are 2 left-Flowers is starting in April, and one shots are going to lead to it.

        1. oh yea~ I missed counted it 😛
          Thanks for the correction! ^^

  10. Oh boy, can’t wait for them strawmen!

    1. Can’t wait for the potential ass-pulls myself.

  11. GUYS!!!!!!



    1. espero que veamos a happy Horohoro : D

      1. Ya era hora no?!

  12. LMAO, way to troll us off, Takei XDDD
    Well, I look forward to it!! Even if the ainu isn’t as fun without Ren around lol

    1. LOL THIS.

  13. And no one beats Takei for always trolling us. . .

  14. Is there anything special(like the poster and calendar) for this volume?

    1. It appears not. Probably 3-4 color pages again at most.

  15. so Anna isn’t the main character T.T i know horohoro has had less background story than her but… i was just so happy… and now i’m sad…. T^T
    but i love the way takei drew horo!! he has a little something like tha guy from d-gray man, lavi? and what it this thing he is holding?? so this will be a story of horo and damuko which means before she becomes a…. koropokel ….cute thingy holding a leaf. so he would be using another ghost than her….
    BUT!! Maybe it’s a troll *suspicious look* because he is wearing the battle oufit from the start of team the ren battles! also it’s a white one… i remembered it being black °u° white looks good on him :3 and he has a necklace with blue beads but it’s not anna’s, what is it?? just an add like ren’s mullet?
    okay now i’m curious gimme gimme gimme 😀 yes quite a change of mood here °_° gimme! 😀

  16. “Ok, so it’s official: this guy’s crazy the troll God of trolling. Kind of … (o__ò; )?”


    Oh God I’m excited xD

    1. No, it doesn’t contradict anything (that I can remember) but it kind of has a liiittle crossover at the end xDD
      Este hombre puede conmigo!!

      1. hahaha te sobrepasó eh? hahahaha xD

  17. Oooou! Thanks for the review, Dit!! : D
    Back in KZB, Damuko’s story had come out SO out of the blue, that I suppose it was only proper he’d take the opportunity to expand on it. : )
    And even though there was some angst, it was nice to see the cute moments Shaman King -> Jumbor

  18. Horo x Damuko is my 2nd favorite pairing in Shaman King, so yeah, I’m excited for this too even though skz 3 is not about Anna. X3

  19. Where can I buy Jump Kai vol. 7?
    I’ve tried HMV Japan, but couldn’t find it

    1. I linked to it in the main post, but it’s at http://www.hmv.co.jp/en/product/detail.asp?sku=4927887

      1. Oh, I’m so sorry i.i~
        Thank you very much, Jezzy ^^’

        1. No problem. I’ll just make it more apparent next time. Most people probably didn’t see it.

  20. I love Takei samma but I really hate him for making Yoh and Anna scenes very short I wish that their will be a chapter where Yoh and Anna will confess how they felt from one another but anyway I really like the fact that Anna is the cover of this..Anna is always pretty! then became more pretty on this picture! but Horo-hors story was totally amazing but my favorite is Yohs

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